The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Statutory Warning: Reading this post is injurious to health.

I am a very dangerous guy when it comes to philosophy or psychology. Though both topics are quite mysterious to me, I love to read on them. As someone said, confusing is easier than convincing. When you read a complicated book, at some stage you will definitely get confused but at the same stage you know the subject is convincing and that’s the reason I always prefer to read books of suppandi and chacha chaudhary. You can easily confuse anyone if you want but when people think back on what you spoke you would see baseball sticks in their hands. To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to sat of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true- Aristotle. I hope you guys are now convinced on how to confuse. To start with, I thought you guys would never come back to read my blog again, yes you, thanks for coming back. If you are a first time reader- “Idiot!!! What were you doing all these dayz? “

There are many good things happening, surprisingly I am enjoying my work a lot. Credit goes to my team manager and colleagues who are enormously rocking. The video in my previous post clearly indicates how my colleagues are. Our team has been recognized and awarded for our work and we have all reasons to party. We are also planning to go out for trekking, rappelling and do all possible adventures to ensure that there would be a job open for us anytime in any circus company. However, Monday’s are still hectic and boring. We had plans of watching casino royale, not in English but in Telugu. Its great fun to watch Hollywood movies dubbed in south Indian ishtyle. Arnold Schwarzenegger would be called Arnold swarna shekar and James Bond as Pandu….James Pandu. What I wrote is still less when compared to the fun I had in the recent past.

When there are so many good things happening around, I am still being haunted by the past. It’s been over six months now and its getting hard for me to digest few harsh facts. I am in a position where I cannot accept the facts and move on nor completely rule them out. I am very selective about my friends and I have very few friends with whom I would love to spend time and I can’t just afford to lose them at any cost. One o my friend is happy staying away from me and this is the first time any frnd has expressed it directly to me and that's the reason its taking time to digest. Mistake was from both the sides but unfortunately we never had those basic elemnts in our relationship to bring our frndship back on the track. Also, I am displeased and angry on few o my so called friends who blindly deleted me from their buddy list after this incident and who never cared nor bothered to find out what or why did things go wrong. I always believed frnds are there to square it up and not to exaggerate. I am sorry and thankful to them, at least from now I will be careful selecting my frnds.

These kinda things go on in everyone’s life but there are few unsightly things which I came across lately. I have seen people begging for money, food or some other unavoidable thing but I came to know recently that people even beg for petrol. Here comes the story of a man who is neatly dressed, owns a Hero Honda bike and speaks good English but…..begs for petrol.

When I stopped my car in the regular gas station, the gas station owner walked up to me and showed me the above man in picture. The owner informed me not to give any money for petrol to that guy and went away. Few minutes later, this man in picture walked up to me and said “hello, my name is raj. I am coming from my farm house and I met with an accident. I lost my wallet in the accident and now I don’t have money for petrol. Could you please lend me Rs 20-50 so that I could go home? “I wanted to give him Rs 20 atleast for begging in English. The station owner was gesticulating from behind not to shell out any money and I told raj that I cannot lend any money as even my petrol bill is paid by my company. After he was in the vicinity of another person to beg, the station owner told me that this is becoming a daily nuisance. I appreciated the station owner for making his customers aware of this incident.

Catch ya soon, until then try watching those famous hollywood movies in your mother tongue.


Just a s'mile' away...

From left to right- north to south, amusing stuff is everywhere. Some of the funniest things under the sun are those which we usually fail to spot. Man consists of two parts, his mind and his body, only the body has more fun.
Right from the classrooms to corporate sectors, every person has to get involved at some point o time. If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

How would you feel if ur height suddenly comes down by an inch?? Does that really happen?, yes..it does!!

This is my 7th std health report card. When I entered 7th std, I was 4 feet 6 inches long, however at the end o the year I came down to 4 feet 5 inches. Right now, my height is 1 pixel.

After looking at the report card, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Feeling dejected, I went out to a restaurant to have some good food and refresh myself. After having a great meal I went to the washroom and u know what I saw??

Now comes the video of the month…..>> my office colleague whos the reason behind me goin to office daily. Turn on ur speakers…

Click here to watch the video

Cya later alligator!!!