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My New World

It’s sometimes pleasant to adjust sudden changes in your lifestyle especially when there are many people involved. When my life was moving at a constant pace and when I was busy searching my lost side on google, then came the week which placed me on the track with a better speed. In fact, the last day I applied breaks was on 16th of December.

The festive season was evident universally and I was longing for my much awaited long break from work. I guess everyone from the corporate world can imagine how it feels when you work for 6 months with an average sleep of 5 hours and without taking a day off excluding the weekends. Sometimes, unfortunately, weekends do count.

Moving ahead, it was 21st of December and this sleep deprived soul had 8 more hours at hand before heading towards Bangalore. I thought the week in b’lore would be a good chance to increase my average sleeping time to 6. Soon after leaving my workplace on Friday, I saw Taare Zameen Par and consequently; almost 3 out of the 8 h…

Update abhi baaki hai, mere dost !

If your eyes glitter before the introduction scene of shahrukh...hold on!

See it,
feel it,
Use it,

It's about Yahoo messenger for Windows Vista. If you are using XP, don't even bother to check the link below :)

Also, i got a t-shirt few weeks back, the caption read" The more you complain, the longer god lets you live "...

After trying out the preview , i have no comments, only complaints. Let's wait for the full version.

...and so on.

I was excited when they put me back to training but lately I realized these days are like doing a correspondence course in swimming. You get wet without doing anything, literally nothing. Sitting in a corner, I watch other guys in the room. Few busy with the tittle-tattle of other teams, few playing games, few looking at the trainer (just looking), yawn, stretch and sigh!
Sometimes I feel too young to work or probably it’s just a feeling which comes after seeing my counterparts further up the ladder (in age). I was not the same couple of years back, and things are poles apart now or may be just the customary change which happens to everyone after graduation.

Hmm…today’s going to die soon, and I don’t want today to repeat tomorrow.

New day, new start, new thoughts…new hair on the head.

back to training...

Just like that !


Minutes of the Meeting

Team Meeting: A place where there is synchronous nodding of heads in a semi-conscious state of mind to decide up on things which never change coz they are never understood.

Unfortunately, i dint get a chance to slip into that state as i was asked to take down the minutes of meeting. Posing a dedicated look, i opened the lappy and got ready to " paint " down all the points discussed.

First 15 Minutes -

The team lead was explaining about various metrics, strategies and goals designed by the proj manager for the coming quarter. I don't know why they design targets which are as challenging as india chasing a total of 400 in 50 ovrs. So, that's paaint 1...

Next 15 Minutes..

Now, here comes the worst side of the meeting. After explaining all the targets set by the proj manager, the team lead gives his own view about those metrics and goals which sound exactly opposite to what the proj manager discussed. Finally, we need to decide what to follow else they think we are too depend…

Become your enemy's best friend.

There are few people in our lives whom we do not want to think about or face them regularily. Their presence irritates us to the core and their actions get on to our nerves. Sometimes, conditions are so worse that you can’t avoid the unavoidable. Pria calls them CPD, meaning chance pe dance. For that reason, I made few points which will help us to get along with the CPD species.

1. Smile- this is the ground rule to maintain any relationship. Always smile on your enemy’s face. Though you hate to see his face, scold him in your mind and wish him with your mouth.
Ex: Hey (idiot and a half)…how are you doing?
Though you will have some tough time carrying the right expression, im sure you will do pretty well in a week’s time. We live in a huge society where public relations matter the most, these kinds of acts are vital. To be short, be like the page 3 types.

2. Create an anonymous mail account and write a mail to your enemy containing the highest degree of awful words mixed with a worst slang…

Never do Maths in public

Embarrassment: When a 9 year girl asks you to subtract 4321-1234 in less than five seconds, without using a calculator.

Train journeys are always interesting as we meet up different kinds of people during those few hours. We meet men, women and sometimes fusion of both. Recently, when I was returning from Delhi, I met a small girl called sahiti. She was playing with her little sister near my berth and I wanted to join them for some fun. I called them and demonstrated a petty magic trick to stimulate their energy levels but after seeing the trick their expression appeared as if they were the ones who taught me magic. So, I asked the big girl sahiti…. “How’s the magic?”

