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Finally, did justice to my job. My first Dell at home. I faced tough questions when I got a Lenovo notebook earlier this year.. this is the answer to all those questions :)  aadmi kuch bhi badal saktha hai magar brand nahi!!  


Sorry to say, Hi!

I never thought two letters can truly insult a person. Yes, it’s just two letters and not those two kind words-f.o . Maybe, the shortest form of insult I ever faced but strangely we use it daily, for a singular purpose though. Life is really weird and wonderful, isn’t it? someone has to be eccentric, if not me, people around me.

Now, what, why and how did this take place? Well, there’s this girl, my office colleague, from a different process but we commute almost daily in the same cab and we don’t talk. No, not even hi or hello. We didn’t exchange blows; it’s just that we always had nothing to discuss. Things were cool and so was the driver. I never disturbed her existence nor did she. Then came another guy, my office colleague, and a friend of this girl…every story has a nasty piece of work right? poor guy, though he had no dialogues in this scene, he made my life miserable. Anyway, they both were cool too and had things to talk including ‘Hi’. I was happy, they were happy and so was the driver.

One odd day, I was waiting alone in the cab for this girl, outside her house. After the clock ticked few minutes, she got into the front seat quickly, turned back and said “ HI “. My eyes got wide open, and the only thought it my mind was “ what on earth made you say that? “ and just when I was about to complete my Hi (u know like.. h-a-i and my sound was somewhere between a-I ) , she turned back again and said “ oops..Sorry to say HI, thought it was my friend “(the other guy). Grrr! One tight slap! I felt like a crumpled tissue thrown out of the window, and her statement was more an insult than excuse. “Sorry to say, HI…to someone you see daily and travel with? Fine, we don’t talk and I know accidents do happen but it was just a Hi...how can you take it back just like that? Arrghh!” I wanted to shout this out but you know… and from the very next day routine continued and we still travel like ghosts, ignoring our way of life. I am miserable, she is confused and the driver is happy.

Moral: A man who is happy all the time is a driver.


Where are they?

So, yes, mmm…and that’s how we got back to work. Even now, it’s thorny to keep up and I’m almost howling to get that one thought. I’m talking about my recent post in Den, and this is not hangover, this is what I or rather we would like to maintain. Snehith’s recent post explains my mind-set in a much better way. He wrote about how our lives changed over the years and how we overlooked our preferred pass-time. So, this took me down the memory lane where we used to pencil in for hours together, lost in our thoughts without food and water.

Paintings, cricket and G.I-Joe’s- This was our life. Sitting in a petite balcony, we used to draw or construct houses using our old books for those little GI-joe’s. Our book shelves were their barracks and we used to power them with torch-lights. We had a collection of around 25+ G.I-joe’s and we made them work, fight and love. It was hard war when it came to love because we had only two girls- Baroness and Zarana. My favorite character was Mainframe who lost his leg in one of our local wars and thereafter was bed-ridden for days. We couldn’t find his replacement and one diwali night, we had to rocket him up to the heavens. Here are a few pics of my beloved action-hero …
Then it was time for cricket. Snehith was the commentator + player and we used to play a lot of test matches. In one of our series, we thought, he who wins the most number of matches is the favorite child of god and that series was a draw. Our conclusion-God treats everyone equally. Lol, mixing spirituality and sports- considering our belief, Australia would have been God’s favorite country by now.


Ramayan 3392 A.D

We all have talked and heard about different versions of the great epic Ramayana but if you look at this version of the same epic…well, you will just keep looking.
Now, they are GODS!


Keyboard issues

Call me rude or mean…I don't care and I hate to give handshakes when typing, particularly at work. Yes, it's basic protocol to reciprocate when someone greets you, but sorry I just can't do that daily. For some strange reason, I find no pleasure or excitement in greeting or wishing people I meet every day. Not that I hate them or want to ignore them, but even if it's my close friend, the same rule applies. It's understood and I feel you don’t have to give a handshake daily to express your amity (a genuine smile is enough). Handshakes don’t bother me, but I get irritated when ppl walk up and wait for my response. This happens a lot at work and only when im busy with the keyboard. Probably, a simple nod and smile, and perhaps a verbal acknowledgement of the greeting would do. I see both pleasant and unpleasant faces at work day after day and by chance, if an unpleasant face walks up to my desk in an unpleasant situation and offers a handshake when my fingers are busy jumping on multiple keys… I feel like thumping the keyboard on his/her head. Too bad? Yes, that’s how I am and by the way, I just got a new keyboard :)

Destroying the world

Saw this few weeks back on Discovery, not sure which show..could be extreme engineering or man made marvels but found it very interesting.


Rock on

Just came out...nice one, definitely worth watching. I give 3.5/5


Voices in my head are...

