State of affairs

My hobbies: Movies, books, travelling, drawing and… that’s a lot to handle.

I’ve partially recovered after watching Ice age 3 and Night at the museum 2. Though there are loads of movies in my external drive (thanks to pria), I can’t watch them alone for two reasons. a) I hate to watch movies alone. b) I need company to watch movies. I also realized that we need good company to watch movies, you know people who really come to watch the movie and not to carry popcorn, nachos, drinks, fries etc in one break and then try to find their seat in the dark and parallely worry about the movie on the screen and the leaking sauce.

And then, there are books. After watching few sad movies like Mist, The Boy in striped pyjamas and Atonement few weeks back (alone), I was too scared to play the next movie in the drive, and consequently I decided to read. Fortunately or accidentally, I read ‘My friend sancho’ and ‘The white tiger’. Yes, it was refreshing and they were simple to read and convenient to visualize unlike ‘Lord of Rings’. In addition, after reading amit varma’s book, I started following his blog as well and thanks to my mobile, which gives decent access to the web on the go. At least, now I know how to spend time my travel time. These books made me realize how far I was from this very page of mine over 5 weeks now. Not sure why, suddenly I miss college and I guess not only dogs, but books are also a man’s best friend.

But I can’t carry a book every time I travel, so I carry friends. They are readily available, easily portable and cost effective (am talking about boyfriends). Oh, btw, just remembered an ad I’ve been hearing on the radio. It boasts about the wide roads, huge fly-over’s, clean moosi (read the present status of the river in the link), glowing street lights in every lane, smooth traffic which makes it convenient to reach any corner of the city in no time and how clean and slum-free is every area in the city and this all because?? Any guesses? Yes, it’s our chief minister Mr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy. My response to this ad- WTF. His promise was to allot houses to all the slum-dwellers and yes, he kept his promise by providing them with houses without sewage connections and again WTF. So, I get to read and hear these kind of things during travel which makes it even more interestingly annoying.

On the other side, I sometimes draw. The damage, which I started a month back, is nearing end. About 25 cartoons are ready and there are just few more in the queue. I’ve been thinking how to use them on my wall, and hopefully you might see them soon in a movie- “Day in Pr:Dtam’s room- where cartoons come alive”.

Mind’s clear- later!