what do you expect?

I feel like writing today and so here I’m. I guess I need not give an explanation each time. Just came back from work, yeah it’s 6:30 in the morning and I am supposed to work out before I sleep but who cares? The lazy side wins. I hardly work but my whole energy is drained out when I'm back home. I guess it’s more in the mind than the body and about the day so far, it’s just another day at office. It’s not a ‘colorful’ work place  where you can refresh your eyes and mind if you walk around the floor, you know what I mean and I can’t write about my colleagues here because they don’t write anything about me. Ok! behind every successful man, there’s a woman and behind me is my sister who just convinced my lazy side. I jump.


Where Art Thou?

What can be more satisfying than to convert our thoughts into reality? Probably, one of the reasons why I feel artists are the most contended people on earth. Be it any form of art, it has the capacity to transform a vague thought into a staggering reality and the pleasure you get when the job is done is beyond price.

Last night, my friends and I were chatting about few reality dance/singing shows on the TV hosting 8-10 yrs kids as judges, and looking at the attitude each kid displayed while judging was completely revolting. It’s like giving the power to rule without understanding and we all know the result. Kids blaming and abusing each other is categorically not a healthy way to conduct a show. I felt few shows lack the understanding of healthy competition and moreover we are dealing with kids here, who are still figuring out differences b/w right and wrong.

As a kid, I took part in many drawing/painting competitions and it’s not always that I stood first. In fact, my winning chances were as weak as 2/10 but I was never let down with the result nor I hated my drawings. End of the day, I felt happy looking at my thought on paper. I knew it was not the best yet I was happy. No judge criticized my paintings, they only corrected. I was never insulted, I was only encouraged. Talent doesn’t need recognition, it clearly stands out but why is that we find it difficult to identify the right talent?

Not sure wht’s wrong with me, but out of the blue I feel like a budda blaming the current scenario and cherishing the old memories of life, just like our grandparents do. Are these signs of aging? We never know, some 10-15 yr old guy might read my blog and think ‘what nonsense’. The more I think, the more I feel bad and I guess it’s better to stop thinking too much and write about the stuff which belongs to me instead of the social issues. Anyway, the fuel to this post is a feeling I got after looking at the end result of a birthday card I designed. Days back, my cousin had asked me to design a card for her son’s 8th b’day and I sent a soft copy of it after finishing. Today, when I saw the hard copy I realized nothing can beat the satisfaction we get, when we see our thought taking a shape. It need not be a BIG thing, but it can definitely make our day.