What am I thinking? When I look outside the window, I can only see green and blue. These two colors are to blame for the frequent thoughts in my head and frequent pressure on my muscles. Sorry, but I can’t stop thinking and I hate when my intuition works. To my left, is this guy with gray beard, in his late 40’s and too philosophical for me. To my right, is of course the window, outside which I don’t want to think about. Few seats away, are my prospective friends but the train is too crowded to move now. As each rain drop hits the glass, a new thought appears into reality and I hate intuitions more than ever when it rains. Phone is switched off and the charging socket isn’t working… don’t know what hope lies behind that call. I could find answers earlier, but this time, it’s like a wild goose chase, waiting for the question to answer. Baah!!…I’m still thinking with this paper and pen.

Not that I can’t find an alternative source for these questions but it’s too thorny to let go anything which was there for the past two decades. It’s still there but can’t give the answers I need and it’s too precious, so can’t leave it alone. Too attached? Yes, im and someone would be happy reading this. Neither did I change, nor the source…it’s only the questions.


Day after fraaandship..

Happy friendship day slapped happee friendshippppp dayyyy :)….

This was one of the update I saw on orkut yesterday. Worst part was I couldn’t comprehend who greeted whom and who was being slapped. With so many applications knocking in day after day, I find orkut a mess. It no longer has the old charm and transparency. Despite the fact that they tried to craft it more fascinating with the look and appeal, the actual essence is lost. Anyway, this post is not to grumble or find out the loopholes in orkut, but this is to explain how difficult it was for me to identify my own friends.

With million things in mind, I don’t know what hope lies behind my action when I open my browser and type orkut.com . It’s been more than 3 years now and yes, I find this platform a great way to see what my friends and greeps are up to. If you didn’t know, greep is a geeky creep...typically someone who has all the time 'wanting to make the fraaandships' on the internet, but no balls to meet people directly.

Adding to this, the daily updates we get on the home page is a fun to read..here are few classics..

Stop worrying and start living has added 3 photos..

….. #$%&@* wrote a testimonial to Jaane Tu…

Society prepares the crime, criminal commits it updated last name and first name..

Depressed soul updated interests and turn on’s..

And there are few guys whose profile is completely empty. No name, no picture, no scraps, no photos..nothing in ‘about me’. Only the account exists, and when you have 100 odd friends who display their creativity in this ishtyle, it tough to identify who is doing what. This is followed by the depressing group with sad status messages. These guys are actually happy if their status message is sad. I know, we feel like sharing when things go wrong, but you think it’s pleasant to see those sad faces on the home page? Our parents gave us a beautiful name, let’s publicize it or atleast use a name which has got our identity… and keep the sharing stuff with close friends.

Finally, orkut’s name of the day :


If something is so complicated that you can't understand/explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth knowing anyway.

|-|@|)|)Y Fr@@^d$|-|IP D@Y !!!!


Why so serious?

The letter 'I' seems very fascinating these days. Both the sound and usage of the letter can be amusing at times. I believe this is the only letter which doesn’t reflect on a person. It has got its own traits and your definition is its character, which is why no two I’s are the same and will never be the same.

I was wondering, what’s wrong in conveying serious things of life with a lighter note. I am excluding those things, which are as serious as a person’s death. We can’t bump into a funeral and say “hey dude..sorry, any news about the weather up there? “ I am talking about those little things in life which can be asked/said in an entertaining way, just to cheer up and not keeping it inane...also with the right timing. If you ask, how? I have no answer because situations like these are very insightful. It's like a see-saw, if we got the weight, our words go down the mind and we will never know who's the winner when there are two equal weights. Probably, this is exact situation/phase I am going through and we can't stay longer in this position. We either go up, or lose it from here. Just like, 'you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain'...sorry for the quote, hangover you know. Charlie Chaplin may look funny, but how many of us do care to look at his serious side? The answer is, most of us do but why wasn’t he showing that side, is a question that cannot be asked.


If two I’s unite, it’s an agreement and not a relation. We don’t have I in affairs, we surrender it. The only time we use I is when we have to express, and this is rare because it is more often understood. Either we accept, or we move on. Repeating, I need not be explained, it can be understood and once you explain it more than what is required, it can damage the scenario. Too much of anything is…?

So, when we are talking seriously about any random topic, we expect the receiver to be as serious as we are which is absolutely right. But when we ‘try’ to talk seriously and expect the receiver to be the same, which might not be possible, is when things go wrong, just like this post. You are either thinking what I am ‘trying’ to say, or you are just reading the lines. I appreciate both the kinds, because it’s the sign of a brave heart and better than those guys who might have closed this post half way through.

Btw, sorry for the title, hangover you know!


