Sorry to say, Hi!

I never thought two letters can truly insult a person. Yes, it’s just two letters and not those two kind words-f.o . Maybe, the shortest form of insult I ever faced but strangely we use it daily, for a singular purpose though. Life is really weird and wonderful, isn’t it? someone has to be eccentric, if not me, people around me.

Now, what, why and how did this take place? Well, there’s this girl, my office colleague, from a different process but we commute almost daily in the same cab and we don’t talk. No, not even hi or hello. We didn’t exchange blows; it’s just that we always had nothing to discuss. Things were cool and so was the driver. I never disturbed her existence nor did she. Then came another guy, my office colleague, and a friend of this girl…every story has a nasty piece of work right? poor guy, though he had no dialogues in this scene, he made my life miserable. Anyway, they both were cool too and had things to talk including ‘Hi’. I was happy, they were happy and so was the driver.

One odd day, I was waiting alone in the cab for this girl, outside her house. After the clock ticked few minutes, she got into the front seat quickly, turned back and said “ HI “. My eyes got wide open, and the only thought it my mind was “ what on earth made you say that? “ and just when I was about to complete my Hi (u know like.. h-a-i and my sound was somewhere between a-I ) , she turned back again and said “ oops..Sorry to say HI, thought it was my friend “(the other guy). Grrr! One tight slap! I felt like a crumpled tissue thrown out of the window, and her statement was more an insult than excuse. “Sorry to say, HI…to someone you see daily and travel with? Fine, we don’t talk and I know accidents do happen but it was just a Hi...how can you take it back just like that? Arrghh!” I wanted to shout this out but you know… and from the very next day routine continued and we still travel like ghosts, ignoring our way of life. I am miserable, she is confused and the driver is happy.

Moral: A man who is happy all the time is a driver.