college-istyle !!!

STATUTORY WARNING: If you are a parent of an engineering student, please exit.

Hmmm…was back to college after a long break and with new faces around, for the first time I felt that girls (juniors & sub-juniors only) of our college were more striking than the girls of adjoining colleges. I wondered wher are all the regular faces I used to see a few years ago. It felt like I was in a museum, everything old yet new to me. A few new months to go and that is it.

Now steal a look at all the gobbledygook facts of our college.

It’s the Line of attack to our college, not a snap frm the movie ROAD. Now bachon, all o u turn right n pull out ur binoculars coz along this highway we can have a glimpse of Ramoji film city ,Sanghi temple and Mount Opera.

* Our bus has a lot of history in the wake of it, Came into reality before Christ n im sure it will run even after I die. Anyone who is spellbound after reading the subsequent performance characteristics can contact our transport incharge.

1. Engine breakdown... at least a couple o times a week n brake failure is a passtime. look wat our driver's gotta say “arey highway par brakes ki kya zaroorat hei!!”

2. If you wanna go before time then this bus is not for you. A regular exercise is necessary to build up ur strength. When the bus breaks down, you wil routinely know how ur strength will be useful. Zoor lagake aissaahh!!!

* Lecturers call it "classroom" and we call it "the round-table".

The hometown of non-sense, even a lizard passing by is news bulletin for us (esp for girls).

Once our lecturer was busy giving notes on “ Electric seam welding” (encircled below) n I was busy drawing...ehem!! ehem !! ;p

The aftermath… :(

* Chow time!! Our canteen, wher flies eat our food more than we do.

The regular food i used to have, took immense effort to make sure no fly entered d zone while taking this snap.

pet bhar dekh liya?? ..chal ab yeh dekh…

The truth is out. Resting on the bench is reasonably bumpy .Respect ur lecturers!! sleep outside d class.

The Suicide point.- 3rd floor.

Our basketball court n its die-hard fan. Bechara game ko dekh raha tha aur beech mein khadi hui deewar par chad gaya. His desire to fly came true that day. : p

Our college is bordered by huge hills and its "high time" for us weneva we go trekking..

That's all folks.
c ya later alligator!!! : p


look who's angry...

*tring* *tring* *tring*

It’s back. I presume the affiliates of the devdas group ( chk feb14 post for details on this grp) might have started tagging ppl on this topic. Ive been tagged by kk n this time its all about

I hate ? People who always ring up on my landline number when im sleeping even when they have my cell number.

I hate ? boys who shed tears to woo girls. Why bend so low?. Make them run behind u lad. Be a man!! Mard ban.!! ;-p what say gals??

I hate ? people with affected traits. Be original and when u say something… please for god’s sake mean it.

I hate ? swaggers.

I hate ? People who show off their bighead. Intelligence is not everything. These kinda ppl act as if they know the whole lot and often misguide. Why edify when they r not sure?? Appearances are absolutely deceptive in this case.

I hate ? sms n offlines we get like "send this stuff to 10 people and you will find your love within 24 hrs”

I hate ? people who drive sloppily n look at us as if they r the masters in the art of driving

I hate ? “I”.

I hate ? “xxxxxxx”.

I hate ? to hate.

Love ? preetam. J

Mr.bobli !!.... you are tagged!!!




My Daddy strongest.

Yo dad!!! Congratulations!!!

Hey folks… my dad won an award from The Common Wealth Broadcasting Association for best quality correspondence and the award was presented by World Bank. He was chosen amid 55 other entrants in his category across the globe. His subject was on a small country village in Andhra Pradesh which illustrates on how its inhabitants rehabilitated their desolate land into a prolific land and sowed crops fruitfully with their labors.