The Improvement

Scene: Adlabs
Movie: The Dark Knight

This time, all in one row. No confusion, not a great combination :)

din't understand a word? read the previous post and come back. Not interested? then, check out the review of The Dark Knight. Boring? then, you see the little red x thingy on the top right corner? click on it.

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Adventures of Lion king

Movie-easy and best plan on a weekend, only if you plan and ‘act’ accordingly.

Chapter-1: The Thought
Scene: office
Characters: Simba, Timon, Pumbaa(boss) and I.

Simbaa was shuffling between 15 firefox windows doing non-desi work when my voice interrupted him.

“abbey…whts up with the tickets?”, I asked.

“mmm…booking two seats in row B and two seats in row H. Gonna be fun, book karu? “, he replied.

What…fun?..book all 4 in one row”, barked 3 voices in the bay.

I left my desk and walked up to simba, just to confirm if he was booking all 4 tickets in one row.

oops..technical error..cannot process, please try again” –msg displayed on the website.

We tried again but it was not going through…I told simba that we can get tickets even at the theatre directly, if not online. Pumbaa and Timon had no clue whether we booked the tickets or not as they were busy with their own windows of productivity. Simba and I planned to leave early to get the tickets, so we left our bay updating Pumbaa about the scenario that we would give a ring after getting the tickets and they can start off.

Chapter-2: The Plan
Scene: Office Cab
Characters: Simba and I.

Simba- a non-telugu guy and a big fan of tollywood movies. He feels directors like Yash raj and karan johar should be banned from the industry. I was arguing and trying my best to explain him that Jaane Tu was much better than Dasavathaaram. Though my efforts failed, we continued the regular banter in the cab when our evil minds came up with an eccentric idea.

“ Ek kaam karte hain?...let’s dump pumbaa “, simba said not knowing how I would react.

Mmm…(scratching chin)……(sparkling eyes)….(little nod)..Done deal “, we decided.

Now, you might think we are mean and heartless. Yes, we are and we enjoy dumping the boss. Any doubts so far?

Chapter-3: The Action
Scene : Prasads Imax
Characters: Simba, I and many more clueless people.

No queue at all and not a single screen filled up.

Two tickets. Dasavathaaram 3:15 show. ……Thank you.”, said the guy sitting in the counter.

Since we skipped lunch, we were more than hungry and we barged into the nearby McDonalds’ outlet and sat peacefully.

Time to call Pumbaa”, I reminded.

Seconds later…

Haa Pumbaa, mein Simba. The show is houseful, no tickets available. No other movie too…tough luck! “ (The sadistic smile was clearly visible and we enjoyed it)

ohh..is it? Sad man, no problem…u guys wait there, timon and I are on the way. Be there in 10 mins.” Pumbaa replied.

Simba's expression changed. I knew it was not what we were expecting to hear.

Arre no…we are leaving pumbaa, let’s watch Hancock ‘moro. We have to go and we are looking for an auto already”, clarified Simba impatiently.

It’s okay…wait for few more minutes, we are almost there”, said Pumbaa and hung up.

I was half-dead by his answer, because which manager would believe a guy who searches for an auto under loud music along with a stuffed mouth full of chicken burger.

Our expression changed as if we were asked to bungee jump without a rope and our mind ran like a time machine. We had 10 minutes to dump our boss and we had no clue how. Our jobs would be at stake if the plan fails.

Think…Think…we stressed our minds.

Seconds later, we decided to call up Timon who was with Pumbaa and who had no interest in the movie because telugu for him is a language of symbols. So, we planned to update him about the scenario thinking that he might favor us in deviating Pumbaa or if luck showers things might fall in place.

Chapter-4: The Call
Scene: Road
Characters: Timon and Pumbaa. (Simba and I, virtually)

Timon and Pumbaa were on the way to the theatre at a decent speed. Timon’s phone rang and on the other end our hearts were ringing…

“ Hello, macha! “, timon picked up the call casually.

Dude, this is Simba. Now, listen to every word carefully without taking any names and only answer yes or no “.

OK? What?

dude, we got only two tickets and now you are the only guy who can save us. Do something but….”, the line got cut.

We dialed again but no use. The call was not going through. We immediately called Pumbaa again, another plan to deviate him.

“Pumbaa, we are going to Sensation (another theatre nearby) to try our luck there…if the show’s houseful we are going home”…said Simba in a hopeful voice.

Fine…see you at sensation then” said Pumbaa.

God!! Another shock, this guy isn’t leaving us. Minutes later, sitting in McDonalds, we called Pumbaa again…

“Pumbaa, hard luck..Sensation is running houseful, I guess we better go home now”…said Simba.

Yeah..where are you? I am at Sensation…can’t see you guys?” asked Pumbaa, who was confused by now.

Simba gestured death. I shouted “react…react…tell something…

Haa Pumbaa, we just came back from Sensation to Prasadz again to catch an auto….preetam already left “, he said… while the loud music was still playing in the background.

