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No Fire No Rain.

Now that monsoon has arrived there are many unpredicted effects happening around. You know what’s new in my life? …Singing!! Yes, after being selected in the preliminary round of a singing competition organized at my work place, things have changed quite radically. A voice which was barely heard in the bathroom is now out in the streets. If Tansen worked miracles through his singing such as, bringing rains and starting fires; I am preparing to produce a new phenomenon by starting fires while it’s raining. Earlier, sushama wanted me to write about any three preferred books and then I planned to write about my own book “fire in the rain’ which was ready to be published. Unfortunately, my dreams discolored after the first question in the second round of the singing competition was posted. The jury asked “we wonder, how come you are here?” Poor judges, you missed their expressions…all heads down with eyes closed, as if they were destined to die any moment. Nevertheless, im still planni…