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The re-union

Image’s not exactly replication but reading a couple o blogs with this kinda topic inspired me to write this post.

It was 25th of March 2006 n I was driving my way to sam’s plc. My heart was playing the tunes of joy coz it was a get-together with all o my cherished frnds. I was reuniting with them after a break o 4 yrs. Read on…

Right frm pani-puri to pepperoni, we had it all. Our motto was simply defining new styles of fun. Regardless of how many words I put, it’s still unparalleled to the fun we had. I can neva blank out those dayz of my life. Infact those wer the best dayz of my life…befor breakin into this song...

Following the conventional English of maintaining the alphabetical order.. lemme have the privilege to introduce them to you..

Jawahar Lal.

very composed and reserved. A scatterbrain and a chatterbox he is not. Don't expect this man to bare his soul when he first meets you. He can be so courtly, courteous, and considerate, you half expect him to ask you to dance th…

Nature Calling...

To all those grubby minds out there- this isn’t the “call” which you and I grace our presence day after day. Think pure for a while..:P

For no reason, I woke up before the cockcrow today and I was keen to do something atypical on my part. So, I did meditation tagged on by few basic exercises. I tried my level best to craft my show usual to each one at home but my trial botched. To begin with, my granny n mom didn’t believe their eyes. Secondly, they both were awe-struck and open-mouthed with two fingers on their chin coz generally, I feel the time stuck between my momma nagging and me getting up frm bed is like.… “the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the stupid vehicle honking behind u !!!”----quoted by ron.

I gave a mysterious look at both o them, as though the exercise was a part o my daily routine n I set out out for jogging. The sky was clear n I relished the fresh breeze mixed with dew. The song - it’s a new world, it’s a new start….ringed in my mind. my…

lights off...colors on...action!!!

Mein tho rasthe se jaa raha tha…
Mein tho ladki ko dekh raha tha….
Mein tho rasthe se jaa raha tha, ladki ko dekh raha tha, citee bajaa raha tha..
Tujphe holi giri tho main kya karu.
Tujphe anda gira tho main kya karu.

The more colored ur…the betr u’ve played. This day, the man with more color wins.

I was merrily sitting in my loggia watching ppl dance, run, shout n splatter colors on each other. The street was so eventful, even stray dogs were in pink. Every face gave the impression of a watermelon with white seeds.

Trimly dressed up, I was blooming with contentment until our doorbell rang ---*ding-dong *. Wen I unlocked the door…. splasssssssssshhhhhhhhh !!!! pria n I were pulled out with no more its palpable for u to speculate the subsequent part o the story. Aur mohe tu rangede basanti yaara mohe tu rang de basanti

An hour later ppl on the street looked at me with a huge smug on their face and I felt like the ugly duckling”. The guy who compared ppl with watermelon was a sque…

Mountain....or .....Molehill???

So many different people
So many different kinds

All the different people

All their different minds
All their different ways

It would take a lifetime to explain
Not one's exactly the same

Look at me, I'm a person
Look at me, I'm my own person

So many different people
So many different kinds
For better or for worse, different people

"Normal is boring" is what i believe..

Saw special kinds, met unusual kinds but for what’s different for us is routine for them. Know what I mean???

Ill tell u abt a girl who’s jus an untailored friend to me. We r not close enuf to split personal stuff but all I can say is we are steady friends. Recently, when I was chatting with her she told me about a few far-fetched facts allied to her. They were indeed weird and wonderful for me but custom for her. She articulates… "I was brought up tht way"...…jus have a fleeting look at our tete-?-tete..

preetam: aur kya chalra?
preetam: saw rang de?
xxxxx: well......I don't wat… !!!

Hey folks…as promised by Bill Gates, Microsoft has launched its new search engine, which is more effective, reliable and accurate than Google. It was a secret launch!! It is so proficient that is doesn’t tolerate any other search engines to contend. :p :p …

Ladies and gentlemen!! pls acknowledge the expertise of MSN search (version 2) …

This came into sight when I typed in the address bar and the page was automatically re-directed to msn search….Beware folks!! Don’t be zapped if someone comes up to you and asks… “What’s Google?” :p

's'train no: 7022-- Da'r'kshin 'v'express


(part one -- prev post)

After that, we beseeched and told the tc that we were prepared to shell out a few extra bucks if he could show us a way out…we meant a “sweetener”. He candidly asked us to get off at the subsequent station or pay money for a fresh ticket. We had no other alternative except buying a fresh ticket, and since it was not love tht cud get us tickets, ….we had 2 put in money...U must be thinking thts so damn obvious… well it wasn’t obvi when we shopped 4 a Taj mahal repli nor was it obvious wen we watched movies, had delicious food n comfortable place to stay in..or buy loads of dvd’s in the chorbazaar …bottom money journey…but ..but..lucky tht we were..(the only day in my life..i cud sense luck..otherwise it sucks like my blog..:D) had enuf left jussss to get a sleeper clas ticket.

N  to  get tht one’s gotta go al the way to the sleeper n pursue the tc until he concedes…well tc ko pursue karna to ham par chod do..but the sleeper was past few bogie…

's'train no: 7022 -- Da'r'kshin 'v'express


We were in agra doing the mahal of the Taj. Out of the blue, things lost control.

Date: 27-02-06
Place: Agra
Train: AP Express
Scheduled Arrival: 0530 hrs

Snehith and I got down from the train at 0600 hrs, half an hour later than the scheduled arrival. We directly went to the hotel room we had booked. After having a bath, we met our granny who was staying in Dayalbagh , asked her to pack her bags n be ready by the next day. In fact, we set out for agra to bring her back here as she was under the weather. So, after informing her we set out to “Do the mahal of the Taj”

Date: 28-02-06
Place: Agra
Train: Dakshin Express
Scheduled Arrival: 0035hrs

 The train was late by forty minutes. We three got into our compartment ‘AS1’and to our surprise we saw that our berths were already occupied by someone else. I was zapped to c the same numbers on the occupants’ tickets.  As expected, the ticket collector came and our conversation was something like this

Me: excuse me! We have a problem.

Tc (noddin…