Ohh…why did he leave?. Anyway, I am coming there..Don’t move a muscle now”, said pumbaa in a cranky voice.

Chapter-5: The countdown
Scene: Between prasadz Imax and McDonalds.
Characters: comepletely messed up.

Without wasting anytime, Simba ran to the counter and bought tickets for Timon and Pumbaa. I had to run away from the place and hide in a wash room because virtually as per the act, I was on my way home. Pumbaa and Timon entered the scene, and they met Simba who had tickets by then.

I got the tickets”…simba said.

What’s going on?” asked Pumbaa.


I saw the counter…all shows are available and you say they are running houseful?

Simba had no immediate reply; he dialed my number and said… “Preet, these guys are here…come back

Within minutes I came back into the scene. Pumbaa is now even more surprised and irritated.

You said he left?”…asked Pumbaa.

Yeah, right…actually I din’t leave. I met one of my friends so asked simba to call me up when you guys are here”…. I replied.

The situation was slightly in control but Timon who knew every part of the story looked at two great actors and was amazed to see our responses. People have quick reflexes, but we’ve got quick lies. pumbaa’s mind was too occupied to think and analyze the entire situation.

Chalo, chalo..it’s time. Let’s go in …” said Simba as the movie was about to start.

At the same time, we were worried again because the seats are not together and we thought Pumbaa would clearly understand the plot. We moved inside but had no chance to talk or react much as the movie started. Simba and I in row B. Timon and Pumbaa in row H. We had to give a clear explanation to pumbaa..we were still thinking while others were already engrossed in the movie.

Abbey, got an idea”…simba said.


If you remember, we were trying to book tickets online in row B and row H earlier at office..when u guys denied….remember and pumbaa dint know anything about the booking that failed?

Haa…but how would you explain the entire stuff?

I’ll take care now and you just follow…enjoy the movie”…said simba, pushing back his seat.


We walked out and I ran into the washroom…got mentally prepared and came back to few round of questions. Before pumbaa started, Simba asked…

so, hows my prank. pumbaa”?

What ?

Yeah…two tickets in row B and two tickets in Row H and the entire confusion?”…

did you guys book tickets online..i told you guys to book 4 in single row, right?”….asked pumbaa.

Yeah…but we wanted some fun and made you go round the city”….said our voices in tandom.

We din’t allow pumbaa to think much because if he did, our plan or our answers were too easy to comprehend. We followed the old policy…if u can’t convince, confuse!!

The End 


Nasty behind the nets.

Catch, catch…pranksters on roll! She and I were returning home at night, when we saw a group of young guys playing badminton with full heart. The open soil looked like a mini-stadium with flood lights and spectators all around. Truly, professional players..eh? we sighed. They played every night, irrespective of how the weather and court conditions were. The whole thing went on well and life was good for those players until one fine morning. We were on the same road again when she said “you know what? I want to mess up the net “. Initially, I dint react but I could comprehend her intention behind those words. After all, it was she who taught me ;)

Next morning, court was empty. I stopped the bike close to the net so that we could run easily in case someone spots us. She got down and walked up to the net. She tried to pull down the upper ends of the net, half-heartedly. I watched the surroundings…no one present. We enjoyed it. A silent prank and silence all around. “It’s tight”, she cried and was walking back without pulling the ends off completely. I got down though little apprehensive but still had the strong wish to mess it up, and we both walked up to the net again, pulled the top corners off, ‘hi-fied‘ and drove back home thinking if they would ever realize who did it. The badminton net looked almost like tennis net.
12 hrs later, she was on that road again. I was home busy with something else. My phone rang and as soon as I picked it up, she shouted, “ reyy guess wht? They are indeed fools…they are playing badminton with a tennis net “. I dint believe my ears. I ran towards that court just to see those players, flood lights, spectators and yes, the net was untouched… way below the normal height. He, who heard this story later couldn’t believe the sight too. The players indeed took the game very seriously. No matter how the weather, court and net conditions are, they come to play. Truly professional...eh? we sighed :P

Darkest Hours

The bigger they come, the harder they fall, and there had been none bigger than Federer here at Wimbledon.
Though Rafa is my favorite, I couldn’t see Federer losing. In one of the greatest finals, sorry the greatest final in the history of Wimbledon where Rafael Nadal robbed the Swiss of his most treasured possession, the title that defined him: his Wimbledon crown. It was the darkest hour on the center court for Roger. How often you see the God losing?


One photo, please!

Home is where the heart is… will be the apt line to describe my experience. Finally, the month of June came to an end. Sad, but it’s been one of the most memorable phases of my life. I am tired now but I don’t want to rest. Though most of my programs were pre-planned, final minute judgments were too many. What was irksome few years ago, is now no longer a subject to consider. End result: I got what I wanted with less pain and more comfort.

