Never do Maths in public

Embarrassment: When a 9 year girl asks you to subtract 4321-1234 in less than five seconds, without using a calculator.

Train journeys are always interesting as we meet up different kinds of people during those few hours. We meet men, women and sometimes fusion of both. Recently, when I was returning from Delhi, I met a small girl called sahiti. She was playing with her little sister near my berth and I wanted to join them for some fun. I called them and demonstrated a petty magic trick to stimulate their energy levels but after seeing the trick their expression appeared as if they were the ones who taught me magic. So, I asked the big girl sahiti…. “How’s the magic?”

Sahiti: “huh! If you call that magic, I will ask you one question”
Me: Oh! Go ahead…ask
I thought it would be some simple question or riddle, after all who would expect ramanujan calculations from a kid….so I was ready.
Sahiti: Think of any four numbers between 1-9.
Me: Okay… (thought 1,2,3,4)
Sahiti: Now reverse them...
Me: Fine… (4321)
Sahiti: Now subtract both… the greater number minus the smaller number
Me: Ok!! (I was taking out my cell to calculate the answer)
Sahiti: What are you doing?
Me (with an uncanny expression): calculating!!
Sahiti: What? Can’t you subtract without a calculator??
Me: C’mon…it’s a 4 digit number, how can you expect me to calculate so fast?
Sahiti: No way, don’t use the calculator…

Her question was no less than shoaib akthar’s bouncer. I was completely stumped, above that all the co-passengers looked at me with a tongue in cheek expression. Honestly, I couldn’t defend myself. It reminded me of those tele-brands advertisements where small kids do additions, subtractions in seconds after purchasing the “genius guide to mathematics” kit. (Oh! God, why didn’t I buy that kit before) I badly looked-for an escape plan...so I said… “u know what sahiti, I think I already know this puzzle…u better ask my sister” . The most evil part was when she allowed my sister to use a calculator for the same question.

Me (with a uncompromising look): this is not fair…how can you allow her to use a calculator..
Sahiti: hellooo...she’s a girl and you are a boy!

As a fact, she means that girls are less intelligent than boys. ;) If you don't accept this fact, look at the picture below :D

Now, here comes a question for you:

If i take 10 seconds to solve a problem and my sister takes 15 seconds, how much time will it take if we solve the problem together?

Answer: 15 seconds.

( I prefer not to break my head when someone else is trying to resolve the same problem on the other hand, even if it takes 5 seconds more)


What a Match !

I heard wickets falling, i thought it was nt on the cards. The scorecard showed 87/5 when my head turned. Suddenly, the match seemed interesting. Few minutes later, it was 103/6 with almost 49 runs required in 22 balls. Afridi gone, no batsmen to come...I thought India made it but the match wasnt over. Misbah Ul-Haq played some amazing shots giving all Indians almost a nervous breakdown. Finally, it was 1 run to win in 2 balls. The excitement on my face was all gone, i knew it was close to impossible but fortunately the situation changed to 1 run in 1 ball.

For those who missed it!

Ind 141/9 | Pak 141/7 - Match Tied

Then came the India-Pakistan bowl out. The procedure is similar to a penalty shootout in football (soccer). Five bowlers from each side deliver 1 ball each at an unguarded wicket. Whichever team gets the most number of hits is the winner.

Ind win bowl out 3-0.



My mistake! My mistake! My mistake! Blogpsot is really malicious but not blogspot. I apologize for the wrong info given in my previous post. This small keyboard error has made a huge difference at my office. People stopped opening my page thinking tht it was blocked. Visitor count was all time low. (zero) Also, i feel there are many other factors influencing the count. However, theres " nthn much " I can do to increase the count right away, will have to post banners near the break out areas in office stating " Eternaljeeva- now open ". As already said " it's only words and words are all I have... "

Right now, im in a place where my mental condition is far more relaxed than my physical condition. Most of the times, it's quite opposite. I dont have access to a PC where I stay, therefore it took me nearly 3 days to find an internet cafe which is 'open'. A very strange cafe i must say. The ambience is decent enough and is also air-conditioned but the owner of the place appears peculiar. A young guy who is busy searching for the right match in a matriomonial site. Poor soul is very confused and his uncle whos beside him looks like a true replica of Muhammad bin Tughluq

This is what I heard when I snooped in their serious discussion few moments ago.

Desperate bachelor: Uncle ji...isko dekho..mmm...kaha gayi..haa!
hindu, brahmin, slim or normal, fair, min height 5'3 ...OK?? Ok maardu?
Uncle: Haa..Ok!
Desperate bachelor: uncle isme bahut sare questions hai..
Uncle: kya hua?
pls select gender: kya liku?? arre..gender ka gaya?
pls select qualitification : arre..kya liku ..PG kaha hai??
Pls select course:...iski maa%%^%^6

This was interrupted by a sudden reminder. My to-do task, still incomplete. Being on a leave is no excuse for not reading office mails. Most of the mails which are of no use are sent to us with a FYI tag attached. My way of putting it is, Forget you instead! shift+del. Just when I came under the impression that the systems admin guys at my office are generous enough, i recevied a mail from them asking me to uninstall Google talk and this time I read the mail carefully. Yes, they asked me to uninstall gtalk as they feel " it's only words and words are all i type to take the business away ".

Desperate bachelor: Bhai..aapke 2 ghante ho gaye!!
oVeR and OuT!