Screwing of the Average Man.

Working on a weekend is like watering plants in the rain. You are already sick and the work makes you even more mystified. I am traumatized to see few o my colleagues who are willing to work on every weekend. The only information I can give to such kinda ppl is… “In front there is crocodile festival”. In fact, I like to do everyone’s work excluding the work assigned to me coz jumbling stuff o others and preserving ur work by the book helps you to grow faster within the company.:p.

In any business we find people with diverse habits and to mingle with them is the most exciting element for me. Few days back there was young woman sitting next to me in the cab. She was talking over the phone and her tone was unforgiving. I speculated that she had an issue with her boyfriend. I dint notice her much until the level of her voice conquered the volume of my ipod. The cab driver was more interested in her issue as I could see the empathetic expressions on his face. In front o her there was one more guy whose entire time in the cab went away choosing between radio city and radio mirchi. Each time his hand goes fwd to tune the radio, it says…. “Radio mirchi…idhi chaala hot guruuu!!” and then he pulls his hand back.

On the other side o the world, life isn’t moving much. Personal life is stagnant as I barely get time to catch up with my friends. I miss our "STALWARTZ" adventures as each one in our cluster has started their professional paths in different directions. Im not sad, im worried coz im not sure of finding people in future who acknowledge me the way I am.Time changed radically over a couple o years.I learned a few, I lost a few. I pacify myself thinking that’s how life goes…now yet again I consider the statement...

Welcome to the realities of the world


cab aaya...saab ko bulao !!

My eyes open after the immense battle between my dreams and my ‘time’ conscious mind. I stare at my mobile beside me to read those messages and missed calls with my half-opened eyes. I run into the washroom after those few moments of untimely morning stupefaction to gratify all the wishes set by Mother Nature. My cab comes precisely when im relishing the heart o my brunch and the driver keeps sounding the horn until he sees me. a new driver comes in daily however all the drivers say the same dialogue when they see me “office cab…jaake saab ko bulao

Now... how on earth should I enlighten them that im the “saab” himself. In particular, it’s so difficult to comprehend their expressions which go along with a mystified smile when they say “achha!! Sorry… Aap hi ho kya?”. I reach my office approximately when the feeling of world-weariness starts taking over me. As I enter our campus I see many baffled faces trying their luck to get on board. I walk at a snails pace amidst them with a hope to find some familiar puzzled faces.

I enter our training room and the first thing I observe is our performance charts. They contain green stars for good performance, blue moons for improvement and black circles for a bad show. The stupendous part is that those stars, moons and circles were cut n colored by us. Now you know for what im being paid for. Later, I along with few o my batch mates start our dummy run for the “rendezvous”. samjha na…office mein humlog natak karela hai. A skit, directed by me and im putting in utmost efforts to make the skit similar in style to a RGV’s flick. however, when actual work starts the consequences are...

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I take ‘stress-breaks’ every 10 mins to keep my adrenalin levels high and for the cafeteria guy who can speculate my taste whenever I barge in. I reach home late night and I jump into my house, peek left n right, walk step by step so as to elevate suspicion in the heart of our colony watchman. The moment he starts running towards me i switch on the balcony light shouting "maaa ..open the door". muahahahah heights o sadism. At the end o the day, I don’t waste much time on work and I sternly follow the motto “all play n no work makes Preetam a happy guy :D”


dil pe math lo, haath mein lo...

Working in a mnc occasionally drives you crazy and you start missing the desi stuff. Therefore, at this juncture I go back again to relish all the desi fun I had. [inspired frm the movie hyderabad blues 2]

hitech-vitech baigan ko bolo
charminar ki biryani khaalo
koi kare agar G mein dhum
dil pe math lo haath mein lo

madina cafe mein baitke hilana..
waiter shouts "ek chai, theen empty laana"
houle phook phook ke langa jalare..
maakde thook thook ke pan chabare..

saw scene in the middle of koti
bunch of big goofs figthing for a potti..
next to me was a chicha in sherwani muttering "maki kirikiri yeh kya pareshaani"

hitech-vitech baigan ko bolo
charminar ki biryani khaalo
koi kare agar G mein dhum
dil pe math lo haath mein lo

potti pata ke la tour karne nikla
rickshaw mein do auntiyon ko dekha..
light maaringe bolke katta maare tho..
thappa marke potti boli.."ya wa dekha tho butta milenga tereku"

in the auto maaki dimag karab lecture
took her to golconda to do some time pass

gate kane gurkha bola..
andar jaane ko 50 , foto kichna hai tho 150..
foreigner hai tho 250, guide hona tho 350
agar ladki ke saath lafda wafda karne ka hai tho..........

hyderabad mein aisich hai yaaron..
sabkuch ham full lite lethe yaaron..

hitech-vitech baigan ko bolo..
charminar ki biryani khaalo..
koi kare agar G mein dhum..
dil pe math lo, haath mein lo..;)