The damage begins..

The most boring part of my everyday schedule is my travel to office. Eats up almost 3 hrs a day and these days am not able to enjoy those 40 winks i did before because of the pleasant temperatures this country goes through each summer....wow...talking about summer.:.i just saw my cab driver applying a tinge of fair and lovely...what a timing i say; who doesnt want to look good, its our birthright. Bah!! Am writing this post from my mobile and for a guy who doesnt enjoy texting, this can be a test of patience. The t9 format doesnt allow you to use swear words so easily and considering the mood im in, this post demands a lot of them.
Hell..Anyway, the reason behind this post is different. As you all know it takes a few lines to start a topic. I sometimes suffer from split-personality disorder and i feel like picasso though it takes a while to realise the truth...by then most of the damage is done. Crap Well, im planning to fill the walls of my room with cartoons...i draw, i stick, i tear, i mess around and so its time taking. I just want you guys to wish goodluck to my parents, my sister and especially my maid who has to spend considerable amount of time in the room having no chance to run. Ouch..Will keep you updated on the progress and its effects.

Hmmm...another 25 mins to office and i will wrap up now else my thumb will choke me to death.

PS: ignore words like crap, hell, ouch, bah...they are just disturbances while typing.