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It's not far. It's just 6-8 hours from Hyderabad, depends on the speed of your vehicle though. Perurulanka is a remote place in the village of Amalapuram, Andhra pradesh. Surrounded by small islands, this place is much better than the crowded Kerala Backwaters(Personal opinion). 2 days are more than enough to cover this place and if you are in search for peace, better go few in number. We spent close to 6-7 hours on the island, cooking, hunting (sticks and wood for shelter) and ofcourse clicking the entire space. Wanted to stay back for the night, but couldnt do that for other reasons.

A decent break after a tedious week. Moreover, the mode of transport is the row boat. 45 minutes in water takes you very close to the nature. You will find no one nearby as the only way to reach the island is through boat and this is not a tourist place. So, don't be surprised if you don't find any locals or don't panic if your boat sinks after leaving you on the island. Get your stuff ready if planning to do the night stay. One side of the island is thumped by the Bay of Bengal and the other side is touched by the river Godavari. An amazing 4-5 km stretch and not a person around. All I could hear was the sound of the waves and the breeze which came along.

Best time to visit would be after winter and before summer. Month of Jan and Feb. Summer might drain the fluids out. Accomodation is tough and far . Check-in place would be amalapuram and close to 1 hr drive from there. Lots of greenery around, so take my word, it won't disappoint you. Took many pics but unfortunately i jumped into the waves without sensing the camera in my pocket.