Bad Boy in the Graveyard.

My feel good factor is riding too high. I now feel taller than amitabh bachan. Thanx to all my frnds and enemies who are accountable for what I am today. I don’t know whether im good or bad however, I can indisputably say that I have confidence in me. I see myself in the mirror and hum the song “hame tumse pyaar kitna , yeh hum nahi jaanthe…magar jee nahi sakthe, tumhare binaaa”. At the other end, im being a bad guy coz I'm not able to keep up the promises made as my professional life is a bit lopsided. Given a chance, couple o frnds are ready to bang me now. My intuition shows me various kinds’ o items which can be used to hammer on a target. I wasn’t able to meet a couple o my close friends who dashed to the US a few weeks back, missed my classmates wedding, didn’t make it to DB and worst o all things, I bought nothing for my parents with my first income. Now all these united forces make Preetam a bad guy.

Despite all these things my feel good factor is high..:D //you know why?? As the sky is so high..[pj’s to be excused ] . All the above mentioned effects were not intended, it just happened. Let’s understand it in the “matrix” version—it happened because it had to happen and im writing this post because I must write this post and you are reading this post because….yeah u got it right!! . Nonetheless, sorry to all those guys whose long term promises are at last out of order. Yes!! I’m completely responsible. To err is human; to forgive is not our company’s policy and thts the reason I couldn’t catch up with my chums. To sum up the whole thing – I the unwilling, led by the unqualified, am doing the impossible for the ungrateful.

The timings I work for are quite peculiar. We call it the “graveyard” shifts. Though the work done is same in both places (sleeping), thers loads of difference.

Graveyard: no one disturbs while ur asleep.
Office: everything is disturbing and thts the reason u sleep.
Graveyard: ppl get scared if u wake up
Office : you will get scared if u wake up..(boss is right in front o you).

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The happy news is..my shift timings will change next week. So the feel good factor is right up there. By the way amitabh bachan is feeling bad...someone’s feeling taller than him now. (metamorphically)