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All in one.

March- You are the month! You gave me the most memorable days in recent times along with some great friends. I will definitely miss you and hope there are many more months like you. From salary hikes to outings, you gave everything I asked for. Obviously, I would love to write about you. So here it goes…It started with the Bangalore trip. Snehith and I had been to b’lore early this month to attempt- micat. We partially knew the result before we wrote the exam, nevertheless it was a much awaited break from office and refreshment to eyes. I love Hyderabad, but what a difference. Roaming around b’lore was easy because snehith knew most of the places, so we knew where to go and what to do. Somehow I feel the city has got more space for you. Though the trip was short it was enough to bring us back to life because of a guy who set our mood for the rest of this month. He was no great man,  just a simple guy with a funny voice shouting samosaa….samoseein. The way he shouted was fancy and sneh…

Smile :D

Too many words are being misunderstood these days. We were better off at school because the whole class used to learn a single meaning but now we define our own meanings and theories. Sometimes our silence is also misunderstood. Today, is one of those days where I smiled away the ignorance of few people. There are certain things to which we are very sensitive and not many can understand how we feel when someone talks about it. I smile because I don’t want to argue. I smile because I don’t want to prove. I smile because I don’t want to act and I smile because I know it’s not wrong.Yeah! I feel better. Thanks.

Sorry Blogger.

I will be here from now on.

Thank you,

Just Love.

Oh God! I'm in love. This is happiness on a different level, probably exists somewhere in the ionosphere. I never expressed it but you understood and gave it back, and i felt nothing but magic. I see you and I just see you, making the world around  motion blur. It’s a blind confidence that I have which drives me to any extent. I fall, i get up, i fall again and no matter how many times I fall, I get up again and the hope is not lost, the love is not lost. The unexplained possessiveness in your eyes and the random questions you ask is just another reason why I cant stay away from you. A bond stronger than a magnet, an emotion which attracts like poles as well. A journey of life, the love of life and my dear, I own you for life. PS:  never wrote on this topic before, so this is just a trial and nothing else. excuse if it sucks.