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Last Post of the year 2006. Aha..aha!!

Of twists and turns, up's and down's, left and rights, right and wrong's, good and bad, out of the ordinary year was 2006. Successfully celebrating my 22nd year of happiness!!

Gearing up for 2-'007'. HaPpY NeW YeAr To EvErYoNe !!

My Resolution : Learn what the hell "resolution" means.

Same Point Theory.

I must say our generation is very lucky. Four years of graduation teaches you a lot of things…things which we hated at that point of time are turning out be very useful now. I am not talking about the circuit designing, electromagnetism or oops!! I laughed when I heard tht name..oops!! (Object oriented programming something). Anyways, excluding all these subjects ther’s one common subject which we all learned without any training. It’s the same point theory. I know most of us hate theories but then this is one of those theories which we use when our state of affairs are all set to explode. I studied electrical engineering and I am very proud to say that I passed all my examinations using the same point theory. Juniors!!! Pls read this document carefully. My posts are subjected to academic risks, please read the posted documents carefully before implementing.

I am pretty sure that we all have used the same point theory during exams. In fact it’s still being used and will be used until …

Spoon in the Cup!!!

Q: What did the ant say to the elephant on the day of the elephant's wedding?

A:Aap shadi kar rahe he? Mai thumhare bachche ki maa banne walee hoo.

Till date I only heard about ant-elephant jokes, now I got a chance to see them.

After looking at this picture.., the only thing I can say is " Spoon in the Cup !!"

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Statutory Warning: Reading this post is injurious to health.

I am a very dangerous guy when it comes to philosophy or psychology. Though both topics are quite mysterious to me, I love to read on them. As someone said, confusing is easier than convincing. When you read a complicated book, at some stage you will definitely get confused but at the same stage you know the subject is convincing and that’s the reason I always prefer to read books of suppandi and chacha chaudhary. You can easily confuse anyone if you want but when people think back on what you spoke you would see baseball sticks in their hands. To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to sat of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true- Aristotle. I hope you guys are now convinced on how to confuse. To start with, I thought you guys would never come back to read my blog again, yes you, thanks for coming back. If you are a first time reader- “Idiot!!! What were y…

Just a s'mile' away...

From left to right- north to south, amusing stuff is everywhere. Some of the funniest things under the sun are those which we usually fail to spot. Man consists of two parts, his mind and his body, only the body has more fun.
Right from the classrooms to corporate sectors, every person has to get involved at some point o time. If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

How would you feel if ur height suddenly comes down by an inch?? Does that really happen?, does!!

This is my 7th std health report card. When I entered 7th std, I was 4 feet 6 inches long, however at the end o the year I came down to 4 feet 5 inches. Right now, my height is 1 pixel.

After looking at the report card, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Feeling dejected, I went out to a restaurant to have some good food and refresh myself. After having a great meal I went to the washroom and u know what I saw??

Now comes the video of the month…..>> my office colleague whos the reason behind me goin to office dai…

The Pied-Piper of Hyderabad.

I am feeling nervous to post blogs these days. There are so many things to share with you guys but if I do, you will sooner or later read a story called Pied Piper of Hyderabad wherein I would be the rat with people running behind me. A recent survey stated that the average person's greatest fear is to give a speech in public. Somehow this ranked even higher than death which was third on the list. So, most people would rather be the guy in the coffin than have to stand up and give a eulogy. Few months back I wrote a post about a guy whom I hated the most. I had the confidence -- why on earth would he read my blog., then started struggle., one not so fine day he happened to read my post and then...
thank god, im still breathing.

Eventually, I had to delete that post. However, I feel there’s no sense in writing and deleting posts, therefore, as an alternative I will delete and write ‘em again. I will prove that keyboard is mightier than the sword. I started th…

Who's the odd one out??

How many of you guys believe that I am better than Osama bin laden?. Now don’t get confused. If you want to know the authentic significance behind that question, wake up at 5 in the morning and start writing. This is the real-sign of a hard-worker (don’t raise ur eyebrows) who is more interested in typing this post with drowsy eyes than brushing his teeth. If truth be told, it’s better to type this post rather than brushing my teeth with a toothbrush which looks like a flattened cockroach on a stick.

I see many odd things in life, right from laloo prasad yadav to trigonometry. Now, don’t try to relate them else I may have to include you in that list. To know how odd my life goes, I was downloading the windows media player 11 in my system from the Microsoft web site when I received the message saying “You may be a victim of software counterfeiting. This copy of Windows is not genuine”. I smirked when I saw this message bcoz if Bill gates comes to know that 62.723% of the home pc’s in…

Dreaming about dreams...