Sahiti: “huh! If you call that magic, I will ask you one question”
Me: Oh! Go ahead…ask
I thought it would be some simple question or riddle, after all who would expect ramanujan calculations from a kid….so I was ready.
Sahiti: Think of any four numbers between 1-9.
Me: Okay… (thought 1,2,3,4)
Sahiti: Now reverse them...
Me: F…

What a Match !

I heard wickets falling, i thought it was nt on the cards. The scorecard showed 87/5 when my head turned. Suddenly, the match seemed interesting. Few minutes later, it was 103/6 with almost 49 runs required in 22 balls. Afridi gone, no batsmen to come...I thought India made it but the match wasnt over. Misbah Ul-Haq played some amazing shots giving all Indians almost a nervous breakdown. Finally, it was 1 run to win in 2 balls. The excitement on my face was all gone, i knew it was close to impossible but fortunately the situation changed to 1 run in 1 ball.

For those who missed it!

Ind 141/9 | Pak 141/7 - Match Tied

Then came the India-Pakistan bowl out. The procedure is similar to a penalty shootout in football (soccer). Five bowlers from each side deliver 1 ball each at an unguarded wicket. Whichever team gets the most number of hits is the winner.

Ind win bowl out 3-0.


My mistake! My mistake! My mistake! Blogpsot is really malicious but not blogspot. I apologize for the wrong info given in my previous post. This small keyboard error has made a huge difference at my office. People stopped opening my page thinking tht it was blocked. Visitor count was all time low. (zero) Also, i feel there are many other factors influencing the count. However, theres " nthn much " I can do to increase the count right away, will have to post banners near the break out areas in office stating " Eternaljeeva- now open ". As already said " it's only words and words are all I have... "

Right now, im in a place where my mental condition is far more relaxed than my physical condition. Most of the times, it's quite opposite. I dont have access to a PC where I stay, therefore it took me nearly 3 days to find an internet cafe which is 'open'. A very strange cafe i must say. The ambience is decent enough and is also air-conditioned …

As you hate it.

Be careful, this is a malicious site!! Heavy trojan, virus, spyware, malware, worms, spam, bugs and the entire junk available in the " world wild web " is being downloaded in the background.

Read the first two lines. This blog is a potential risk to my company's business process. In what way?

It's only words, and words are all I have to take the business away :(

IT admin guys, pls comment!!

Another reason why I hate office.

What's up?

The title is one of those very complex questions which I cannot respond. Well, this is not a random statement but I wasted a lot of time trying to analyze this question. Im tired giving answers like " nothing much, routine work..etc". I never took the question very seriously, obviously who would? Adding fuel to fire is orkut wherein there are at least 4-5 scraps a day asking the same question. Frankly, i hate this question. A recent phone call made me think a lot on this subject

Her: Hiee..,
Me: Hey, long time…how are you doing?
Her: Im good, what’s up?
Me (confusion starts): Well, nothing much…routine work. Home-office-home.
Her: Okay, any movies lately?
Me: haa...not really. No good movies to watch. (FYI: I watch a movie every weekend)
Her: Hows everyone doing? Any outings lately?
Me: naah!! Will have to plan this weekend.
Her: hmm..aur sunao?
Me (heights of confusion): mmm…u tell me? (Best escape)
Her: wow ra!! No movies, no gossips, no outings, nothing to talk…your life i…

Pr:Dtam's three laws of motion.

Ask Newton to come down and write laws today, even a kindergarten child will teach him amazing things. Every kid today knows the difference between a secretary and personal secretary. As a kid, I had a notion that ppl make babies by hugging each other. This is what I call wrong influence of movies because whenever these kinds of pictures come up, a rose, lamp or a wall poster is sandwiched between the scenes or the channel is switched. As a result, it nearly took 15 years to identify the truth.

