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Summer Roads.

Sweat dripping down the skin, wintry breeze from the hills, the serene language of the backwaters and my first flight experience, it was categorically a pleasant tour this summer when the degree of hotness was making a better score progressively than Sehwag. Sitting in a not so balmy room, cursing our thoughts for not extending the holiday, here I am touching the keyboard after a week.

Place: Chennai.

Landing in the hottest part of the year, things were bit hard than expected. It was afternoon by the time we rested in our rooms after having the jumbo saravana meals and had just about 9 hours at hand before boarding the train to kodai. We did nothing for the first couple of hours in the room except finishing a disc of the camcorder with amusing videos wherein our granny’s dance was the limelight. Later, we were at the Spencer’s plaza which looked like 4 floors of sultan bazaar. Thanks to Reliance web world which gave us some place to sit in that jam-packed building.

Jumbo Saravana…

Hey..kya bolthi tu?

Does our intellect come down if we talk more? Sounds strange, right? There are people like me who just love to talk more and more so correlating my habit to the initial statement will make me intellectually challenged some day. I don’t know how true that is but I was really surprised when I heard this theory. I always wonder how few people can stay quiet for hours together unless they are two cancerians who have the potential to sit silently for more than couple of hours. United we are silent, divided we talk.

I constantly admire VJ Cyrus Broacha for his talking pace and I think there is nothing called period in his vocabulary as there’s a hair's breadth space left for a comma to accommodate the period. Honestly, I can’t gel with people who are soundless. There was guy in my college who always had a straight face no matter what the scenario was. He was named Mission Impossible alias Bin Laden as most of us were ineffective in our attempts to draw out any kind of expression on his…