Dinner time...

jo dar gaya so mar gaya

I was just shooting while driving thru a wooded area at dark ., out of the blue a tree in the expanse turns red and suddenly a flicker o lite with a creepy noise hits the glass of our car . Me n my friends went anesthetized for few mins !!! i cudnt shoot further., I'm not saying it's spirit or watever thing., but., its real weird., creepy n cool ! so i thought I'l share it with u.

Click here for the video footage

here r some snapshots frm the jungle..:P

the same rock wich u see in the video initially

now u decide!!!

ps: the video is completely original. no graphics involved.


Seven on the rocks !!!

Yo …back to blogging after 10 eventful dayz. Bundle o stuff turnd out during these few dayz . Those days are back again!! Freaking out, cramming, self-seeking acts…:P harmonizing all o them in chorus is amusing.

My topical outing was to chilkur temple n we had oodles o fun. Credit to vamsi who made the sunlight hours all the more stirring with his oddball vision. Winding no: 11 at the shrine we set out to the nearby Gandipet Lake. It wil be a zilch if I try to put in words as to what turned out there sooo….scroll down for the pictographic version. ..:P

whos head is it anyway...

Was not as tough as we thot…turnd out fine in very first capture.

I guess now u folks recognize the grounds as to why gandipet had a good deal o water in it lately …:P

…and those lucky people who can make out stars even in the morning sky..:P

We don’t pull legs…instead we pull trees..:P

The angry tree monsters come to life....

thats it...GAME OVER !!!

deep put his feet up for a while..

Lastly, vamsi got his tribute for his eccentric ingenuity.



A Day in the life of an Engg student.

6:30 -> Wake up and lie awake in bed.
6:31 -> Realize how much you spent on last night's dinner, means financial crisis, no eating out for the next 2 weeks.
7:00 -> Wake up suddenly with heart in mouth when you realize you didn't hit the snooze button--you turned it off.

7:01 -> Fall asleep again.
7:44 -> Wake up with heart in mouth again.
7:45 -> Ready to go to college, will shave tommorrow, will eat early brunch which we neva like.

8:15 -> arrive college.
8:20 -> Depression: sick lectures to attend.
9:00 -> For jumpstart: go to the canteen.

9:05 -> blast the food u order; promise yourself to call up the owner and ask for your money back. Wonder why they would believe you.
9:33 -> Start mugging out loads of stuff that may be vaguely related to your work.
9:41 -> Early morning stupefaction. Mutter racist comments to yourself about your lecture.

9:43 -> Curse your lecture in a low tone he would not comprehend. Feel good about him not grasping English well.
9:58 -> Finger everyone in the department and most people half way around the world (using the "finger" command, of course)
10:19 -> Feel sleepy, should not have stayed late online last night.

10:31 -> Momentary panic attack!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:43 -> Edit .plan file. write a shell program to edit .plan more easily.
10:59 -> Drop in at hod's room and borrow something you don't need & and kinda make him aware you are working hard on your project.

11:05 -> Perverted daydreams
11:11 -> gossip news. Mid-morning yawn time.
11:34 -> Start writing junk at a very high key-in rate to pretend you are working hard as your lecturer passes by from outside.

11:35 -> Press the BackSpace key for one and a half minutes until all the garbage you wrote in is erased. Realize that you can write more than 256 characters per half minute.
11:41 -> Flirt with the new girl in the department.
11:45 -> Print out some slides for afternoon's draft + presentation.

11:47 -> Print them again, you forgot to change the date from last presentation.
11:49 -> Print another copy in case this one gets lost.
11:51 -> Completely forget about sueing the canteen.

12:15 -> Hunger pangs:
12:20.-> Drink a not-so-cold generic can of drink. Ch-Ching, count how much u just saved .
1:00 -> Group Meeting with lecturer.

1:51 -> lecturer hands you the reddened copy of your draft for corrections.
1:51:02 -> The 49 second urge to murder the lecturer begins!!
1:51:52 -> Realize that he controls your assistantship/grade/ graduation possiblity/graduation date/all job opportunities and the rest of your life.

1:52:53 -> Thank him
1:52:54 -> Thank yourself for not saying something stupid to your lecturer
1:53:00 -> splitting headache #1

2:06 -> More generic cola.
2:30 -> Sit through the class you were told to sit through.
2:39 -> Look outside the window make unrealistic plans to quit this degree program and take up a job. Wonder why blonde girls are so pretty.

3:06 -> Worry about never graduating. Time to write a letter--NOT! No time for that.
3:43 -> Watch the clock. Make plans to do a all-nighter tonite. Vow to watch only 2 TV programs.
4:58 -> Notice lecturer leave.

4:58:01 -> Sudden sense of freedom.
5:05 -> roads are waiting. attack.!!!
9:00 -> Come home.

9:01 -> The hard working grad student you are, you have to come home late at night
9:03 -> Check electronic mail. chk offlines. Decide it would be a good time to attack those orkutting sites. dicuss philosophy with frnds on how bored u got.
10:11 -> Begin documentation; Realize you need references. Realize its too late today to go to the library. Sudden feeling of having wasted the day.

10:49 -> Sudden feeling of possibly having to waste the night, decide to turn in early and come back very early tommorrow morning. Decide to play a game on the system to put yourself in a good mood.
11:15 -> Play game after game after game to improve your score and get on the scoreboard. Realize that your counterpart is still at number 6, two notches above you on the scoreboard.
12:20 -> Play until you beat your counterpart into the 7th place. A sense of achievment!! Yes, today was not wasted!!

2:04 -> Forget about getting up early. Turn the phone ringer off and go to sleep.


The Other Side of Crap

Express wat understand how long no way will it ever come true or false hehe smile how is my question the question wat can be done or leave it cant stop go on think will u ever know my foot change changed changing I want it never came wil come? No wonder but how shit whos wrong answer no wher enuf of it try seeing wat more show off acting is not me. Nanofiltration refresh but its crap why? Weird but true the end of era wil come over anytime cant accept its not right im not rite? No understand but get it happy more than anything impossible is wat I know. See once not satisfied go back true change open talk no good say feel bad no relation…………refresh blank !!!