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Silent Retreat.

It’s time to read the next page of my professional life, which I am not even aware of and am feeling sad to turn over. I know good things come to an end but if I was a supernatural being, this regulation would have been different, the statement from people would be “bad things never come to an end”. Anyways, I’m feeling bad coz my manager is leaving our company. I’m writing this post just to let you guys know how good she was and the great time my team members had with her. I am very glad for having had a real good person as a remarkable manager and also a good friend. She’s one among those very few people whom I consider and respect for what they are.

Probably, this is the second time I’m actually writing a complete post on a different person when compared to my personal posts. She as a manager brought the right balance and spirit in the team, our team was named AGOGANS. As most of us know how hectic work gets at times but even in hard-hitting times she kept the fun momentum in our t…

Astala"vista" baby!!

It took nearly five years for Microsoft to come up with their new version of operating system, Windows Vista.I was dying to lay my hands on it and when I finally did, it didn’t meet up to my expectations. Although there are few unique and wonderful features included in Vista, I feel Vista might still fail to impress the advanced or the high-end consumers. It’s absolutely obvious and normal to expect more but like always Microsoft has played safe by targeting the Home and the corporate segments. Big players cannot afford to take chances when there’s tough competition given by Linux and Apple on the other hand.

I am neither a PC geek to write or give my opinion on the source code programming nor a tweaking expert to find out the flaws in Vista. I belong to those normal classes of people who loves creativity or who often looks for change. If you also belong to the same cluster, I feel Vista may not gratify your expectations. However there are few modifications like bringing the concept of…

When God stood up...

Place: Hyderabad
State: Liquid
Color: Dirty Green

Contradictions and city of extremes, everything is possible in Bombay Dreams but certainly not in Hyderabad Blues. We see miracles, horror, adventures, controversies and technology. We all know, relation between spirituality and science is always a good topic to deliberate coz one is natural and the other, supernatural which always contains a phrase called “but then…”

Every guy in Hyderabad is familiar with this place. This place is always nauseating to any new guy who passes over. It was once the pride of the pearl city “but then…” things changed. The story of how the metropolis hullabaloo effected the narrow slums “but then…” is that correct?

God stood up when the local people started hearing news about it being covered up. If there was no God, hundreds of unregistered houses would have been shattered. So? God is the savior…bottom-line. The drama started this way.., Government decided to cover this stinking old place to expand the dimensi…