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Another reason why I hate office.


What's up?

The title is one of those very complex questions which I cannot respond. Well, this is not a random statement but I wasted a lot of time trying to analyze this question. Im tired giving answers like " nothing much, routine work..etc". I never took the question very seriously, obviously who would? Adding fuel to fire is orkut wherein there are at least 4-5 scraps a day asking the same question. Frankly, i hate this question. A recent phone call made me think a lot on this subject

Her: Hiee..,
Me: Hey, long time…how are you doing?
Her: Im good, what’s up?
Me (confusion starts): Well, nothing much…routine work. Home-office-home.
Her: Okay, any movies lately?
Me: haa...not really. No good movies to watch. (FYI: I watch a movie every weekend)
Her: Hows everyone doing? Any outings lately?
Me: naah!! Will have to plan this weekend.
Her: hmm..aur sunao?
Me (heights of confusion): mmm…u tell me? (Best escape)
Her: wow ra!! No movies, no gossips, no outings, nothing to talk…your life is truly colorful.

I would have never bothered if it was one o my regular calls but speaking this way on an international call…hmm, “nothing much” to elaborate!!


Pr:Dtam's three laws of motion.

Ask Newton to come down and write laws today, even a kindergarten child will teach him amazing things. Every kid today knows the difference between a secretary and personal secretary. As a kid, I had a notion that ppl make babies by hugging each other. This is what I call wrong influence of movies because whenever these kinds of pictures come up, a rose, lamp or a wall poster is sandwiched between the scenes or the channel is switched. As a result, it nearly took 15 years to identify the truth.

I am talking about Newton because Im thinking about motion now. I assume he would definitely consider changing his laws of motion if he was alive today. My office is roughly 36 kms from home and it takes about 2 hrs to travel because of the intense traffic.., for that reason I spent almost 4 hrs of a day travelling in the city. For a guy who worships laziness, 2 hrs is ample time to sleep and even my cab drivers got so used to my sleep, they push back and slide the seat with good music in the backdrop before I enter the cab. I never thought this would become a habit…unfortunately, it did. Now, back home I struggle hard to sleep on my bed. Reason, it does not move. Consequently, I try to jiggle myself left and right on the bed until I feel drowsy. After 14 months, this became my first law of motion:

1. Make me sit on any object in continuous motion; I am dead to the world in 7 minutes.

FYI: 7 minutes is the average time for a healthy man to fall asleep.

On the contrary, there were times where I couldn’t sleep even with pleasant music in the backdrop. Sometimes, the traffic gets so infuriating that I feel like fixing a hot air balloon to my vehicle. Above that, my cab drivers constantly seek to break the record of Lewis Hamilton at busy junctions too. If they sight a decent gap, the accelerator goes from 0-40 in 1.5 seconds before it’s brought down from 40-0 by another contestant. This helped me discover my second law of motion:

2. Every vehicle in the city goes from 0--40--0 in 3 seconds.

Don’t mix drinking with driving. This is what one of the caution board says in the city but I say don’t mix motion with emotion especially if it includes Mr. HR. Yes, our very own himesh bhai. I heard that most of the auto drivers in the country are his fans. However, with his song playing in the background, it’s not only hard to sleep but I also feel difficult to sit in the cab. Last month, when it was my birthday, I gave a small treat to my cab driver. Unexpectedly, he felt so happy that he gave me a card along with a pen as gift few days later. I was touched seeing his emotions when he said that I was one of those few good persons he met. Recently, when I asked him to play some nice songs …I heard someone crying. I looked at the driver and asked…whose voice is that? He said..” HR saab…nice songs”. He was definitely enjoying the songs in that motion and I didn’t want to restrict his excitement by changing the song which made my emotions scratchy. This led to the third law of motion:

3. Every motion has an equal and opposite emotion.

Btw, is there any bed which quivers constantly? If yes, please let me know..i will definitely buy one.


Yeh Dosti !

I woke up languidly to face yet another day filled with unknown things. Yes, who knows what’s going to happen next moment? Yeah! God knows. However, thers one thing which is I know…for sure…today is friendship day. So, I should to do something for my friends…but ther r many, how can I please everyone at the same time?

Well, I sat down and made a list of all those friends o mine who are responsible for what I am today. Both good and bad times, I am happy …you were there and I would love spending time with you any moment and I mean it. Although there are few guys in the list with whom I lost contact, but it was pleasant when they were around. Hope to meet everyone soon :)

Here’s the list…starting alphabetically…

A special taste of friendship day to:

abhishek, aditya, ajay, aleem, allen, arpita, arun, avinash, bindu, chandrasekhar, deepa, deepika, dheeraj, dinesh, harsha, indira, jawahar, jyothinder, kartik, kiran, kishore, komal, kris, lipi, mansa, naresh, naveen, navina, pallavi, parthiban, poojitha, prasanna, pratibha, radhika, rahul, rakesh, ram mohan, reshmi, sai ram, saketh, sampath, sandeep, santosh, satish, satyanarayana, shiva bhaskar, soumya, srinath, sundeep, surya prakash pathy, swathi, swechcha, tarun, tirumalesh, uday, ugender, vamsi, vandna, varun, venkat, vidya, vikas, vineet....more to come!!

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PS: Sorry if I missed out your name, but it only means we need to make things better by next year :)