Tit for Tat

28 march 2006
The Hindu- Hyderabad edition
Frontpage Headline


policemen beating fisherman at gangavaram on monday following a clash over stalling of work on the private port.


28 march 2006
The Times of India- Hyderabad edition
Frontpage Headline


this was the picture posted by the times...enraged fisherman besiege a cop and thrash him with sticks at gangavaram.

Two diff newspapers- two diff pictures...now that's tit for tat ;)


The re-union

Well...it’s not exactly replication but reading a couple o blogs with this kinda topic inspired me to write this post.

It was 25th of March 2006 n I was driving my way to sam’s plc. My heart was playing the tunes of joy coz it was a get-together with all o my cherished frnds. I was reuniting with them after a break o 4 yrs. Read on…

Right frm pani-puri to pepperoni, we had it all. Our motto was simply defining new styles of fun. Regardless of how many words I put, it’s still unparalleled to the fun we had. I can neva blank out those dayz of my life. Infact those wer the best dayz of my life…befor breakin into this song...

Following the conventional English of maintaining the alphabetical order.. lemme have the privilege to introduce them to you..

Jawahar Lal.

very composed and reserved. A scatterbrain and a chatterbox he is not. Don't expect this man to bare his soul when he first meets you. He can be so courtly, courteous, and considerate, you half expect him to ask you to dance the Virginia Reel. There's no question that he's a romantic dreamer, yet he's so sensible and practical. Hes true to him¬self. His nature never deviates from its basic mold, despite the changes of expression that play on his features. Yet, at other times he can be as funny as an orangutan with the hiccups. No wonder you don't know whether to give him a cold shoulder or a warm hug.

Krishna Kishore

the pulling leg...center o target. Keeping up with him may be tiring, but keep up you'd better. has a way of leaving the snails behind and not glancing back. He'll probably look and act younger than springtime, which is all very delightful, but his youthful aura may carry over into his mental and emotional attitudes until he's matured, which won't be early in life.:P..kiddin. He doesn't talk much right away? He's not openly exuberant and pushy? Yes, I know one, too. But take my word for it, if you could see inside that hard head, you would discover that his brain is spinning at approximately two hundred revolutions per second.

Karthik T.U

Though I don’t know much about him personally but all I can say is..hes damn lively n enthusiastic. Good at satires , this man lives almost entirely on a practical, material level, and he has little use for the abstractions of storybook romance. hes a blend of sharp intellect and solid earth. He can be detached enough to break lots of hearts with a cool kind of flirting, but his critical analytical sense and his fastidious discrimination seldom allow these frequent excursions to leave the platonic arena. Too complicated rite??...:P
Once he's decided it's for real, however, he'll declare himself with touching simplicity. :)


When Gray wrote the lines about a flower "born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air," he certainly wasn't describing rakesh. You might see this man basking in the bright sunlight, and you may find him making flowery speeches, but it won't be in the solitude of the desert. Most likely it will be on a stage or in front of a circle of adoring friends and relatives. He may waste money, but he's not about to waste his sweetness in the empty air. There will always be an audience. Inside, his passions are as red hot as that stove you burned your hand on when you were three or four years old and getting into things out of your reach. This man may also be out of reach. He's sizzling underneath his deceptively controlled manner. Don't touch. Ever jovial n funny. He makes me laugh even wen hes angry.


Naturally, he's optimistic. There's always that day when a rock is a rock and tinfoil is tinfoil, but he recovers quickly from such crushing blows. He's lucky. He discriminates against dishonesty, but that's about all, which is why he has so many friends and well-wishers. He looks beyond the external appearance of people for a truer, intrinsic value. Not that he doesn't have enemies. People who have been stung by his frank remarks may glare at him and feel like strangling him, but they usually come around to realizing his harmless intent. u rock dude !!! :D


can be as cranky as a crocodile with poison ivy, and his habit of rationalizing everything, including love, will drive you to frenzy-or leave you limp with defeat. If you try to run, he'll persuade you to stay with such logical, intelli¬gent arguments you couldn't hope to top them unless you graduated from Harvard Law School. In addition to using his unmatched reasoning powers on you, he'll turn so sweet and gentle you'll forget the frustrating inconsistencies of his nature that upset you before. Then he'll smile at you and something will happen inside. This man is usually so lucky it's disgusting and illegal. He could go prospecting in the hills, bring back a bag of rocks, find out they're not gold, cry awhile, then discover they're uranium. If you pick up that shiny object at your feet near the subway grating, it will be a piece of tinfoil from an old chewing gum wrap¬per. If he picks it up, it will be a chip from the Hope Diamond Harry Winston dropped when he was hailing a cab.