First, it was Suryalanka Beach followed by the trip to North East. Back to back trips not only strained my back but also the skull. Just about 8 hrs drive from office and we reached the Suryalanka resorts 60 minutes after 0000hrs. The resort is attached to the beach, so we preferred the night on sand instead of the cot. Places like these are very emotional for koochikoo pairs because looking at the beach; one would certainly miss his/her partner. A modest smile, wet legs, half lit faces under the moonlight and a cell phone in hand. It was relatively romantic and dangerous for a guy like me to think more. Bachelor hoon yaar…bhavnao ko samjho. From ghost stories to shaggy dog stories, arguments on who must take photos and videos, who shouldn’t touch the camera and who should shut their mouth, we saw joy in each step.

Soon after a week’s gap, it was time to visit the chinky land of India. Actual plan was to visit Gangtok and Darjeeling but due to some disturbances in that region, we shifted our foot to Shillong and Cherapunjee. Beyond doubt, this is another great place on the planet. The head of the family here is a woman, and the property goes to the youngest daughter in the family. I wondered if boys were allowed to walk streets alone at night ;) The story was different in cherapujee, I couldn’t see the person standing in front of me. Job’s easy for a photographer here because any snap you blindly take, also turns out to be a masterpiece. No words can describe this place because I dint talk at all. I walked around silently capturing and thinking about the so called memories of life.

A couple saw me taking photographs of the sceneries around in different angles and that’s where the sad part of the tour started. They were stronger than the Vodafone network. They not only followed me but also forced me to take their pictures too at every scenic location. I call it sentimental force. First they smile, indicating that help is required and followed by few more signals, they hand over the camera and say... “Please eh…ek photo in this background”. It felt nice taking their pictures when they hugged, kissed each other in various poses but they couldn’t understand my feelings. Again, Bachelor hoon yaar…bhavnao ko samjho!!

Visit >The Den for complete tour pictures.


Pr:Dtam Raj


Last movie seen in a theatre:

Sarkar Raj (Yes, the same guy who directed Aag. )

What book are you reading?

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Favorite board game:

Dartboard ;)

Favorite magazine:

coming up (Youthe!).. or readers digest

Favorite smells:

Wet soil, smell of my pillow :P

Favorite sound:

Sound or music? Like the sound of a nail being scratched on a rusty metal.

Worst feeling in the world:

Same as above.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Do i have to brush my teeth?

Favorite fast food place:

Any pani-puri outlet

Future child’s name:

my wife would fill this up

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”

become a santa claus

Do you drive fast?

Depends on the person sitting next to me :)

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?


Storms - Cool or Scary?


Do you eat the stems on broccoli?


If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?


Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:


Favorite sports to watch:

Cricket and Tennis

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:

Goddess of small things. Takes life as it comes, very rational!

What’s under your bed?

ball, speakers, scrap

Would you like to be born as yourself again?

No..this is it. No re-birth please

Morning person or night owl?

night owl. raat baaki...baat baaki

Favorite place to relax:

Beach, in the night

Favorite pie:


Favorite ice cream flavor:

I hate ice creams!

You pass this tag to:

KK, Arps, Azariath, Snet, Surya if he ever comes up with a blog and to those who are still wondering about their next post!!


Kya aap close up karte hain?

Finally, back to the same old template. Those who have been visiting my blog for the past couple of weeks will know what I was trying and doing to get that right template for the blog. Old is boring, new doesn’t work well…so here I am again using the old template. Too late to change the platform now. I wish changing the template was as easy as changing clothes.

Been very busy for weeks now, and I am enjoying it because there are many things apart from work which are keeping me busy. The month of June as expected is going very fast. It’s been close to two years since I enjoyed music. Though there was good music and good melody, I never enjoyed it, nor got attached. The feeling is pretty good now, but I am afraid to relish it. I can’t let it go nor get along. Second time and it’s going the same way. Too tired to think about relations and people. Too tired to think about myself. Too tired about think about friends. May be one of the reasons why I never got close to anyone. The same reason why silence is being misunderstood and music is often understood. The same reason why I can’t express which is accompanied by reasons to give.

This feeling kills me but I am enjoying it. I know, it’s been ages since I felt like this. Unluckily, the world I am living is false and is filled with dreams and perceptions. Not sure why, getting along with people was a piece of cake earlier and now it’s a piece of rock. Doesn’t move unless I force it to. Did I change? If yes, why did I? because I am hating it. Being insightful is one of the worst habits I got and I can’t help it. Luckily, I am good at hiding it but that makes life even more miserable. You know what’s going on and you can’t stop it because no one knows that you know and you can’t say it out because it will be no way related to you and you have no right to question things unless it’s affecting you directly.