"For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men and sealeth their instruction.."

People say that dreams come true someday if we remember them. I read a piece of writing in recent times which says ‘if we can remember our dreams and note them down, we will be able to correlate it to the effects happening around or which may happen in near future.’ This appeared fascinating to me and I started noting down my dreams. Most of my dreams belong to a parallel category which by and large involves a same individual. I strongly believe that dreams are no petty things and they truly have some implication in our lives. It’s one own interest to look back and relate them to the current state. I remember few dreams which showed a depressing outcome and fortunately I was psychologically primed to accept them.

In fact 40% of my dreams which I consider…

Bad Boy in the Graveyard.

My feel good factor is riding too high. I now feel taller than amitabh bachan. Thanx to all my frnds and enemies who are accountable for what I am today. I don’t know whether im good or bad however, I can indisputably say that I have confidence in me. I see myself in the mirror and hum the song “hame tumse pyaar kitna , yeh hum nahi jaanthe…magar jee nahi sakthe, tumhare binaaa”. At the other end, im being a bad guy coz I'm not able to keep up the promises made as my professional life is a bit lopsided. Given a chance, couple o frnds are ready to bang me now. My intuition shows me various kinds’ o items which can be used to hammer on a target. I wasn’t able to meet a couple o my close friends who dashed to the US a few weeks back, missed my classmates wedding, didn’t make it to DB and worst o all things, I bought nothing for my parents with my first income. Now all these united forces make Preetam a bad guy.

Despite all these things my feel good factor is high..:D //you know why?? …

Screwing of the Average Man.

Working on a weekend is like watering plants in the rain. You are already sick and the work makes you even more mystified. I am traumatized to see few o my colleagues who are willing to work on every weekend. The only information I can give to such kinda ppl is… “In front there is crocodile festival”. In fact, I like to do everyone’s work excluding the work assigned to me coz jumbling stuff o others and preserving ur work by the book helps you to grow faster within the company.:p.

In any business we find people with diverse habits and to mingle with them is the most exciting element for me. Few days back there was young woman sitting next to me in the cab. She was talking over the phone and her tone was unforgiving. I speculated that she had an issue with her boyfriend. I dint notice her much until the level of her voice conquered the volume of my ipod. The cab driver was more interested in her issue as I could see the empathetic expressions on his face. In front o her there was one m…

cab aaya...saab ko bulao !!

My eyes open after the immense battle between my dreams and my ‘time’ conscious mind. I stare at my mobile beside me to read those messages and missed calls with my half-opened eyes. I run into the washroom after those few moments of untimely morning stupefaction to gratify all the wishes set by Mother Nature. My cab comes precisely when im relishing the heart o my brunch and the driver keeps sounding the horn until he sees me. a new driver comes in daily however all the drivers say the same dialogue when they see me “office cab…jaake saab ko bulao

Now... how on earth should I enlighten them that im the “saab” himself. In particular, it’s so difficult to comprehend their expressions which go along with a mystified smile when they say “achha!! Sorry… Aap hi ho kya?”. I reach my office approximately when the feeling of world-weariness starts taking over me. As I enter our campus I see many baffled faces trying their luck to get on board. I walk at a snails pace amidst them with a hope t…

dil pe math lo, haath mein lo...

Working in a mnc occasionally drives you crazy and you start missing the desi stuff. Therefore, at this juncture I go back again to relish all the desi fun I had. [inspired frm the movie hyderabad blues 2]

hitech-vitech baigan ko bolo
charminar ki biryani khaalo
koi kare agar G mein dhum
dil pe math lo haath mein lo

madina cafe mein baitke hilana..
waiter shouts "ek chai, theen empty laana"
houle phook phook ke langa jalare..
maakde thook thook ke pan chabare..

saw scene in the middle of koti
bunch of big goofs figthing for a potti..
next to me was a chicha in sherwani muttering "maki kirikiri yeh kya pareshaani"

hitech-vitech baigan ko bolo
charminar ki biryani khaalo
koi kare agar G mein dhum
dil pe math lo haath mein lo

potti pata ke la tour karne nikla
rickshaw mein do auntiyon ko dekha..
light maaringe bolke katta maare tho..
thappa marke potti boli.."ya wa dekha tho butta milenga tereku"

in the auto maaki dimag karab lecture
took her to golconda to do some time pass


relax'singh' ka button - part II

Arre maamu..nazar lag gaya yaar..mein pune gayaich nahi, hyderabad meich dhandha mil gaya….boletho bindaas hai ab ;) Yeh aaram ka maamla hai..!!!

