Keyboard issues

Call me rude or mean…I don't care and I hate to give handshakes when typing, particularly at work. Yes, it's basic protocol to reciprocate when someone greets you, but sorry I just can't do that daily. For some strange reason, I find no pleasure or excitement in greeting or wishing people I meet every day. Not that I hate them or want to ignore them, but even if it's my close friend, the same rule applies. It's understood and I feel you don’t have to give a handshake daily to express your amity (a genuine smile is enough). Handshakes don’t bother me, but I get irritated when ppl walk up and wait for my response. This happens a lot at work and only when im busy with the keyboard. Probably, a simple nod and smile, and perhaps a verbal acknowledgement of the greeting would do. I see both pleasant and unpleasant faces at work day after day and by chance, if an unpleasant face walks up to my desk in an unpleasant situation and offers a handshake when my fingers are busy jumping on multiple keys… I feel like thumping the keyboard on his/her head. Too bad? Yes, that’s how I am and by the way, I just got a new keyboard :)

Destroying the world

Saw this few weeks back on Discovery, not sure which show..could be extreme engineering or man made marvels but found it very interesting.


Rock on

Just came out...nice one, definitely worth watching. I give 3.5/5