I can recollect this funny close up ad which explains my situation...

Kya aap close up karte hain?

Ya duniya se darte hain..

aao penalty bharte hain..

aap close up kyon nahi karte hain...

ulti seedhi chalthe hain..


caaanfidance se jalte hai...

aap close up kyon nahi karte hain...

PS: I am using pepsodent



>The Den

Did you know? No? Okay...

In that case, check out >The Den

Just another Photoblog!!



It's not far. It's just 6-8 hours from Hyderabad, depends on the speed of your vehicle though. Perurulanka is a remote place in the village of Amalapuram, Andhra pradesh. Surrounded by small islands, this place is much better than the crowded Kerala Backwaters(Personal opinion). 2 days are more than enough to cover this place and if you are in search for peace, better go few in number. We spent close to 6-7 hours on the island, cooking, hunting (sticks and wood for shelter) and ofcourse clicking the entire space. Wanted to stay back for the night, but couldnt do that for other reasons.

A decent break after a tedious week. Moreover, the mode of transport is the row boat. 45 minutes in water takes you very close to the nature. You will find no one nearby as the only way to reach the island is through boat and this is not a tourist place. So, don't be surprised if you don't find any locals or don't panic if your boat sinks after leaving you on the island. Get your stuff ready if planning to do the night stay. One side of the island is thumped by the Bay of Bengal and the other side is touched by the river Godavari. An amazing 4-5 km stretch and not a person around. All I could hear was the sound of the waves and the breeze which came along.

Best time to visit would be after winter and before summer. Month of Jan and Feb. Summer might drain the fluids out. Accomodation is tough and far . Check-in place would be amalapuram and close to 1 hr drive from there. Lots of greenery around, so take my word, it won't disappoint you. Took many pics but unfortunately i jumped into the waves without sensing the camera in my pocket.


From the CEO of :D Inc.

You know why IT industry wastes pays thousands of rupees? for innovation, for creativity, for better use of limited resources. Thinking out of the box, will not only improve your business but also resource managment. Recently, officially, I got promoted. If Aditya is exactly 12 chairs away from that C.E.O. job , i am just 13 away. After which, it would " :D Inc. "

Our team is know for it's eccentric behaviour on the floor. We, the Indigenous peoples and our beliefs and practices are sometimes described as "primitive", a usage that is seen as unhelpful and inaccurate by the vast majority of contemporary professionals. Nevertheless, we achieve our numbers. Our team came up with such great ideas recently, they dint know how/what to award...speechless. Have a look...

1. Best way to increase downloads speed!

Normal downloads...

Takes its own sweet time. However, due to high pressure and deadlines, we couldn’t effort to waste time on slow downloads...so we came up with an ultra smart concept of increasing downloads..which works great on dial up connections as well ( Flat panel LCD is a must for this to work) Here it is..

Ultra speed downloads which uses the gravitational force of earth..

Warning: Do not try this with CRT monitors

2. Our team needs loads of energy to think and innovate stuff like this. And for more energy we need to eat more, and to eat more we need to share more. We usually follow the one to many rule. One brings the food packet and we all share. Now, it's difficult for us to walk up to the person who's got the packet and eat... i mean to say, you can't get up from your seat every few minutes ..right? For example, if you are eating chips, you can take a max of 3-4 at a time, and once they are done you have to walk and grab 'em again...and we can't put it on paper too as they are oily, nor we can keep it on desk..hygiene matters. After a team huddle and heavy thinking...we came with this idea...

After watching this, our team manager had only one word.. NUTS!!

We also get awards for making blunders. Afterall, blunders are building blocks of our team. And we celebrate it in style.. this is how we receive alerts from our team lead...

Thanks and Regards,
:D Inc.



I couldn’t close my eyes, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t concentrate. It was pain and only pain. In the head, in the neck, in the A. I sat for 7 uninterrupted hours at my work place shuffling between windows of my revenue and windows of my existence. It was only after I got up from the seat I realized my blunder. I just sat there pounding the left half of my head. Not knowing how to handle it, I walked up to the Barista corner and got some hot coffee.

Few minutes later, cup was in the dustbin but my head was still hankering for that indescribable essence. May be I needed some sleep? Or mental peace? Or natural air? Yes, AC is artificial, it’s cold but it kills my body. I feel like a corpse potted in a bay where my boss is the doctor who constantly keeps checking the conditions.

After 35 minutes of silent tunes, the cab was in the zone. The pain was no longer there but the effect was still in the air. I closed my eyes and opened them again when the brain started crying. The tears were gently sloping down the plane. My driver asked me to roll up the glass and wanted to control the tears by turning on the AC, again, this time to beat the heat. An hour later, I was by the side of the drug company which was in flames yesterday. Political elements who consider themselves influential blocked the road, demanding for social rights. They wanted to seal the drug company. I wanted to seal their mouth.