Relax’singh’ is lot more comfy these days as he got a job in his home town. Now he doesn’t mind paying tht extra rupee for a masala dosa. But sadly, he now again becomes the heart o responsibility for all off beam things at home and his granny unpacked all those sweets and pickles which were crammed for him and she circulated them to all and sundry in the expanse.:(( .

Relax’singh’made quite a few friends at his new workplace and is having a blast out there. His flair got accredited on the third day itself for which he was given a silver dial. When coming back home he contentedly has forty winks in his cab eavesdropping to radio mirchi 95 fm ;).

His self-shot video of a ghost has been viewed 1,170 times with a rating -3/5 in just 45 days. ;) This news has just made him the happiest soul ever existing on earth.:P cya later alligators !!

relax-singh ka button !!

kya blogging bloggin kar raha hai bhai??..jab kuch haiich nai tho kya liku? arre..eda hai kya....acha le pad.!!!

apun jaldi pune jaarela dandha karne. woh kya hai na apun ka schedule thoda postpone hua hai, bhai se abhi confirmation aaneka hai..isliye ghar mein abhi machar maaron.

beacuse basically.., 22=91 or 99 which may vary according to climatic conditions.

samjha? nahi? bola na... kuch hai nai likne ko..khali time waste karrela hu ..

Till date I felt that I was the most bemused soul on earth but lately I apprehended that there r more mystifying ppl out there whose trade is to confuse others and they won’t befall conscious until the prey hits back. Somewhat like laloo’s cliché “they dint give me baillll…when I was in jaillll”. ;)

in a few days from now I’ll be joining my first job. Feeling mystified to some extent as I have to leave most of the things at the rear with the exception of those few nuts and bolts which guard my kudos. Now when the time has come ppl back home are making …

from me...

I am coming. That is all I can declare now. It is a fresh start. Lately I became conscious that I’ve been trotting around the same hedge plant which offered a zilch to me. I recognize it’s going to take a moment or two to straighten out. All these days I was a water plant panting in a desert. My life was parallel to…

Eena meena deeka, daai damonica, dai daka laka maka rampam poosh rampam poosh. :P .

It’s not an Achilles' heel…it’s a good thing. Everyone has to go through it eventually for sure. Silence in reality is spooky…speak out. At the same time, I am glad to have cronies who are giving me a defined support. Affected mannerisms do not last long my dear!!! It’s about being wide of the mark and not being unethical, things would have been on a different platform then. So.., all I wanna do issssssssss…

bicycle !!! bicycle !!! I want to ride my bicycle…I want to ride my bike. On your marks!! Get set…. go !!! :D *tring tring*

eyes eyes baby !!!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

Im the beholder and beauty is in my eyes, in fact eye. I need not shut an eye to aim a point now. Populace are more excited to see me rite now but how long will it last?? If it dies then is my fame at stake?

Few say it’s like a tomato and some term it a squash ball. It’s hard… sweating its shit out. I’ve taken great care to destroy its shape and size. It’s a pain to have it but when fame adds to it, it’s a pleasure. I believe people see the most ugliest thing more number o times than the most beautiful thing coz beauty is boring n ugly is fun ;) :P now you know the grounds why we had a tale on the “ugly duckling”.

Whats ugly?? If something’s weird or obnoxious then is it called ugly?? Well..i donno the counter. Now coming back to the tomato, it boomed four days ago and its mounting by the day. When the world sleeps, it turns my head into a dance floor and when it sleeps, im busy dancing to get the shit out of it.

Now you might be wondering what cr…

Dinner time...

jo dar gaya so mar gaya

I was just shooting while driving thru a wooded area at dark ., out of the blue a tree in the expanse turns red and suddenly a flicker o lite with a creepy noise hits the glass of our car . Me n my friends went anesthetized for few mins !!! i cudnt shoot further., I'm not saying it's spirit or watever thing., but., its real weird., creepy n cool ! so i thought I'l share it with u.

Click here for the video footage

here r some snapshots frm the jungle..:P

the same rock wich u see in the video initially

now u decide!!!

ps: the video is completely original. no graphics involved.

Seven on the rocks !!!

Yo …back to blogging after 10 eventful dayz. Bundle o stuff turnd out during these few dayz . Those days are back again!! Freaking out, cramming, self-seeking acts…:P harmonizing all o them in chorus is amusing.