Now bearing all this in mind I remember an old adage in telugu which undeniably drives me into the scenario n declares “punditha putra parama sunta” :(

Once again…great goin dad. We r all proud o you. Arey bhai zara zoor se taaliyan tho maro…


The Dead "I"

How does it feel like to be on your side?
So much to offer yet so much to hide
So serene – like a Queen you are raging within
A life of purity in a strange world full of sin

Untouchable lower you gaze
So aware of all their evil ways
We’ve all known craving since time began
Temptation taking hold of modern man

Untouchable it’s hard to believe
Hiding away so that no-one can see
I know you’ll find all your measures in vain
They’ll all be looking at you, just the same…

Behind the veil, burns fire

Bemused?? u don’t have to be coz I dint carve those lines.

We breathe in a world where each soul is evaluated. The wrong gets castigated and the good gets eulogized. Yet scores of stuff, both good and bad transpire behind the veil. We all do it and we all know it. Regardless of how unwrapped you are, I feel ther is a delicate side to every individual which is concealed.

Few attempt their best to bury this side and few end up showing. Lately what I’ve learned is regardless of how deep you think u buried this side; it’s open to some “ONE”. And if that “ONE” reacts you are busted else you are banked undamaged. Good-bank, bad-bust. Read the last three lines. :)


Yehi hai right choice baby!!

Silencesssshhh!! U might alarm those lovers who had just taken their weight off in some corner. Yes, it’s their day n all o you know its essence so jus leave them alone n read on…

Happy Valentines Day readers…

So how many of u kno the basis behind we rejoicing this day??. hehe don’t fret, I’ll not explicate d old stuff. I feel it’s humdrum to know n well thanx to that great man who kept us on track. Now let’s steal a look on what populaces do on this day….. (Married couples barred in this survey) :-p

Style 1

Ladies n gentlemen, pls put your hands together for Romeo n Juliet. folks who come under this class r made for love. Bombulu padina, baabulu edirinchina ther’s no end to them. U need to have guts + luck to fit in to this class. This class of ppl rock from top to bottom and tang all the ingredients of the day.

Style 2

Confused but still going. I feel majority of them fall under this class. They are not clear in mind to label it love or to call it quits but they stil move in concert. At times friendship is misguided in this class. Beware!! Infatuations, crushes, etc fall under this group which often gets the wrong end of the stick. So pls be rational n once ur sure express ur love else god save ur pockets on this day ;)

Style 3

This class again has got two sub-classes.

1. .The bindaas group of baadshah’s. They mainly concentrate on art of flirting. Their motto is try n try till u get. I belong to this class too. : D. unfortunately we got nothing much to do on this day so we simply wish our mummy, papa, siblings n close chums.

2. The Devdas grp. Hmm!! Sorry guys…tough luck. This class abominates this day. Dont worry guys I have a plan sketched out for u…

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

a. Firebomb all the card shops you can find. The greeting card industry created this "holiday" and the most effective way of ridding ourselves of it is to destroy it at the source. Greeting card shops sell primarily paper goods, and will burn quite efficiently.

b. Gather a large amount of sympathetic malcontents together and declare February 14 as a Day of Hate. Ridicule those who are less fortunate than you, refuel old ethnic hatred while encouraging the hate that already exists, explode an advertising binge of misanthropy. Be sure to be extremely vocal so as to get the attention of the media. Break lots of things with reckless abandon. Carry placards with catchy hateful slogans, such as "Hate Is Great", "Have You Exploited Someone Today?" and "F*** Love".

c. Upon coming in contact with aforementioned amorous starry-eyed couples, proceed to exclaim loudly to either one, "Why didn't you call me! You told me our passionate night together was only the beginning?! Who the hell is *this* cretin? Don't you know that s/he could never love you like I can?! You're coming with *me*!" Etc., ad nauseum. Be very animated, and feel free to physically get in between these two clueless sots. To be especially effective, do your research ahead of time and seek out certain couples. You get the picture. Refuse to be passive! Join the ranks of the angry, the bitter, the angstful, and smash this day into oblivion. You'll thank me for it in the end, I guarantee.


Free o soul, free o mind !!!