Finally, home! Sat under the shower and my psyche flew back to that silent space where I lived few months ago. It was relieving and " Re-living Lanka "… …. …. …. …. …. more to come!!


Few Good Men

They came, They saw, They conquered.

My all time favorites. Should thank IPL for bringing players together. Feels great to watch these big guns on the ground. Truly electrifying!! The scenario changes when you are at the stadium. Felt watching cricket on TV is like watching a pirated movie.

Place: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium
Date: 24th April 2008
Time: 8:17 PM

The ball was in the sky, and my mouth was open. I shouted, I screamed. That was for Gilly. After the first innings, He came running to the bowler from the point area, not once or twice but after everyball, to encourage his SriLankan teammate. I applauded. That was for Afridi.

Months back, it was at the same stadium where I watched Sachin and Dhoni. Probably, only a true cricket fan can understand wht it feels like. Wish to meet Murali soon....

Few good men, who rock on and off the field.


To Pr:Dtam.... with love

This post is dyed-in-the-wool to the best friends of my best friends. (Names not mentioned for my security but to my surprise, all names start with S). I would like to begin this post by thanking you guys for taking considerable amount of time to think and delineate an opinion about me.

Pr:Dtam- The name I chose to represent the person in me. Two years back, it was just a name. Two years later, it is more than a name. It changed my mode of living, thoughts and action. Honestly, I am surprised. People are now taking me seriously :P After lots of hard work and promises, i got to know five negative qualities about me. According to a friend....

1. I am self centered and self gratification comes first
2. I am manner less and have no consideration for others.
3. I am absolutely pompous.
4. I am too inhibited.
5. And my life has three concentric circles. : "Innermost circle is me and then people who love me and then random people. I care way too much about the innermost and the outermost and dont care about the middle one."

May be a fraction of what my friend said about me is true? I care too much about random people. Else, I wouldn’t have bothered to write this post or update a blog for random people. In one of the testimonials I got in orkut, snehith says “he can help u ease ur nerves..but beware..ur best frend may find him interesting than u.:) “Dude, I think you should reconsider this statement. Your best friend may find me interesting but what about his/her best friend?? For some reason, friends of my best friends do not carry a sugary opinion about me. Why? Well, many reasons I must say… I don’t know how it affected their lives when compared to those friends who were directly ruined by me ;) However, I decided to write a letter to my…

Dear friends of my best friends,

I respect your opinion that you hate me and the fact that you don’t want to think about me. In fact, I am happy that you take time to hear about me through my friends and later form an opinion on it. I know, few among you think I am ugly, cheap and idiotic. Sorry, if you thought more but my friends only communicated those words to me. But on a serious note, I would love to meet you guys someday because I have a weird habit of throwing a smile at a person who hates me.

Love- Pr:Dtam.

Those who know me, can give their opinion and those who don't, go through all pages in my blog and form an opinion and then come back here to answer this poll. Don’t worry, no hacks or kracks involved, all votes are anonymous.

* completely disagree ; **to some extent ; ***cant say ; ****agree ; *****100% right


Desert Rain

Finally, there's some good news! Just when life at office was getting too hectic and monotonous, Dell announced a follow up to our recent (and quite successful) " What does green mean to you? " Graffiti contest on Facebook.

The reason i'm excited is, Facebook access has been granted to all Dell employees worldwide. I feel Dell should come up with more programs which use gtalk and yahoo msgr also ;)


Where is the pulp?

In photography-like writing-there's no such thing as being wrong. If that's the way you see something, that's your task to express it.’ – My office client

It’s been a while since I had a good discussion about things in the broad-spectrum at office. It’s always the metrics or the gobbledygook of those who must/cannot be named here. Surprisingly, few days back, I had an interesting chat with one of my client which was not only out of the ordinary but also memorable. We spoke about several topics, starting from US politics to our hobbies and his daughter ;)

During our conversation, I realized how impressions can change with proper communication which is transparent and genuine. If perfect is 100% then trying to become perfect is 60% and then there are cases where this rises up to 90% or falls down to 20%. Nevertheless, we still keep trying. Trying every possible way and convincing every situation. We become calculative; feel good about ourselves, confidence changes its look to audaciousness, making our own rules and lacking to realize that we are dealing with creatures which fit into the same species and who are trying the same on the other end.

In the process of getting these definitions right, we tend to mix up things. We may say, “My mind is clear”, but we may never know that what we consider as ‘clear’ is in fact the most baffled substance. The result we calculate by considering the effects will always differ from the result we get after experience. The result we calculate is the Goal and the result we experience is Destination, and people call us fortunate when our goal coincides with our destination.