I am talking about Newton because Im thinking about motion now. I assume he would definitely consider changing his laws of motion if he was alive today. My office is roughly 36 kms from home and it takes about 2 hrs to travel because of the intense traffic.., for that reason I spent almost 4 hrs of a day travelling in the city. For a guy who worships laziness, 2 hrs is ample time to sleep and even my cab drivers got so used to my sleep, they push back and slide the seat with good music in t…

Yeh Dosti !

I woke up languidly to face yet another day filled with unknown things. Yes, who knows what’s going to happen next moment? Yeah! God knows. However, thers one thing which is I know…for sure…today is friendship day. So, I should to do something for my friends…but ther r many, how can I please everyone at the same time?

Well, I sat down and made a list of all those friends o mine who are responsible for what I am today. Both good and bad times, I am happy …you were there and I would love spending time with you any moment and I mean it. Although there are few guys in the list with whom I lost contact, but it was pleasant when they were around. Hope to meet everyone soon :)

Here’s the list…starting alphabetically…

A special taste of friendship day to:

abhishek, aditya, ajay, aleem, allen, arpita, arun, avinash, bindu, chandrasekhar, deepa, deepika, dheeraj, dinesh, harsha, indira, jawahar, jyothinder, kartik, kiran, kishore, komal, kris, lipi, mansa, naresh, naveen, navina, pallavi, parthiba…

Friends of the month

bhaiyon and girls..please welcome with a big square of applause

1. Name: Venkat Akella

Status: Married but single.

He is one of the most senior guys at my workplace who believes in taking help of his current manager to prepare a resume for his next job. A very close friend of mine who frequently steers me through both professional and personal issues, though the latter one has more weight age since we had many points in common. He’s also a store room of all the “supposed to be confidential “things at workplace which is making my life more easier ;)

You might be wondering why I am telling about this guy in my page…well, see the status below his name and continue reading. He has a peculiar style of explaining things, even if it’s a senseless story, his expressions bring a lot of weight into the subject and you won’t realize your stupidity until hes done with the story. In short, a stand up comedian who can make you sit down with his fast reaction.

2. Name: Lincy

Sorry Lincy, could not…

Main aisa kyon hoon?

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. - William James

Here's one of the most hilarious widgets I came across lately..,upload your picture and customize it the way you want. Once done, play the file to know the real you :D

Click on the play button in the picture.

Do you have the desire to look funny? If yes, Click here

Books are Mightier than GI Joe's.

I am not accountable if anything goes off-beam in this post; sushama has tagged me to write about any three books I constantly cherish. I can never forgive and forget sushama on this subject; perhaps even she does not know the reason behind this. Well, here’s a pitiable story on how my book reading habit started.

Long long agoooo, I had a fanatical collection of GI Joe’s and almost bought every new action hero in the market. It was a time when Snehith, Surya and I were seriously increasing our collection day after day. One not so fine day, sushama, pria, dad and I went to the neighboring mart. I forgot to read my daily horoscope that day and directly barged into the toys section and picked up a GI Joe. Sushama went straight into the books section and purchased a couple of books. Everything was fine, we were back home, had dinner and my face beamed with the new toy in hand. I made the GI Joe sit in a model jeep and when the vehicle was just about to enter the fully charged Warfield …. …

No Fire No Rain.

Now that monsoon has arrived there are many unpredicted effects happening around. You know what’s new in my life? …Singing!! Yes, after being selected in the preliminary round of a singing competition organized at my work place, things have changed quite radically. A voice which was barely heard in the bathroom is now out in the streets. If Tansen worked miracles through his singing such as, bringing rains and starting fires; I am preparing to produce a new phenomenon by starting fires while it’s raining. Earlier, sushama wanted me to write about any three preferred books and then I planned to write about my own book “fire in the rain’ which was ready to be published. Unfortunately, my dreams discolored after the first question in the second round of the singing competition was posted. The jury asked “we wonder, how come you are here?” Poor judges, you missed their expressions…all heads down with eyes closed, as if they were destined to die any moment. Nevertheless, im still planni…

Summer Roads.

