Why so serious?

The letter 'I' seems very fascinating these days. Both the sound and usage of the letter can be amusing at times. I believe this is the only letter which doesn’t reflect on a person. It has got its own traits and your definition is its character, which is why no two I’s are the same and will never be the same.

I was wondering, what’s wrong in conveying serious things of life with a lighter note. I am excluding those things, which are as serious as a person’s death. We can’t bump into a funeral and say “hey dude..sorry, any news about the weather up there? “ I am talking about those little things in life which can be asked/said in an entertaining way, just to cheer up and not keeping it inane...also with the right timing. If you ask, how? I have no answer because situations like these are very insightful. It's like a see-saw, if we got the weight, our words go down the mind and we will never know who's the winner when there are two equal weights. Probably, this is exact situation/phase I am going through and we can't stay longer in this position. We either go up, or lose it from here. Just like, 'you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain'...sorry for the quote, hangover you know. Charlie Chaplin may look funny, but how many of us do care to look at his serious side? The answer is, most of us do but why wasn’t he showing that side, is a question that cannot be asked.


If two I’s unite, it’s an agreement and not a relation. We don’t have I in affairs, we surrender it. The only time we use I is when we have to express, and this is rare because it is more often understood. Either we accept, or we move on. Repeating, I need not be explained, it can be understood and once you explain it more than what is required, it can damage the scenario. Too much of anything is…?

So, when we are talking seriously about any random topic, we expect the receiver to be as serious as we are which is absolutely right. But when we ‘try’ to talk seriously and expect the receiver to be the same, which might not be possible, is when things go wrong, just like this post. You are either thinking what I am ‘trying’ to say, or you are just reading the lines. I appreciate both the kinds, because it’s the sign of a brave heart and better than those guys who might have closed this post half way through.

Btw, sorry for the title, hangover you know!


The Improvement

Scene: Adlabs
Movie: The Dark Knight

This time, all in one row. No confusion, not a great combination :)

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Adventures of Lion king

Movie-easy and best plan on a weekend, only if you plan and ‘act’ accordingly.

Chapter-1: The Thought
Scene: office
Characters: Simba, Timon, Pumbaa(boss) and I.

Simbaa was shuffling between 15 firefox windows doing non-desi work when my voice interrupted him.

“abbey…whts up with the tickets?”, I asked.

“mmm…booking two seats in row B and two seats in row H. Gonna be fun, book karu? “, he replied.

What…fun?..book all 4 in one row”, barked 3 voices in the bay.

I left my desk and walked up to simba, just to confirm if he was booking all 4 tickets in one row.

oops..technical error..cannot process, please try again” –msg displayed on the website.

We tried again but it was not going through…I told simba that we can get tickets even at the theatre directly, if not online. Pumbaa and Timon had no clue whether we booked the tickets or not as they were busy with their own windows of productivity. Simba and I planned to leave early to get the tickets, so we left our bay updating Pumbaa about the scenario that we would give a ring after getting the tickets and they can start off.

Chapter-2: The Plan
Scene: Office Cab
Characters: Simba and I.

Simba- a non-telugu guy and a big fan of tollywood movies. He feels directors like Yash raj and karan johar should be banned from the industry. I was arguing and trying my best to explain him that Jaane Tu was much better than Dasavathaaram. Though my efforts failed, we continued the regular banter in the cab when our evil minds came up with an eccentric idea.

“ Ek kaam karte hain?...let’s dump pumbaa “, simba said not knowing how I would react.

Mmm…(scratching chin)……(sparkling eyes)….(little nod)..Done deal “, we decided.

Now, you might think we are mean and heartless. Yes, we are and we enjoy dumping the boss. Any doubts so far?

Chapter-3: The Action
Scene : Prasads Imax
Characters: Simba, I and many more clueless people.

No queue at all and not a single screen filled up.

Two tickets. Dasavathaaram 3:15 show. ……Thank you.”, said the guy sitting in the counter.

Since we skipped lunch, we were more than hungry and we barged into the nearby McDonalds’ outlet and sat peacefully.

Time to call Pumbaa”, I reminded.

Seconds later…

Haa Pumbaa, mein Simba. The show is houseful, no tickets available. No other movie too…tough luck! “ (The sadistic smile was clearly visible and we enjoyed it)

ohh..is it? Sad man, no problem…u guys wait there, timon and I are on the way. Be there in 10 mins.” Pumbaa replied.

Simba's expression changed. I knew it was not what we were expecting to hear.

Arre no…we are leaving pumbaa, let’s watch Hancock ‘moro. We have to go and we are looking for an auto already”, clarified Simba impatiently.

It’s okay…wait for few more minutes, we are almost there”, said Pumbaa and hung up.

I was half-dead by his answer, because which manager would believe a guy who searches for an auto under loud music along with a stuffed mouth full of chicken burger.

Our expression changed as if we were asked to bungee jump without a rope and our mind ran like a time machine. We had 10 minutes to dump our boss and we had no clue how. Our jobs would be at stake if the plan fails.

Think…Think…we stressed our minds.

Seconds later, we decided to call up Timon who was with Pumbaa and who had no interest in the movie because telugu for him is a language of symbols. So, we planned to update him about the scenario thinking that he might favor us in deviating Pumbaa or if luck showers things might fall in place.

Chapter-4: The Call
Scene: Road
Characters: Timon and Pumbaa. (Simba and I, virtually)

Timon and Pumbaa were on the way to the theatre at a decent speed. Timon’s phone rang and on the other end our hearts were ringing…

“ Hello, macha! “, timon picked up the call casually.

