...and so on.

I was excited when they put me back to training but lately I realized these days are like doing a correspondence course in swimming. You get wet without doing anything, literally nothing. Sitting in a corner, I watch other guys in the room. Few busy with the tittle-tattle of other teams, few playing games, few looking at the trainer (just looking), yawn, stretch and sigh!
Sometimes I feel too young to work or probably it’s just a feeling which comes after seeing my counterparts further up the ladder (in age). I was not the same couple of years back, and things are poles apart now or may be just the customary change which happens to everyone after graduation.

Hmm…today’s going to die soon, and I don’t want today to repeat tomorrow.

New day, new start, new thoughts…new hair on the head.

back to training...


Minutes of the Meeting

Team Meeting: A place where there is synchronous nodding of heads in a semi-conscious state of mind to decide up on things which never change coz they are never understood.

Unfortunately, i dint get a chance to slip into that state as i was asked to take down the minutes of meeting. Posing a dedicated look, i opened the lappy and got ready to " paint " down all the points discussed.

First 15 Minutes -

The team lead was explaining about various metrics, strategies and goals designed by the proj manager for the coming quarter. I don't know why they design targets which are as challenging as india chasing a total of 400 in 50 ovrs. So, that's paaint 1...

Next 15 Minutes..

Now, here comes the worst side of the meeting. After explaining all the targets set by the proj manager, the team lead gives his own view about those metrics and goals which sound exactly opposite to what the proj manager discussed. Finally, we need to decide what to follow else they think we are too dependent. That's paaint 2...

Next 30 Minutes...

This part of meeting was very intense..parts of my team lead's face was turning red. Naturally, he was discussing about the outage and behaviour part. No more leaves..that was whole paaint.

The out of box thinking- when this point was discussed, especially in the festive season, i could only think of a 10,000wala crackers just out of the box..

and my thoughts continue....


Become your enemy's best friend.

There are few people in our lives whom we do not want to think about or face them regularily. Their presence irritates us to the core and their actions get on to our nerves. Sometimes, conditions are so worse that you can’t avoid the unavoidable. Pria calls them CPD, meaning chance pe dance. For that reason, I made few points which will help us to get along with the CPD species.

1. Smile- this is the ground rule to maintain any relationship. Always smile on your enemy’s face. Though you hate to see his face, scold him in your mind and wish him with your mouth.
Ex: Hey (idiot and a half)…how are you doing?
Though you will have some tough time carrying the right expression, im sure you will do pretty well in a week’s time. We live in a huge society where public relations matter the most, these kinds of acts are vital. To be short, be like the page 3 types.

2. Create an anonymous mail account and write a mail to your enemy containing the highest degree of awful words mixed with a worst slang you can ever imagine. Doing this everyday will make you feel contented and you will also enjoy watching the disturbed expression on your enemy’s face while opening his/her mailbox. Ensure that you write short mails, only 2-3 lines. If possible, start off from the subject line itself so that the enemy will have no option to delete before reading it.

After doing this for few days, walk up to your enemy and say that you are receiving anonymous mails containing gross messages. Surprised, he/she would start sharing the same concern with you believing that they are not the only souls on earth receiving such mails. This will develop emotional attachment in your enemy’s heart and you will become his good friend. Poor soul will never know that you are in fact polishing your acting skills.

Even if your enemy cracks the world’s dumbest joke...Laugh, praise and applaud. When you do this, make sure to point your index finger towards him. This will save your image because other guys around will think you are laughing at the person and not at his joke. Don’t worry; your enemy will not misunderstand you as he already carries a good impression. (Important: Make sure you point the right finger, else the above 2 steps go waste).

4. Start a community in orkut “We hate xxxxx “. If you are a guy with lot of patience create as many false accounts as you can and add them in that community. Majority will also show strength. Post topics in the community about your enemy’s behavior or attitude. Update it everyday and send the link to your enemy using the anonymous mail account.

5. If he’s an office colleague, steal his ID, locker keys or important files and enjoy the trouble on his face while swiping in/out. Finally, when he gives up hope…return his belongings saying that the security guard found them. You will become a life-saver and at this moment, you are his best friend.

During this entire process, do a little research and know your enemy’s feeble points and top level secrets. God forbid, in case you fight or if your enemy comes to know that you are a miserable actor…do not lose hope. Use the ultimate weapon-Blackmail to leak all his/her secrets or post them in CNN-IBN’s citizen journalist’s blog with the heading ‘Threat to nation’.

Sometimes…experience speaks. This is how we become a worst enemy and a best friend at the same time ;)