My topical outing was to chilkur temple n we had oodles o fun. Credit to vamsi who made the sunlight hours all the more stirring with his oddball vision. Winding no: 11 at the shrine we set out to the nearby Gandipet Lake. It wil be a zilch if I try to put in words as to what turned out there sooo….scroll down for the pictographic version. ..:P

whos head is it anyway...

Was not as tough as we thot…turnd out fine in very first capture.

I guess now u folks recognize the grounds as to why gandipet had a good deal o water in it lately …:P

…and those lucky people who can make out stars even in the morning sky..:P

We don’t pull legs…instead we pull trees..:P

The angry tree monsters come to life....

thats it...GAME OVER !!!

deep put his feet up for a while..

Lastly, vamsi got his tribute …

A Day in the life of an Engg student.

6:30 -> Wake up and lie awake in bed.
6:31 -> Realize how much you spent on last night's dinner, means financial crisis, no eating out for the next 2 weeks.
7:00 -> Wake up suddenly with heart in mouth when you realize you didn't hit the snooze button--you turned it off.

7:01 -> Fall asleep again.
7:44 -> Wake up with heart in mouth again.
7:45 -> Ready to go to college, will shave tommorrow, will eat early brunch which we neva like.

8:15 -> arrive college.
8:20 -> Depression: sick lectures to attend.
9:00 -> For jumpstart: go to the canteen.

9:05 -> blast the food u order; promise yourself to call up the owner and ask for your money back. Wonder why they would believe you.
9:33 -> Start mugging out loads of stuff that may be vaguely related to your work.
9:41 -> Early morning stupefaction. Mutter racist comments to yourself about your lecture.

9:43 -> Curse your lecture in a low tone he would not comprehend. Feel good a…

The Other Side of Crap

Express wat understand how long no way will it ever come true or false hehe smile how is my question the question wat can be done or leave it cant stop go on think will u ever know my foot change changed changing I want it never came wil come? No wonder but how shit whos wrong answer no wher enuf of it try seeing wat more show off acting is not me. Nanofiltration refresh but its crap why? Weird but true the end of era wil come over anytime cant accept its not right im not rite? No understand but get it happy more than anything impossible is wat I know. See once not satisfied go back true change open talk no good say feel bad no relation…………refresh blank !!!

The re-union

Image’s not exactly replication but reading a couple o blogs with this kinda topic inspired me to write this post.

It was 25th of March 2006 n I was driving my way to sam’s plc. My heart was playing the tunes of joy coz it was a get-together with all o my cherished frnds. I was reuniting with them after a break o 4 yrs. Read on…

Right frm pani-puri to pepperoni, we had it all. Our motto was simply defining new styles of fun. Regardless of how many words I put, it’s still unparalleled to the fun we had. I can neva blank out those dayz of my life. Infact those wer the best dayz of my life…befor breakin into this song...

Following the conventional English of maintaining the alphabetical order.. lemme have the privilege to introduce them to you..

Jawahar Lal.

very composed and reserved. A scatterbrain and a chatterbox he is not. Don't expect this man to bare his soul when he first meets you. He can be so courtly, courteous, and considerate, you half expect him to ask you to dance th…

Nature Calling...

To all those grubby minds out there- this isn’t the “call” which you and I grace our presence day after day. Think pure for a while..:P

For no reason, I woke up before the cockcrow today and I was keen to do something atypical on my part. So, I did meditation tagged on by few basic exercises. I tried my level best to craft my show usual to each one at home but my trial botched. To begin with, my granny n mom didn’t believe their eyes. Secondly, they both were awe-struck and open-mouthed with two fingers on their chin coz generally, I feel the time stuck between my momma nagging and me getting up frm bed is like.… “the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the stupid vehicle honking behind u !!!”----quoted by ron.

I gave a mysterious look at both o them, as though the exercise was a part o my daily routine n I set out out for jogging. The sky was clear n I relished the fresh breeze mixed with dew. The song - it’s a new world, it’s a new start….ringed in my mind. my…

lights off...colors on...action!!!

Mein tho rasthe se jaa raha tha…
Mein tho ladki ko dekh raha tha….
Mein tho rasthe se jaa raha tha, ladki ko dekh raha tha, citee bajaa raha tha..
Tujphe holi giri tho main kya karu.
Tujphe anda gira tho main kya karu.

The more colored ur…the betr u’ve played. This day, the man with more color wins.

I was merrily sitting in my loggia watching ppl dance, run, shout n splatter colors on each other. The street was so eventful, even stray dogs were in pink. Every face gave the impression of a watermelon with white seeds.

