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Bad Boy in the Graveyard.

My feel good factor is riding too high. I now feel taller than amitabh bachan. Thanx to all my frnds and enemies who are accountable for what I am today. I don’t know whether im good or bad however, I can indisputably say that I have confidence in me. I see myself in the mirror and hum the song “hame tumse pyaar kitna , yeh hum nahi jaanthe…magar jee nahi sakthe, tumhare binaaa”. At the other end, im being a bad guy coz I'm not able to keep up the promises made as my professional life is a bit lopsided. Given a chance, couple o frnds are ready to bang me now. My intuition shows me various kinds’ o items which can be used to hammer on a target. I wasn’t able to meet a couple o my close friends who dashed to the US a few weeks back, missed my classmates wedding, didn’t make it to DB and worst o all things, I bought nothing for my parents with my first income. Now all these united forces make Preetam a bad guy.

Despite all these things my feel good factor is high..:D //you know why?? …