relax'singh' ka button - part II

Arre maamu..nazar lag gaya yaar..mein pune gayaich nahi, hyderabad meich dhandha mil gaya….boletho bindaas hai ab ;) Yeh aaram ka maamla hai..!!!

Relax’singh’ is lot more comfy these days as he got a job in his home town. Now he doesn’t mind paying tht extra rupee for a masala dosa. But sadly, he now again becomes the heart o responsibility for all off beam things at home and his granny unpacked all those sweets and pickles which were crammed for him and she circulated them to all and sundry in the expanse.:(( .

Relax’singh’made quite a few friends at his new workplace and is having a blast out there. His flair got accredited on the third day itself for which he was given a silver dial. When coming back home he contentedly has forty winks in his cab eavesdropping to radio mirchi 95 fm ;).

His self-shot video of a ghost has been viewed 1,170 times with a rating -3/5 in just 45 days. ;) This news has just made him the happiest soul ever existing on earth.:P cya later alligators !!


relax-singh ka button !!

kya blogging bloggin kar raha hai bhai??..jab kuch haiich nai tho kya liku? arre..eda hai kya....acha le pad.!!!

apun jaldi pune jaarela dandha karne. woh kya hai na apun ka schedule thoda postpone hua hai, bhai se abhi confirmation aaneka hai..isliye ghar mein abhi machar maaron.

beacuse basically.., 22=91 or 99 which may vary according to climatic conditions.

samjha? nahi? bola na... kuch hai nai likne ko..khali time waste karrela hu ..

Till date I felt that I was the most bemused soul on earth but lately I apprehended that there r more mystifying ppl out there whose trade is to confuse others and they won’t befall conscious until the prey hits back. Somewhat like laloo’s cliché “they dint give me baillll…when I was in jaillll”. ;)

in a few days from now I’ll be joining my first job. Feeling mystified to some extent as I have to leave most of the things at the rear with the exception of those few nuts and bolts which guard my kudos. Now when the time has come ppl back home are making me giggle with their emotional terminology. The same lad whom they blasted for nearly twenty odd years for his summit of sluggishness now unexpectedly becomes a full-blown man.

Ma: tusi jaa rahe ho??
Me: yo mommy!!!

Their lingo seems like a foretaste of my death ceremonial. Dialogues like “Preetam was a good boy... never troubled a person.., he helped us a lot...now hes leaving” :(( makes me snigger and amidst all these state of affairs stands this tiny-winy small lad looking up to those faces and shouting … “im alive”!!! arre yaar mein sirf pune ja raha hoon!!

on the other hand my granny is busy packing jalebi, rasgolla, achaar..n all that stuff which are subjected to leak only when we travel.

tho ab samjah na story ko?..aaj wednesday hai!!..aur 4 dhin...isliye bola re..ghar mein sunday tak machar marna hai..aur suna ki pune ke machar bhi kafi interesting hote hai..tereko maloom hai tho thoda help kar..chal bahut pad liya ab kisak yaha se..bye