Sweat dripping down the skin, wintry breeze from the hills, the serene language of the backwaters and my first flight experience, it was categorically a pleasant tour this summer when the degree of hotness was making a better score progressively than Sehwag. Sitting in a not so balmy room, cursing our thoughts for not extending the holiday, here I am touching the keyboard after a week.

Place: Chennai.

Landing in the hottest part of the year, things were bit hard than expected. It was afternoon by the time we rested in our rooms after having the jumbo saravana meals and had just about 9 hours at hand before boarding the train to kodai. We did nothing for the first couple of hours in the room except finishing a disc of the camcorder with amusing videos wherein our granny’s dance was the limelight. Later, we were at the Spencer’s plaza which looked like 4 floors of sultan bazaar. Thanks to Reliance web world which gave us some place to sit in that jam-packed building.

Jumbo Saravana…

Hey..kya bolthi tu?

Does our intellect come down if we talk more? Sounds strange, right? There are people like me who just love to talk more and more so correlating my habit to the initial statement will make me intellectually challenged some day. I don’t know how true that is but I was really surprised when I heard this theory. I always wonder how few people can stay quiet for hours together unless they are two cancerians who have the potential to sit silently for more than couple of hours. United we are silent, divided we talk.

I constantly admire VJ Cyrus Broacha for his talking pace and I think there is nothing called period in his vocabulary as there’s a hair's breadth space left for a comma to accommodate the period. Honestly, I can’t gel with people who are soundless. There was guy in my college who always had a straight face no matter what the scenario was. He was named Mission Impossible alias Bin Laden as most of us were ineffective in our attempts to draw out any kind of expression on his…


I started blogging with an idea to share my thoughts and experiences with all those who suffer from insomnia as they would consider sleeping as a better option after reading my posts. In fact I initially thought it’s almost parallel to writing our experiences in a personal diary but never thought these posts would disturb my literal dreams. I accept most of my posts appear funny or at times vague as I feel scratchy to tell out the facts. For instance, one of my recent posts wherein I mentioned about a person called ***** has brought lots of questions and misinterpretations into picture. The post was about someone in my office with whom I was vexed up but most of my friends or the entire five letter community whom I recognize was confused. Even my twin sister made a wrong guess. Accordingly, either I must have expressed the subject very scantily or you guys dint know the complete subject…of course both mean the same ;) well, don’t try hard to find that post now.., it’s no longer there.…

Yeh hai meri kahani...

Thanks to google analytics which is showing more number of visitors these days, so here's my small kahani to all those bhai log who have been visiting my page silently.

A- Available or Single? i have huge problems with commitment
B- Best Friend? Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.
C- Cake or Pie? hate both...anything chocolate will do.
D-Drink of Choice? cheeku juice
E- Essential Item? sleep
F- Favorite Color? beelack
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? nonsense!!!
H- Hometown? Hyderabad
I- Indulgence? a walk in the woods
J- January or February? July
K- Kids and names? pintoo, pappu, tonu, monu, bablu, chintu, any word which ends with the sound ooo...(himesh reshammiya??)
L- Life is incomplete without...? those three dots and a question mark.
M- Marriage Date? adding three more question marks..???
N- Number of Siblings? One twin sister (I liked things better when she didn't understand me.)
O- Oranges or Apples? an orange a day keeps apple away
P- Phobias/Fears? gerascophob…

When I kissed Mrs.Douglas...

It was sometime in the afternoon and the atmosphere was pretty somber. Everyone was trying hard to concentrate on their work with heads rested on their hands. It was at this point o time; I stood up from my seat and kissed Mrs. Douglas. Minutes of deadly silence swayed as no one ever dreamt of this scenario before and that too with Mrs. Douglas. I couldn’t help it as everything happened in a jiffy. It was neither love nor infatuation, may be…it was just an opportunity where I had no other option than to commit myself. I always thought I would give my first kiss to a special someone but never in my dreams had I thought it would be Mrs. Douglas. It was undoubtedly special…, my first kiss to a married woman!! Hmm.., ram gopal verma surely failed to notice this shot.

These days love is in air, in the form of mobile signals which are very strong and clear. Thanks to my network provider who introduced me to Sandhya. Before I tell about her, please put off that foolish question mark expres…

Colors of life

Thanks to ~Shahzad for forwarding this one.

From Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes Benz.

For a moment, I wanted to be a news correspondent of the world's top news channel. Though there are movies like Rang De Basanti which created waves among youth, how often do we find people of such kind? Are you ready to be one among them? Can you start leading a group to fight against the govt? Practically thinking..,it's not as easy as taking the weight off your feet and watching a movie.

The denial of a person’s right to education is equally a denial of his right to exist as a free and productive human being. For without education, the individual is condemned to the prison of his own ignorance, tortured over his lack of opportunities, and, more than likely, consigned to a life of poverty, underdevelopment, and oppression In most cases, however, it is not a matter of will but of resources. In the developing world, especially, many governments simply do not have the infrastructure to provide their young people with an adequate education but it is an entirely different matter w…

More Coffee!!

Hmm.., one more coffee pls!! I stood up and stretched out my arms thinking “four more hours to go…” Saturation point accomplished. I toddled from the cafeteria with coffee in one hand and a book in other. It was a 30 minutes break and I had trillion things running in my psyche, targets of the new quarter, plans of shifting, NFS blacklist etc, arbitrary thoughts which come and go. The book I was reading alleviated my state of affairs and it was definitely better than my previous book. Yea, definitely better!

One chapter and two cups of coffee…heart wanted more, but I knew it was asking for something more than coffee. It was asking for a break, break from every professional attachment. I am actually happy with the way things are moving but my hunger for more is increasing day after day. Where am I heading? Job, money..blah..blah!! What’s the point? What’s the purpose? What difference am I making? So many questions and trying to find the answers with just one book and some coffee in han…

Silent Retreat.

It’s time to read the next page of my professional life, which I am not even aware of and am feeling sad to turn over. I know good things come to an end but if I was a supernatural being, this regulation would have been different, the statement from people would be “bad things never come to an end”. Anyways, I’m feeling bad coz my manager is leaving our company. I’m writing this post just to let you guys know how good she was and the great time my team members had with her. I am very glad for having had a real good person as a remarkable manager and also a good friend. She’s one among those very few people whom I consider and respect for what they are.

Probably, this is the second time I’m actually writing a complete post on a different person when compared to my personal posts. She as a manager brought the right balance and spirit in the team, our team was named AGOGANS. As most of us know how hectic work gets at times but even in hard-hitting times she kept the fun momentum in our t…

Astala"vista" baby!!

It took nearly five years for Microsoft to come up with their new version of operating system, Windows Vista.I was dying to lay my hands on it and when I finally did, it didn’t meet up to my expectations. Although there are few unique and wonderful features included in Vista, I feel Vista might still fail to impress the advanced or the high-end consumers. It’s absolutely obvious and normal to expect more but like always Microsoft has played safe by targeting the Home and the corporate segments. Big players cannot afford to take chances when there’s tough competition given by Linux and Apple on the other hand.

I am neither a PC geek to write or give my opinion on the source code programming nor a tweaking expert to find out the flaws in Vista. I belong to those normal classes of people who loves creativity or who often looks for change. If you also belong to the same cluster, I feel Vista may not gratify your expectations. However there are few modifications like bringing the concept of…

When God stood up...

Place: Hyderabad
State: Liquid
Color: Dirty Green

Contradictions and city of extremes, everything is possible in Bombay Dreams but certainly not in Hyderabad Blues. We see miracles, horror, adventures, controversies and technology. We all know, relation between spirituality and science is always a good topic to deliberate coz one is natural and the other, supernatural which always contains a phrase called “but then…”

Every guy in Hyderabad is familiar with this place. This place is always nauseating to any new guy who passes over. It was once the pride of the pearl city “but then…” things changed. The story of how the metropolis hullabaloo effected the narrow slums “but then…” is that correct?

God stood up when the local people started hearing news about it being covered up. If there was no God, hundreds of unregistered houses would have been shattered. So? God is the savior…bottom-line. The drama started this way.., Government decided to cover this stinking old place to expand the dimensi…