From the CEO of :D Inc.

You know why IT industry wastes pays thousands of rupees? for innovation, for creativity, for better use of limited resources. Thinking out of the box, will not only improve your business but also resource managment. Recently, officially, I got promoted. If Aditya is exactly 12 chairs away from that C.E.O. job , i am just 13 away. After which, it would " :D Inc. "

Our team is know for it's eccentric behaviour on the floor. We, the Indigenous peoples and our beliefs and practices are sometimes described as "primitive", a usage that is seen as unhelpful and inaccurate by the vast majority of contemporary professionals. Nevertheless, we achieve our numbers. Our team came up with such great ideas recently, they dint know how/what to award...speechless. Have a look...

1. Best way to increase downloads speed!

Normal downloads...

Takes its own sweet time. However, due to high pressure and deadlines, we couldn’t effort to waste time on slow downloads...so we came up with an ultra smart concept of increasing downloads..which works great on dial up connections as well ( Flat panel LCD is a must for this to work) Here it is..

Ultra speed downloads which uses the gravitational force of earth..

Warning: Do not try this with CRT monitors

2. Our team needs loads of energy to think and innovate stuff like this. And for more energy we need to eat more, and to eat more we need to share more. We usually follow the one to many rule. One brings the food packet and we all share. Now, it's difficult for us to walk up to the person who's got the packet and eat... i mean to say, you can't get up from your seat every few minutes ..right? For example, if you are eating chips, you can take a max of 3-4 at a time, and once they are done you have to walk and grab 'em again...and we can't put it on paper too as they are oily, nor we can keep it on desk..hygiene matters. After a team huddle and heavy thinking...we came with this idea...

After watching this, our team manager had only one word.. NUTS!!

We also get awards for making blunders. Afterall, blunders are building blocks of our team. And we celebrate it in style.. this is how we receive alerts from our team lead...

Thanks and Regards,
:D Inc.



I couldn’t close my eyes, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t concentrate. It was pain and only pain. In the head, in the neck, in the A. I sat for 7 uninterrupted hours at my work place shuffling between windows of my revenue and windows of my existence. It was only after I got up from the seat I realized my blunder. I just sat there pounding the left half of my head. Not knowing how to handle it, I walked up to the Barista corner and got some hot coffee.

Few minutes later, cup was in the dustbin but my head was still hankering for that indescribable essence. May be I needed some sleep? Or mental peace? Or natural air? Yes, AC is artificial, it’s cold but it kills my body. I feel like a corpse potted in a bay where my boss is the doctor who constantly keeps checking the conditions.

After 35 minutes of silent tunes, the cab was in the zone. The pain was no longer there but the effect was still in the air. I closed my eyes and opened them again when the brain started crying. The tears were gently sloping down the plane. My driver asked me to roll up the glass and wanted to control the tears by turning on the AC, again, this time to beat the heat. An hour later, I was by the side of the drug company which was in flames yesterday. Political elements who consider themselves influential blocked the road, demanding for social rights. They wanted to seal the drug company. I wanted to seal their mouth.

Finally, home! Sat under the shower and my psyche flew back to that silent space where I lived few months ago. It was relieving and " Re-living Lanka "… …. …. …. …. …. more to come!!


Few Good Men

They came, They saw, They conquered.

My all time favorites. Should thank IPL for bringing players together. Feels great to watch these big guns on the ground. Truly electrifying!! The scenario changes when you are at the stadium. Felt watching cricket on TV is like watching a pirated movie.

Place: Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium
Date: 24th April 2008
Time: 8:17 PM

The ball was in the sky, and my mouth was open. I shouted, I screamed. That was for Gilly. After the first innings, He came running to the bowler from the point area, not once or twice but after everyball, to encourage his SriLankan teammate. I applauded. That was for Afridi.

Months back, it was at the same stadium where I watched Sachin and Dhoni. Probably, only a true cricket fan can understand wht it feels like. Wish to meet Murali soon....

Few good men, who rock on and off the field.


To Pr:Dtam.... with love

This post is dyed-in-the-wool to the best friends of my best friends. (Names not mentioned for my security but to my surprise, all names start with S). I would like to begin this post by thanking you guys for taking considerable amount of time to think and delineate an opinion about me.

Pr:Dtam- The name I chose to represent the person in me. Two years back, it was just a name. Two years later, it is more than a name. It changed my mode of living, thoughts and action. Honestly, I am surprised. People are now taking me seriously :P After lots of hard work and promises, i got to know five negative qualities about me. According to a friend....

1. I am self centered and self gratification comes first
2. I am manner less and have no consideration for others.
3. I am absolutely pompous.
4. I am too inhibited.
5. And my life has three concentric circles. : "Innermost circle is me and then people who love me and then random people. I care way too much about the innermost and the outermost and dont care about the middle one."

May be a fraction of what my friend said about me is true? I care too much about random people. Else, I wouldn’t have bothered to write this post or update a blog for random people. In one of the testimonials I got in orkut, snehith says “he can help u ease ur nerves..but beware..ur best frend may find him interesting than u.:) “Dude, I think you should reconsider this statement. Your best friend may find me interesting but what about his/her best friend?? For some reason, friends of my best friends do not carry a sugary opinion about me. Why? Well, many reasons I must say… I don’t know how it affected their lives when compared to those friends who were directly ruined by me ;) However, I decided to write a letter to my…

Dear friends of my best friends,

I respect your opinion that you hate me and the fact that you don’t want to think about me. In fact, I am happy that you take time to hear about me through my friends and later form an opinion on it. I know, few among you think I am ugly, cheap and idiotic. Sorry, if you thought more but my friends only communicated those words to me. But on a serious note, I would love to meet you guys someday because I have a weird habit of throwing a smile at a person who hates me.

Love- Pr:Dtam.

Those who know me, can give their opinion and those who don't, go through all pages in my blog and form an opinion and then come back here to answer this poll. Don’t worry, no hacks or kracks involved, all votes are anonymous.

* completely disagree ; **to some extent ; ***cant say ; ****agree ; *****100% right


Desert Rain

Finally, there's some good news! Just when life at office was getting too hectic and monotonous, Dell announced a follow up to our recent (and quite successful) " What does green mean to you? " Graffiti contest on Facebook.

The reason i'm excited is, Facebook access has been granted to all Dell employees worldwide. I feel Dell should come up with more programs which use gtalk and yahoo msgr also ;)