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Before I sleep…

…random thoughts continue to hit my mind when i stare at a blank sheet of paper. many unexplained, unwritten, unspoken thoughts which may never see the light, but after all they  are my thoughts and i cherish each memory that brings a smile on my face.
Imagine a person who is just like your personal diary, he/she is not your sibling, partner or spouse but just a friend who knows the in and out of you and doesn’t judge you and loves you with full heart no matter how screwed up you are and listens to any topic under the sky…well, i guess friend is an understatement, but i got no word to describe the relation. A relation, i feel everyone should have apart from the social relations and commitments we maintain. A heart listening to a heart that speaks out and nothing else. It’s love, but not the love which you find in your partner, not the love which you find in your parents, not the love you find in your siblings but a love that you find in yourself. An emotion that makes you feel special…

Memory Lies In The Mind Of The Beholder

Everyone has bad habits, who doesn't? most of them go unnoticed. However, bad habits with poor memory is a worse combination I must say. One of my bad habits is to lie and there are many reasons why I do it. Usually, it's because i'm lazy or to avoid few discussions. This is one such scenario where i was trying to avoid a conversation which unfortunately didnt work out well...

It was around 3 AM and i was experimenting on some of my pics in photoshop while switching between windows of social networking and few others non-productive websites (feel free to stretch your imagination) and just then a friend in gtalk pings...

Friend: dont u sleep?
Me: na...editing pics, watching a movie, etc
Friend: hmmm.. whch movie
Me: the boy in striped pyjamas..
Friend: dint u already watch it? thot u did
Me: nah...
Friend: nywaz hav fun!
Me: when did we discuss this before?
Friend: about wot?
Me: the movie
Friend: nope v dint, i happend 2 read ur blog
Me: oh ok...

This is where I remember that i actually…

State of affairs

My hobbies: Movies, books, travelling, drawing and… that’s a lot to handle.

I’ve partially recovered after watching Ice age 3 and Night at the museum 2. Though there are loads of movies in my external drive (thanks to pria), I can’t watch them alone for two reasons. a) I hate to watch movies alone. b) I need company to watch movies. I also realized that we need good company to watch movies, you know people who really come to watch the movie and not to carry popcorn, nachos, drinks, fries etc in one break and then try to find their seat in the dark and parallely worry about the movie on the screen and the leaking sauce.

And then, there are books. After watching few sad movies like Mist, The Boy in striped pyjamas and Atonement few weeks back (alone), I was too scared to play the next movie in the drive, and consequently I decided to read. Fortunately or accidentally, I read ‘My friend sancho’ and ‘The white tiger’. Yes, it was refreshing and they were simple to read and convenient to vi…

Can't remember the title.

There are few things which cannot be changed, they are called universal facts. Like, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Similarly, I have a universal memory that cannot be changed.  No matter how hard I try, there are few things which I fail to remember. It was okay until I forgot things like my wallet, keys etc at various stages of life, at least I thought I was much better than my maths lecturer who locked 60 guys in a room thinking it was empty.  However, yesterday I realized the enormity of my memory.  

I was in my car, whining tunes of some old track playing in the background and my dad was sitting next to me who had no clue about my condition. After few seconds, my tunes stopped and I whispered… ’shit…ooh shit’!! My dad had no clue why I reacted that way…he saw the same expression on my face few years back when India lost the world cup. Before his blood pressure rose, I told him the truth…and now I’m here to tell the truth again. Well, the fact is I forgot to attend …

The damage begins..

The most boring part of my everyday schedule is my travel to office. Eats up almost 3 hrs a day and these days am not able to enjoy those 40 winks i did before because of the pleasant temperatures this country goes through each about summer.:.i just saw my cab driver applying a tinge of fair and lovely...what a timing i say; who doesnt want to look good, its our birthright. Bah!! Am writing this post from my mobile and for a guy who doesnt enjoy texting, this can be a test of patience. The t9 format doesnt allow you to use swear words so easily and considering the mood im in, this post demands a lot of them.
Hell..Anyway, the reason behind this post is different. As you all know it takes a few lines to start a topic. I sometimes suffer from split-personality disorder and i feel like picasso though it takes a while to realise the then most of the damage is done. Crap Well, im planning to fill the walls of my room with cartoons...i draw, i stick, i …


1. I love animated movies. They're life.
2. I'm super lazy.
3. I find no charm in attending parties.
4. I'm very choosy and non-commital.
5. I gained close to 10 kgs after I started working.
6. I hate routines.
7. People shouldnt expect things from me. I'm a surprise package.
8. I enjoy gossips with cab drivers. Each one has a story to tell.
9. I can be conservative.
10. I hate cell phones. I have to use one though.
11. I rarely reply when ppl scrap questions like " how ru or whts up? "
12. I take pride in giving inventive present to my close ones.
13. Life includes shit and shit happens daily.
14. I believe in something real, which lasts long...really long...ding dong!
15. I like ppl who hate me.
16. I enjoy drawing but I lack patience.
17. According to a friend, I'm moody. I'm still not very sure.
18. I want to write a book.
19. My silence is often misunderstood.
20. I hate ice-creams and sweets (sometimes chocolate is an exception)
21. I'm tired.
22. I'm pla…

Let's move it...

Ahhh!! So here I am once again. Do I have to tell you the reason why I disappeared? Well, I don’t blog when I'm too contented or too busy and that doesn’t mean I'm gloomy now; I’m just free. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year and belated happy festivals and holidays till date. Too many things at once, you know it's boring to think back. I wasn’t really occupied all these months but I've been travelling a lot. I'm not a busy man, my travelling is only within the capital and not around the sphere and many a times when I laid back to write a post, I found my bed more appealing than a non-productive page. After all, our potential depends on the bed we sleep.

If you ask me what I’ve been doing all these days, the answer would be nothing and you might be bored to tears if I explain the details but for my part, I had great time. No outings, No parties, Very few movies, didn’t catch up with associates but I still took pleasure in what I was doing. In plain terms, my social lif…