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Can't remember the title.

There are few things which cannot be changed, they are called universal facts. Like, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Similarly, I have a universal memory that cannot be changed.  No matter how hard I try, there are few things which I fail to remember. It was okay until I forgot things like my wallet, keys etc at various stages of life, at least I thought I was much better than my maths lecturer who locked 60 guys in a room thinking it was empty.  However, yesterday I realized the enormity of my memory.  

I was in my car, whining tunes of some old track playing in the background and my dad was sitting next to me who had no clue about my condition. After few seconds, my tunes stopped and I whispered… ’shit…ooh shit’!! My dad had no clue why I reacted that way…he saw the same expression on my face few years back when India lost the world cup. Before his blood pressure rose, I told him the truth…and now I’m here to tell the truth again. Well, the fact is I forgot to attend …