Trimly dressed up, I was blooming with contentment until our doorbell rang ---*ding-dong *. Wen I unlocked the door…. splasssssssssshhhhhhhhh !!!! pria n I were pulled out with no more its palpable for u to speculate the subsequent part o the story. Aur mohe tu rangede basanti yaara mohe tu rang de basanti

An hour later ppl on the street looked at me with a huge smug on their face and I felt like the ugly duckling”. The guy who compared ppl with watermelon was a sque…

Mountain....or .....Molehill???

So many different people
So many different kinds

All the different people

All their different minds
All their different ways

It would take a lifetime to explain
Not one's exactly the same

Look at me, I'm a person
Look at me, I'm my own person

So many different people
So many different kinds
For better or for worse, different people

"Normal is boring" is what i believe..

Saw special kinds, met unusual kinds but for what’s different for us is routine for them. Know what I mean???

Ill tell u abt a girl who’s jus an untailored friend to me. We r not close enuf to split personal stuff but all I can say is we are steady friends. Recently, when I was chatting with her she told me about a few far-fetched facts allied to her. They were indeed weird and wonderful for me but custom for her. She articulates… "I was brought up tht way"...…jus have a fleeting look at our tete-?-tete..

preetam: aur kya chalra?
preetam: saw rang de?
xxxxx: well......I don't wat… !!!

Hey folks…as promised by Bill Gates, Microsoft has launched its new search engine, which is more effective, reliable and accurate than Google. It was a secret launch!! It is so proficient that is doesn’t tolerate any other search engines to contend. :p :p …

Ladies and gentlemen!! pls acknowledge the expertise of MSN search (version 2) …

This came into sight when I typed in the address bar and the page was automatically re-directed to msn search….Beware folks!! Don’t be zapped if someone comes up to you and asks… “What’s Google?” :p

's'train no: 7022-- Da'r'kshin 'v'express


(part one -- prev post)

After that, we beseeched and told the tc that we were prepared to shell out a few extra bucks if he could show us a way out…we meant a “sweetener”. He candidly asked us to get off at the subsequent station or pay money for a fresh ticket. We had no other alternative except buying a fresh ticket, and since it was not love tht cud get us tickets, ….we had 2 put in money...U must be thinking thts so damn obvious… well it wasn’t obvi when we shopped 4 a Taj mahal repli nor was it obvious wen we watched movies, had delicious food n comfortable place to stay in..or buy loads of dvd’s in the chorbazaar …bottom money journey…but ..but..lucky tht we were..(the only day in my life..i cud sense luck..otherwise it sucks like my blog..:D) had enuf left jussss to get a sleeper clas ticket.

N  to  get tht one’s gotta go al the way to the sleeper n pursue the tc until he concedes…well tc ko pursue karna to ham par chod do..but the sleeper was past few bogie…

's'train no: 7022 -- Da'r'kshin 'v'express


We were in agra doing the mahal of the Taj. Out of the blue, things lost control.

Date: 27-02-06
Place: Agra
Train: AP Express
Scheduled Arrival: 0530 hrs

Snehith and I got down from the train at 0600 hrs, half an hour later than the scheduled arrival. We directly went to the hotel room we had booked. After having a bath, we met our granny who was staying in Dayalbagh , asked her to pack her bags n be ready by the next day. In fact, we set out for agra to bring her back here as she was under the weather. So, after informing her we set out to “Do the mahal of the Taj”

Date: 28-02-06
Place: Agra
Train: Dakshin Express
Scheduled Arrival: 0035hrs

 The train was late by forty minutes. We three got into our compartment ‘AS1’and to our surprise we saw that our berths were already occupied by someone else. I was zapped to c the same numbers on the occupants’ tickets.  As expected, the ticket collector came and our conversation was something like this

Me: excuse me! We have a problem.

Tc (noddin…

college-istyle !!!

STATUTORY WARNING: If you are a parent of an engineering student, please exit.

Hmmm…was back to college after a long break and with new faces around, for the first time I felt that girls (juniors & sub-juniors only) of our college were more striking than the girls of adjoining colleges. I wondered wher are all the regular faces I used to see a few years ago. It felt like I was in a museum, everything old yet new to me. A few new months to go and that is it.

Now steal a look at all the gobbledygook facts of our college.

It’s the Line of attack to our college, not a snap frm the movie ROAD. Now bachon, all o u turn right n pull out ur binoculars coz along this highway we can have a glimpse of Ramoji film city ,Sanghi temple and Mount Opera.

* Our bus has a lot of history in the wake of it, Came into reality before Christ n im sure it will run even after I die. Anyone who is spellbound after reading the subsequent performance characteristics can contact our transport incharge.

1. Engi…