Where is the pulp?

In photography-like writing-there's no such thing as being wrong. If that's the way you see something, that's your task to express it.’ – My office client

It’s been a while since I had a good discussion about things in the broad-spectrum at office. It’s always the metrics or the gobbledygook of those who must/cannot be named here. Surprisingly, few days back, I had an interesting chat with one of my client which was not only out of the ordinary but also memorable. We spoke about several topics, starting from US politics to our hobbies and his daughter ;)

During our conversation, I realized how impressions can change with proper communication which is transparent and genuine. If perfect is 100% then trying to become perfect is 60% and then there are cases where this rises up to 90% or falls down to 20%. Nevertheless, we still keep trying. Trying every possible way and convincing every situation. We become calculative; feel good about ourselves, confidence changes its look to audaciousness, making our own rules and lacking to realize that we are dealing with creatures which fit into the same species and who are trying the same on the other end.

In the process of getting these definitions right, we tend to mix up things. We may say, “My mind is clear”, but we may never know that what we consider as ‘clear’ is in fact the most baffled substance. The result we calculate by considering the effects will always differ from the result we get after experience. The result we calculate is the Goal and the result we experience is Destination, and people call us fortunate when our goal coincides with our destination.

If you are wondering why im talking philosophy, it’s because Ive been mixing my work and play. Yes, if you dint know, my boss hates this game called
‘Tennis Elbow’ to which my colleague and I give more importance than work. It’s a small trial version download which can be a played on LAN and it’s so addictive and has got a natural game play that we feel every match is like a final between Nadal and Federer. If you are working in a place where access to messengers, mails, networking websites are not only restricted but also blocked forever, I would suggest you to try this game, and trust me, nothing can get more competitive at work. Ashirvad, if you are reading this, I hope you are practicing too… scores are level now..