Hes known for his pakau jokes..out n out cool dude..he can be everything you want him to be- or everything you don't want him to be. Has got a real Sweet heart …gals watch out !! [NO VACANCY]


He has exquisite taste, he's loaded with witty remarks, and his compliments are masterpieces of warm sincerity. Usually a master of impeccable manners and social adroitness, he keeps the party moving in more ways than one..If you meet him first at a social affair where he's per¬forming his fascinating multiple personality act, you haven't a chance. You'll be convinced he's the most ex¬citing, interesting, intelligent man you've ever come across. No one could quarrel with that analysis. He probably is. It's no wonder you're excited and impressed

finally...it's me.

c ya later alligator !!! :P


Nature Calling...

To all those grubby minds out there- this isn’t the “call” which you and I grace our presence day after day. Think pure for a while..:P

For no reason, I woke up before the cockcrow today and I was keen to do something atypical on my part. So, I did meditation tagged on by few basic exercises. I tried my level best to craft my show usual to each one at home but my trial botched. To begin with, my granny n mom didn’t believe their eyes. Secondly, they both were awe-struck and open-mouthed with two fingers on their chin coz generally, I feel the time stuck between my momma nagging and me getting up frm bed is like.… “the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the stupid vehicle honking behind u !!!”----quoted by ron.

I gave a mysterious look at both o them, as though the exercise was a part o my daily routine n I set out out for jogging. The sky was clear n I relished the fresh breeze mixed with dew. The song - it’s a new world, it’s a new start….ringed in my mind. my adrenalin boosted up n the entire mood around was very hale and hearty. I comprehended how much I failed to spot daily by getting up late. a kinda feeling which u wil relish wen u set out. From birds chirping to leaves rustling, everything was so pleasing to hear at tht point o time. I jogged for about half an hour and was back home with a contented look on my face.

Ah !!…ok!!! Now u can turn on ur dirty minds to speculate the subsequent part of nature calling. ;)


lights off...colors on...action!!!

Mein tho rasthe se jaa raha tha…
Mein tho ladki ko dekh raha tha….
Mein tho rasthe se jaa raha tha, ladki ko dekh raha tha, citee bajaa raha tha..
Tujphe holi giri tho main kya karu.
Tujphe anda gira tho main kya karu.

The more colored ur…the betr u’ve played. This day, the man with more color wins.

I was merrily sitting in my loggia watching ppl dance, run, shout n splatter colors on each other. The street was so eventful, even stray dogs were in pink. Every face gave the impression of a watermelon with white seeds.

Trimly dressed up, I was blooming with contentment until our doorbell rang ---*ding-dong *. Wen I unlocked the door…. splasssssssssshhhhhhhhh !!!! pria n I were pulled out with no more ado...now its palpable for u to speculate the subsequent part o the story. Aur mohe tu rangede basanti yaara mohe tu rang de basanti

An hour later ppl on the street looked at me with a huge smug on their face and I felt like the ugly duckling”. The guy who compared ppl with watermelon was a squeezed tomato now. Wen I enterd home the response I got frm my mom was somewhat like…“who ru? Preetams nt here.”. Hearing her say tht tears rolled down my cheeks…..nahi!!! maaa mujhe bhool gayi?? :(…. Those tears cleaned my face a bit n then my mom was able to make me out…:P I ran towards her in slow motion with a big grin on my face. My teeth evidently illustrated tht I used pepsodent.

She jerked me into the restroom n it was after my bath I realized tht I forgot to take in my towel…ab kya??...bas khel khatam…dukaan bandh..

Happy holi..:)


Mountain....or .....Molehill???

So many different people
So many different kinds

All the different people

All their different minds
All their different ways

It would take a lifetime to explain
Not one's exactly the same

Look at me, I'm a person
Look at me, I'm my own person

So many different people
So many different kinds
For better or for worse, different people

"Normal is boring" is what i believe..

