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Same Point Theory.

Spoon in the Cup!!!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Just a s'mile' away...

The Pied-Piper of Hyderabad.

Who's the odd one out??

Dreaming about dreams...

Bad Boy in the Graveyard.

Screwing of the Average Man.

cab aaya...saab ko bulao !!

dil pe math lo, haath mein lo...

relax'singh' ka button - part II

relax-singh ka button !!

from me...

eyes eyes baby !!!

Dinner time...

Seven on the rocks !!!

A Day in the life of an Engg student.

The Other Side of Crap

The re-union

Nature Calling...

lights off...colors on...action!!!

Mountain....or .....Molehill??? !!!

's'train no: 7022-- Da'r'kshin 'v'express

's'train no: 7022 -- Da'r'kshin 'v'express

college-istyle !!!