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Twelfth June

12th June. This is when it all began. I took a life-changing decision, on this day, twelve years back. The decision to start my career, and that's how I entered this abyss. Does it get darker as we go ahead? For some reason, the flashlight on my phone doesn't really help here.

Rewinding to 12th June 2017, the day which broke the routine of 2015 and 2016. If years are calculated based on the significant changes in our lives, I'd be probably eight years old now. How nice it would be actually. People won't spam our timelines with Birthday wishes unless something significant happens. This is my problem, I get sidetracked easily. Let me focus on the date, 12th June - The day I entered Europe, or Deutschland to be precise. New country, a new assignment, and a new set of expectations. Sorry, I have to deviate from the date again to give you some background.

It's been a while since I wrote about myself on this blog. I think it will help you to get a perspective of my exis…

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