Saw special kinds, met unusual kinds but for what’s different for us is routine for them. Know what I mean???

Ill tell u abt a girl who’s jus an untailored friend to me. We r not close enuf to split personal stuff but all I can say is we are steady friends. Recently, when I was chatting with her she told me about a few far-fetched facts allied to her. They were indeed weird and wonderful for me but custom for her. She articulates… "I was brought up tht way"...…jus have a fleeting look at our tete-?-tete..

preetam: aur kya chalra?
preetam: saw rang de?
xxxxx: well......I don't watch hindi /telugu movies
preetam: huh?? kyon?
xxxxx : I watch english more b'cos i get to watch them on tv
preetam: ok..so goin to theaters n stuff is rare?///
xxxxx : To tell u a more mind boggling thing about me......I've never been to a theatre
preetam: *surprised*
preetam : cmon u mus b kiddin..
preetam : *surprised*
preetam : nt even once???
preetam : n y?
xxxxx : we were brought up that way...
preetam :*raised eyebrow*
preetam : huh???
xxxxx : that's good in a way.......ur mind dosen't get corrupted with unnecessary things
preetam : hmm no words.
xxxxx : *wink*
preetam : rare to find..no no...i guess 1 in a trillion
xxxxx : *tongue*
preetam : u nvr get enticed?
preetam : i gues u nvr bunked coll also then?
xxxxx : c'mon......I did
xxxxx : u must be saying that b'cos u met just me...but there are many people out there just like me...
preetam : hm may be...
preetam : u never ate pani puri? :p (faalthoo question)
preetam : hehe..:p
xxxxx : I don't fancy eating pani puri
preetam : *surprised* (coz I loooove pani-puri and Hyderabad ka so called cutlis..:p)
xxxxx : now where does bunking college and watching films coincide?
preetam : i mean freakin out wid frnds n watchin movies kinda stuff
xxxxx : ok...nobody will even ask me just for the sake of asking also...b'cos they know that their words will fall on deaf ears
preetam : no words again...
preetam : intersting gal...
preetam : *wink*
xxxxx : ok......
preetam : feels good to have diff kinda frnds. :)
preetam : good frnds i mean
xxxxx : ya.....anything out of the usual way will definitely be interesting
preetam : hmm
preetam : ny more strange facts???
xxxxx : *laugh*

Unbelievable???............................believe it!!! : p

Now...I donno how u guys consider this chat but I was truly flabbergasted. A student who doesn’t fancy eating pani-puri or ny kinda hard shoulder junk is all right but whos neva been to a theatre previously… n on the other hand completely receiving pleasure from her life…n of course I know, eating pani-puri n going to theaters is not the only type of gratification…but still?? These are the regular stuff which most o us do I suppose…coz here in hyd we don’t have too many options to freak out…wat say??...

I mean…wher do u hit upon people…more than ever students with such frame of mind… …is it a fine fixation or is she truly ceiling herself??...well!! You and I are not a soul to decide tht.
Seems like she’s contented bout the way she is…....or may be im jus making a mountain out of a molehill.

nyways… dear xxxxx…jus chk out pvr cinemas if u get time…real good theater..:p

PS: sorry xxxxx if I markd anything wrong…no intention to hurt. In fact, im impressed coz ur one of a kind. Way to go :)


searching....google !!!

Hey folks…as promised by Bill Gates, Microsoft has launched its new search engine, which is more effective, reliable and accurate than Google. It was a secret launch!! It is so proficient that is doesn’t tolerate any other search engines to contend. :p :p …

Ladies and gentlemen!! pls acknowledge the expertise of MSN search (version 2) …

This came into sight when I typed www.google.com in the address bar and the page was automatically re-directed to msn search….Beware folks!! Don’t be zapped if someone comes up to you and asks… “What’s Google?” :p


's'train no: 7022-- Da'r'kshin 'v'express


(part one -- prev post)

After that, we beseeched and told the tc that we were prepared to shell out a few extra bucks if he could show us a way out…we meant a “sweetener”. He candidly asked us to get off at the subsequent station or pay money for a fresh ticket. We had no other alternative except buying a fresh ticket, and since it was not love tht cud get us tickets, ….we had 2 put in money...U must be thinking thts so damn obvious… well it wasn’t obvi when we shopped 4 a Taj mahal repli nor was it obvious wen we watched movies, had delicious food n comfortable place to stay in..or buy loads of dvd’s in the chorbazaar …bottom line..no money ..no journey…but ..but..lucky tht we were..(the only day in my life..i cud sense luck..otherwise it sucks like my blog..:D) had enuf left jussss to get a sleeper clas ticket.

