I started blogging with an idea to share my thoughts and experiences with all those who suffer from insomnia as they would consider sleeping as a better option after reading my posts. In fact I initially thought it’s almost parallel to writing our experiences in a personal diary but never thought these posts would disturb my literal dreams. I accept most of my posts appear funny or at times vague as I feel scratchy to tell out the facts. For instance, one of my recent posts wherein I mentioned about a person called ***** has brought lots of questions and misinterpretations into picture. The post was about someone in my office with whom I was vexed up but most of my friends or the entire five letter community whom I recognize was confused. Even my twin sister made a wrong guess. Accordingly, either I must have expressed the subject very scantily or you guys dint know the complete subject…of course both mean the same ;) well, don’t try hard to find that post now.., it’s no longer there. It’s as dangerous as inflating weak ideas.