Dude, this is Simba. Now, listen to every word carefully without taking any names and only answer yes or no “.

OK? What?

dude, we got only two tickets and now you are the only guy who can save us. Do something but….”, the line got cut.

We dialed again but no use. The call was not going through. We immediately called Pumbaa again, another plan to deviate him.

“Pumbaa, we are going to Sensation (another theatre nearby) to try our luck there…if the show’s houseful we are going home”…said Simba in a hopeful voice.

Fine…see you at sensation then” said Pumbaa.

God!! Another shock, this guy isn’t leaving us. Minutes later, sitting in McDonalds, we called Pumbaa again…

“Pumbaa, hard luck..Sensation is running houseful, I guess we better go home now”…said Simba.

Yeah..where are you? I am at Sensation…can’t see you guys?” asked Pumbaa, who was confused by now.

Simba gestured death. I shouted “react…react…tell something…

Haa Pumbaa, we just came back from Sensation to Prasadz again to catch an auto….preetam already left “, he said… while the loud music was still playing in the background.

Ohh…why did he leave?. Anyway, I am coming there..Don’t move a muscle now”, said pumbaa in a cranky voice.

Chapter-5: The countdown
Scene: Between prasadz Imax and McDonalds.
Characters: comepletely messed up.

Without wasting anytime, Simba ran to the counter and bought tickets for Timon and Pumbaa. I had to run away from the place and hide in a wash room because virtually as per the act, I was on my way home. Pumbaa and Timon entered the scene, and they met Simba who had tickets by then.

I got the tickets”…simba said.

What’s going on?” asked Pumbaa.


I saw the counter…all shows are available and you say they are running houseful?

Simba had no immediate reply; he dialed my number and said… “Preet, these guys are here…come back

Within minutes I came back into the scene. Pumbaa is now even more surprised and irritated.

You said he left?”…asked Pumbaa.

Yeah, right…actually I din’t leave. I met one of my friends so asked simba to call me up when you guys are here”…. I replied.

The situation was slightly in control but Timon who knew every part of the story looked at two great actors and was amazed to see our responses. People have quick reflexes, but we’ve got quick lies. pumbaa’s mind was too occupied to think and analyze the entire situation.

Chalo, chalo..it’s time. Let’s go in …” said Simba as the movie was about to start.

At the same time, we were worried again because the seats are not together and we thought Pumbaa would clearly understand the plot. We moved inside but had no chance to talk or react much as the movie started. Simba and I in row B. Timon and Pumbaa in row H. We had to give a clear explanation to pumbaa..we were still thinking while others were already engrossed in the movie.

Abbey, got an idea”…simba said.


If you remember, we were trying to book tickets online in row B and row H earlier at office..when u guys denied….remember and pumbaa dint know anything about the booking that failed?

Haa…but how would you explain the entire stuff?

I’ll take care now and you just follow…enjoy the movie”…said simba, pushing back his seat.


We walked out and I ran into the washroom…got mentally prepared and came back to few round of questions. Before pumbaa started, Simba asked…

so, hows my prank. pumbaa”?

What ?

Yeah…two tickets in row B and two tickets in Row H and the entire confusion?”…

did you guys book tickets online..i told you guys to book 4 in single row, right?”….asked pumbaa.

Yeah…but we wanted some fun and made you go round the city”….said our voices in tandom.

We din’t allow pumbaa to think much because if he did, our plan or our answers were too easy to comprehend. We followed the old policy…if u can’t convince, confuse!!

The End 


Nasty behind the nets.

Catch, catch…pranksters on roll! She and I were returning home at night, when we saw a group of young guys playing badminton with full heart. The open soil looked like a mini-stadium with flood lights and spectators all around. Truly, professional players..eh? we sighed. They played every night, irrespective of how the weather and court conditions were. The whole thing went on well and life was good for those players until one fine morning. We were on the same road again when she said “you know what? I want to mess up the net “. Initially, I dint react but I could comprehend her intention behind those words. After all, it was she who taught me ;)

Next morning, court was empty. I stopped the bike close to the net so that we could run easily in case someone spots us. She got down and walked up to the net. She tried to pull down the upper ends of the net, half-heartedly. I watched the surroundings…no one present. We enjoyed it. A silent prank and silence all around. “It’s tight”, she cried and was walking back without pulling the ends off completely. I got down though little apprehensive but still had the strong wish to mess it up, and we both walked up to the net again, pulled the top corners off, ‘hi-fied‘ and drove back home thinking if they would ever realize who did it. The badminton net looked almost like tennis net.
12 hrs later, she was on that road again. I was home busy with something else. My phone rang and as soon as I picked it up, she shouted, “ reyy guess wht? They are indeed fools…they are playing badminton with a tennis net “. I dint believe my ears. I ran towards that court just to see those players, flood lights, spectators and yes, the net was untouched… way below the normal height. He, who heard this story later couldn’t believe the sight too. The players indeed took the game very seriously. No matter how the weather, court and net conditions are, they come to play. Truly professional...eh? we sighed :P

Darkest Hours

The bigger they come, the harder they fall, and there had been none bigger than Federer here at Wimbledon.
Though Rafa is my favorite, I couldn’t see Federer losing. In one of the greatest finals, sorry the greatest final in the history of Wimbledon where Rafael Nadal robbed the Swiss of his most treasured possession, the title that defined him: his Wimbledon crown. It was the darkest hour on the center court for Roger. How often you see the God losing?