Summer Roads.

Sweat dripping down the skin, wintry breeze from the hills, the serene language of the backwaters and my first flight experience, it was categorically a pleasant tour this summer when the degree of hotness was making a better score progressively than Sehwag. Sitting in a not so balmy room, cursing our thoughts for not extending the holiday, here I am touching the keyboard after a week.

Place: Chennai.

Landing in the hottest part of the year, things were bit hard than expected. It was afternoon by the time we rested in our rooms after having the jumbo saravana meals and had just about 9 hours at hand before boarding the train to kodai. We did nothing for the first couple of hours in the room except finishing a disc of the camcorder with amusing videos wherein our granny’s dance was the limelight. Later, we were at the Spencer’s plaza which looked like 4 floors of sultan bazaar. Thanks to Reliance web world which gave us some place to sit in that jam-packed building.

Jumbo Saravana

Place: Kodai road- Kodai.

Don’t remember the time but it was definitely morning by the time we reached kodai road. There we had the first sight of our tour bus which we booked earlier- Shanmuga Travels owned by Mr. Murugan. After a 2 ½ hour dormant drive we reached the ttd cottages at kodai. Being a Sunday, complete kodai was teeming with tourists and koochi-koo pairs. Nothing exploratory but it was pretty okay, could have been better if the mass was less in number.

Place: Kodai

Spent the entire day visiting valleys, woods and hills. Thanks to Snehith, our special guide ;) who stirred energy with his Malayalam accent. Nothing much to elaborate on the sights, let the images do the talking. On the whole, I believe ooty is a better place than kodai.

Day-4 & 5
Place: Kodai - Munnar

It was a hypothetical four hour journey which extended up to seven hours. Munnar ghats were simply amazing. Travelling through the clouds everyone experienced the best part of the tour. Called the Himalayas of the south, it was definitely worth spending time near Erivakulam national park and south India’s highest peak.

Place: Cochin
Final day of our tour and back to the sultry weather, we thought of spending a day in the Houseboat. To end with, it was good to move ahead against the time in the backwaters watching the Chinese fishing nets, carpet and rope making, though it was only a 2 hour float.


Kooooo chuk chuk chuk…

Sitting in a not so balmy room, cursing our thoughts for not extending the holiday, here I am thinking about my workplace after a week. 

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Hey..kya bolthi tu?

Does our intellect come down if we talk more? Sounds strange, right? There are people like me who just love to talk more and more so correlating my habit to the initial statement will make me intellectually challenged some day. I don’t know how true that is but I was really surprised when I heard this theory. I always wonder how few people can stay quiet for hours together unless they are two cancerians who have the potential to sit silently for more than couple of hours. United we are silent, divided we talk.

I constantly admire VJ Cyrus Broacha for his talking pace and I think there is nothing called period in his vocabulary as there’s a hair's breadth space left for a comma to accommodate the period. Honestly, I can’t gel with people who are soundless. There was guy in my college who always had a straight face no matter what the scenario was. He was named Mission Impossible alias Bin Laden as most of us were ineffective in our attempts to draw out any kind of expression on his face. When I think of the word ‘silence’, two things always hit my mind. 1. My graduation days. 2. My office colleague.

I always believed silence to be spooky, at least through out my graduation chapter. Not that I was silent but I had no alternative other than being silent. The entire phase appears funny every time I think of those days. I was not imposed to be silent but I was apprehensive to talk. Here’s just an example how the state of affairs looked like…I used to come home after college with a mind-numbing face and slowly crawl into my room without making any noise just to avoid superfluous thoughts in my parents psyche.

I being a professional in botching up the demands of education was always anxious to show off my flair at home but my rate of speech which was directly proportional to the numbers on my mark sheet always let me down. Making the scene worse was my twin sister whose talent got recognized two minutes before I was born. Since then, I’ve been practicing songs like “Who let the words out…who..who…who” and made posters which said “ silence is spooky, speak out”. In short, I was searching for a reason to talk and eventually I found this platform.

Another definition of silence is my office colleague who joined few months back and trust me I didn’t hear his voice till date. I know he can talk but I was never blessed to hear his tongue. I will soon start an anti-silence motion where people would be given one rupee for one word. Therefore, my dear silent brothers and sisters of the globe please join the anti-silence motion and become millionaires overnight. I wanted to write this post more seriously but my physical dimensions will not sync with my mental thoughts which is one of the reasons why most people can’t acknowledge my philosophy.

Say what you wanna say now, but keep your hearts open;
Be what you wanna be now, let’s heal the confusion.