from me...

I am coming. That is all I can declare now. It is a fresh start. Lately I became conscious that I’ve been trotting around the same hedge plant which offered a zilch to me. I recognize it’s going to take a moment or two to straighten out. All these days I was a water plant panting in a desert. My life was parallel to…

Eena meena deeka, daai damonica, dai daka laka maka rampam poosh rampam poosh. :P .

It’s not an Achilles' heel…it’s a good thing. Everyone has to go through it eventually for sure. Silence in reality is spooky…speak out. At the same time, I am glad to have cronies who are giving me a defined support. Affected mannerisms do not last long my dear!!! It’s about being wide of the mark and not being unethical, things would have been on a different platform then. So.., all I wanna do issssssssss…

bicycle !!! bicycle !!! I want to ride my bicycle…I want to ride my bike. On your marks!! Get set…. go !!! :D *tring tring*


eyes eyes baby !!!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

Im the beholder and beauty is in my eyes, in fact eye. I need not shut an eye to aim a point now. Populace are more excited to see me rite now but how long will it last?? If it dies then is my fame at stake?

Few say it’s like a tomato and some term it a squash ball. It’s hard… sweating its shit out. I’ve taken great care to destroy its shape and size. It’s a pain to have it but when fame adds to it, it’s a pleasure. I believe people see the most ugliest thing more number o times than the most beautiful thing coz beauty is boring n ugly is fun ;) :P now you know the grounds why we had a tale on the “ugly duckling”.

Whats ugly?? If something’s weird or obnoxious then is it called ugly?? Well..i donno the counter. Now coming back to the tomato, it boomed four days ago and its mounting by the day. When the world sleeps, it turns my head into a dance floor and when it sleeps, im busy dancing to get the shit out of it.

Now you might be wondering what crap is this dumbo talking bout…well!! It’s a squash ball doped with mango juice.

It isn’t cute, its ugly and to me ugly is beautiful. The story is all about my beautiful eye boil folks..:)