My eyes leisurely unlocked n I looked at d timepiece which was about to mark eleven n akin to every hyderabadi, felt like subah-subah. The Garfield poster in my space says… “I can…but I won’t” makes me feel even more slothful. If given an option my dad would b the first one to nick it into bits. Got down n I at a snail's pace toddled into d restroom…anyone who would see my face will effortlessly guess I had a heavy night . My hair gave d notion of a porcupine existing in a bird’s nest.  After finishing a t?te-?-t?te with natural world, I sat in front of my pc listening to na koi padne waala, na koi sikhne waala. I opened my webpage n tried to modify the design template of it. I tried various templates but none o they awed me….each guy has his own view so I lastly made up my wits n thot it’s easier said than done to pls all and sundry n i went back to square one. Egotism isn't good but in some cases and situations it’s an obligation... tats what I believe in and thts wht kept me in high spirits all through years...do u guys know the gist of my den…wher energy is created??

Well.... it sets out like this…the current and the vibrations pass more rapidly than we think n now that’s what is called energy...n that’s how I fancy creating energy in ppl. I know I can b THE THING….:-).As a result I beam…ppl beam. Majnu ne khaya minto fresh aur kar diya laila ko impress…boletho ek dum fresh !!




Hours of Darkness...

It was midnight and i was watching a horror movie. My dad warned me not to view it but i was stubborn n watched it after he was having forty winks. While i was watching the movie i felt someone moving at my back...then i heard strange sounds(though windows wer not fluttering) ...it occurred two-three times...the voltage dropped n i heard sound of foot steps behind....Image Hosted by ImageShack.usooooooooooImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

By now I was scared n I rushed into my bedroom and slammed the door. The dark enveloped me, but i didn’t need to be scared; I had God by my side.

I askd god “I’ll be safe in here. Right?”

I sat down on my bed. My eyes started to adjust to the dark, and I could see the faintest ray of light creeping in from under the door. My heart was pounding so hard I could here it in his ears. I strengthened my grip on d pillow beside.

“It stinks in here,” I whispered. “Smells like pee.”

It did smell like pee. Nevertheless, I pretended not to notice that I had wet myself—I wasn’t a baby anymore, and big boys do not pee themselves.

“God, can I ask you a question?”

I looked at his picture and tried to force myself to don a little smile—I failed miserably. My eyes filled with tears and I had to suck back some snot before I could speak.

“I know you’re a defender of the universe, and you have big muscles you use to smack the bad guys. But…do you ever get scared?”...i askd God.

I squinted hard trying to see the God's face. I was waiting for the answer to my particularly important question. God didn’t reply. I just sat there looking at his picture.

“You're not scared of nothing?" I quickly pulled my head down between my shoulders when i realized my voice had risen. “Shhh! I have to be quiet.”

I sat in silence for several minutes, trying my best not to move or manufacture any kind of sound. Beads of perspiration raised on my brow.

“You hot?" Silence. "Me too.”

After what felt like an eternity, I forced myself to resume the conversation; the conversation so desperately I needed to finish. The first attempt failed—the words bogged down in a slimy bubble that had fashioned in the back of my throat. I swallowed hard.

"You're not scared of monsters or ghosts?" Silence again.

This time a loud crash broke the silence. I cringed. I trembled so hard my teeth rattled. As I sat there as scared as i had never been, my bladder emptied. I closed my eyes and started to pray, the prayer that i do almost every sunday.

SLAM! I yelped. It sounded like the noise a puppy makes when you step on her tail. I pulled my pillow against myself so hard it hurt.

"No, no, no…"

I heard the door to my room burst open. I, now so terrified that I could not breathe, slumped over onto the floor and assumed the fetal position.

Then i heard a big yell...
"Where are you? Come here you lazy shit!! Switch off the TV n go to bed"

"God, you know what I'm afraid of?....MY DADDY."......;-pImage Hosted by ImageShack.us