N  to  get tht one’s gotta go al the way to the sleeper n pursue the tc until he concedes…well tc ko pursue karna to ham par chod do..but the sleeper was past few bogies n a pantry car n the link was shut..so the only way out was to get off here n get in there …


 Coz …wen askd how long  the train would stop in the next station, the tc replied   “ shaayad do minute ya usse bhi kam”. We were dumb struck ,how on earth wud an 80 yr old sick granny walk so far in 2 min.??!!..We pleaded the tc to let us  get down at a main station to make it ezy for  our granny .Alas!  Our requests were futile and the only go was to get her to cross those bogies in TWO MINUTES . Now wat??

Next station arrived and I immediately ran with the bags (2 bags n 2 cases) into the sleeper section, snehith was helping granny to walk. By hook and eye, we made it within those couple o minutes. The train dint start n fortunately the tc was in the same bogie we got in, we explained our sad state of affairs. Then came another bouncer…the tc said “I can give u a new ticket but u gotta have a general ticket first” we askd him as to  wh er the hell can we get tht ticket wen the train is bout to leave?? He said “ im sorry but u must have it to get a fresh ticket”. Without uttering a word, snehith ran onto the platform to get the general ticket. …The train was on the last platform and snehith had to go to the primary platform by crossing an over bridge to get the general ticket. At that juncture, my heart shrunk, my legs were wobbling coz the train wud start anytime and if he misses?? Gosh!! Now I had to do something…nything…(sensible ofcourse) I askd granny to get off the train coz if snehith missed , we wud go astray. We both got off again and snehith as no wher visible. The green flag waved and the train shot off its smoke. I looked up at the heavens and wen I looked down I saw snehith running towards us. With no more thots I helped granny to get in. snehith n I boarded jus wen the train started. Snehith was panting like hell. We sat next to the tc to wind up the lingering paperwork. The tc, Saala then asked for a sweetener to confirm our berths….aaarrgghhh!! We had no more nerves to fight it out…n so we gave him his carrot.

Phew!!! And so our 's'train in the “da(r)k”shin ‘v’express came to an end.

PS: The guy is Durga Prasad…the tc from Delhi to Jhansi of Dakshin express. Media n police!! Pls check this man.


's'train no: 7022 -- Da'r'kshin 'v'express


We were in agra doing the mahal of the Taj. Out of the blue, things lost control.

Date: 27-02-06
Place: Agra
Train: AP Express
Scheduled Arrival: 0530 hrs

Snehith and I got down from the train at 0600 hrs, half an hour later than the scheduled arrival. We directly went to the hotel room we had booked. After having a bath, we met our granny who was staying in Dayalbagh , asked her to pack her bags n be ready by the next day. In fact, we set out for agra to bring her back here as she was under the weather. So, after informing her we set out to “Do the mahal of the Taj”

Date: 28-02-06
Place: Agra
Train: Dakshin Express
Scheduled Arrival: 0035hrs

 The train was late by forty minutes. We three got into our compartment ‘AS1’and to our surprise we saw that our berths were already occupied by someone else. I was zapped to c the same numbers on the occupants’ tickets.  As expected, the ticket collector came and our conversation was something like this
Me: excuse me! We have a problem.
Tc (nodding his head):  yea wat?
Me: we got same berth numbers printed on our tickets
Tc( checking our tickets): what is today’s date?

Me: 28th

Tc: what’s time?
Me: 0045hrs
then today’s 1st .
Me: uh..oh!! holy shit!!
Tc: I’m sorry. Your train left yesday.

Our minds went void …. we were clueless. We were supposed to board the train on 27th midnight, i.e. early hours of 28th and luk wher we find ourself a day later… on 28th midnight, i.e. early hours of 1st
The tc politely askd us to get our bumps off the train… know what happened next???
Wait for part 2. :)