If you are wondering why im talking philosophy, it’s because Ive been mixing my work and play. Yes, if you dint know, my boss hates this game called
‘Tennis Elbow’ to which my colleague and I give more importance than work. It’s a small trial version download which can be a played on LAN and it’s so addictive and has got a natural game play that we feel every match is like a final between Nadal and Federer. If you are working in a place where access to messengers, mails, networking websites are not only restricted but also blocked forever, I would suggest you to try this game, and trust me, nothing can get more competitive at work. Ashirvad, if you are reading this, I hope you are practicing too… scores are level now..


When I was pregnant...

If Tendulkar started playing cricket at that age, I was thinking about babies. Yes, it was certainly eerie. However, I blame it on our education system which was tad slow during those days due to which I had different misapprehensions in life. This can be the uncanny if only a man experiences it. I thought this little and funny fact of my life should be open to everyone before ‘someone else’ who knows about this speaks out.

The clock struck 4 in the boys’ hostel and we all gathered near the dining hall to have a cup of tea. With half closed eyes, I was watching things with little awkwardness. I knew something was wrong internally as my system was not working as designed. The only question which struck my mind was “Am I pregnant?”

I was little worried and doubtful with a true theatrical expression thinking ‘how can this happen to me?’ I know boys cannot be pregnant, but I was not completely sure and our science teacher was still pages away from chapter no: 8, the reproductive system. Caught in a worst situation, I walked up to my friend who was busy enjoying his cup of tea. I sat down and waited for him to finish his tea, few minutes later I turned my head and asked “Do boys get pregnant?” He was like WTF, and thankfully there was no tea left in the cup but his expression gave me a lot of relief.

My friend asked, “Why the hell did you get that doubt now?” embarrassed to some extent, I confessed the truth. I was in a notion that children are born if people hug each other. I was very scratchy when someone hugged me even out of affection because I had my own fears in mind. I said, “last night was the send-off party and I thought I hugged too many there”.

Few days later, we went through the most appealing pages in the history of nature. I read chapter no: 8 twice just to make sure that everything was in place. My friend smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we are safe!!”


Sounds Of Silence

I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid…you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you….

It was one of the most wonderful trips i had in recent times. It was the ideal break and for the first time I took pleasure being alone. This thought struck my mind after watching “ Im Legend “. On the contrary, staying in a place which is completely isolated for months is definitely mind-numbing. For that reason, I along with few of my office colleagues planned to holiday at an isolated island. We initially thought of spending one whole day on the island, but due to some matured forces, we had to cut it short.

It was like going back to the early-man period. We cooked food on the island making use of sticks to light up fire and stones to place the mud pots. I wanted to try my hand, but my colleagues wanted to enjoy the trip and moreover it’s was an open place where washrooms weren’t available. So, bearing in mind the environmental circumstances, I dint cook :(

It was this island, where one side of it has the river Godavari flowing gracefully and the other side is touched by the Bay of Bengal. It was an amazing 4-5 km stretch and not a person around. All I could hear was the sound of the waves and the breeze which came along. Probably, this is called being in Nature’s lap.

I leisurely walked around the island, unaccompanied with our usual responsibilities and other relations. It was me and no-one else. My heart and mind were completely clear. No parents, no friends, no commitments, no demands, nothing…only me! There’s no point in elaborating how I felt because how much ever I write, you will never know how I felt. So, the maximum/minimum you can do is to smile.

I wrote this post only to let you know that I enjoyed being myself. Today, I love myself!!

PS: flickr for more pics.


The Barter system

We know, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. However, I never got a chance to comprehend this statement in a practical way. Credit should go to our social networking websites because they helped me to get lots of best friends, some o' them I hardly know. ;)

On the other end, there are friends who can be very productive. Now, this post is not about friendship but it’s about a friend. I usually don’t write about my friends unless there is something lucrative. Read on to know more about my friend and the WIIFM factor (what’s in it for me?) :p

If you are among one of those ppl who appreciate and encourage good talent, you shouldn’t miss this one. Here’s one of my friend ‘avinash’ who stepped into the film fraternity few months back and is now a booming lyricist. Seeing his upcoming projects, I must say, he’s definitely close to the jackpot.

So, here I take the chance to support is debut album “Swasa“. Lyrics are remarkable and when they are sung by well known artists like “Hema Chandra“, it undeniably sounds great. All the songs are rated 4/5 on "Raaga"..so do i have to explain more? and I think that's more than expected for a starter. The audio disc is available in all leading music stores. This looks like a true commercial…isn’t it? Please check it out. Listen to the songs if you hate me and buy the audio CD if you like me.

Coming to the WIIFM factor… Avinash recently met Ram Gopal Verma and my chances of “Acthing“ are pretty good now ;) wht say avinash?? Im expecting something now…after all it’s give and take :P


Happy New Year 2008 !!