Before I sleep…

…random thoughts continue to hit my mind when i stare at a blank sheet of paper. many unexplained, unwritten, unspoken thoughts which may never see the light, but after all they  are my thoughts and i cherish each memory that brings a smile on my face.
Imagine a person who is just like your personal diary, he/she is not your sibling, partner or spouse but just a friend who knows the in and out of you and doesn’t judge you and loves you with full heart no matter how screwed up you are and listens to any topic under the sky…well, i guess friend is an understatement, but i got no word to describe the relation. A relation, i feel everyone should have apart from the social relations and commitments we maintain. A heart listening to a heart that speaks out and nothing else. It’s love, but not the love which you find in your partner, not the love which you find in your parents, not the love you find in your siblings but a love that you find in yourself. An emotion that makes you feel special, an unconditional bond to be more simple, but again, do such bonds exist? My heart says yes, but my mind doesn’t agree. Is it right to bond with a person on such an unconditional and emotional plane when you know he/she is not your partner, sibling or any social relation that we usually maintain? somehow, i feel marriage too is a conditional bond, where we work around and adjust to make things work.
On the other side, there is a bond which never breaks, a heart that can connect to a heart even after years of isolation, a heart which makes you feel young, happy and free. We may find a heart but do we really take time to bond or at least are we giving a chance? Well, should we take a chance considering the expectations or living by the norms of a society? I’m sure it’s not easy, or not what most of them can digest because we are already into the system. A system designed by external pressures and internal commitments.


Snehith said…
What the matter man..Something fishy.. :)

Coming to the post, My view of it.Such Bonds do exist, but unconditional, very rare. Every relation or the emotions of the people associated with it ,cannot do away with the personal sense of satisfaction, or the sense of 'being special' , in your words. Think again, wudnt that be called selfishness, in another form ? When we assocuate with the relation becuase we feeel special in it, or we feel happier or at peace when with the person, we are looking for that personal space. So automatically, the 'unconditional' tag can be done away with.

Regarding the second para:
Again my PoV. If something makes your heart feel young, then i feel the system shouldn't matter for you to associate with it.Taking a chance is always a worth. A success would be ,rather it should be our gateway to showcase to the system that something out of it does exist, and is logical.A failure is always a learning in life.

AS... said…
very true preets.. and very coherently put..

i have these random thoughts too..conflicting ones...its like being sandwiched between what u want and how you are expected to fit in.. I think each one of us shares that kind of a bond, but are more disposed towards not accepting it, often because of fear of being criticized..fear of disappointing your loved ones..

and @ snehith..

with regards to the second part of your comment, its far easier when spoken than practiced!
Snehith said…

Yes.It is.But only when we overcome that sense of social security to take the first step towards achieving what we really want to, what our heart yearn's for, is when we are free from it. It is difficult, but not impossible. Frankly, i havn't done it too, with the same thought you have put across, "easier said than done ".

As someone said. "a lil bit of courage will certainly help. " ;)
Anonymous said…
I think we have all become cynics that when something true, something undefinable, something unconditional happens, we question its credibility.
Vamsee said…
The symptom of immaturity is the quest for ideal love and fear of commitment.There is no such thing as unconditional love in this world.

When you grow a bit older, you will look at this and laugh...but also feel sad that you missed the train.

If you are an adult, and feel connected to an opposite sex, go to her and say, " I love you".
No sexual attraction?? Trust me..that is total BS. just dont waste her valuable time.

I already crossed this village in my journey.
:D said…
@ vamsee

thanks for passing by. i will validate your thoughts if im seeing a girl in future. :) however, my thoughts on this post are completely based on the existence of such bond.
pawan said…
A promise to myself,
"I'll visit this blog after Nov 27th!"
I sure stand on my word!

sm said…
bond of friendship,
just remember when you are hungry no one will come to feed you. and thinking that start to live life.

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