Raju Ban Gaya Superman...

From soaring to spinning, swiftness to sturdiness, and passion + power….all these traits in u…what will ppl label u???... a “SUPER HERO” for sure.

Well...if not all o them…researchers articulate that I‘ve got enough o them to entitle me as a super hero…;-p.

Lesson no:1 hamare dhandhe mein na bandhuk chalthi hai na bomb na chaaku. Chaltha hai sirf ek hi….dimag.

Now I can flirt with all the pottyian of the realm. If I face opposition then ill pick up all the competitors and chuck them into the Bermuda triangle…so no point of return!!

Are tune abhii dekhaa nahii.,
Dekhaa hai to jaanaa nahii.,
Jaanaa hai to maanaa nahii.,
Mujhe pahachaanaa nahii.,
Duniyaa divaanii merii,
Mere piichhe piichhe bhaagii,
Kis me.n hai dam yahaa.,
Thahare jo mere aage,
Mere aage aanaa nahii.,
Dekho Takaraanaa nahii.,
Kisii se bhii haare nahii, ham

Jo soche, jo chaahe vo karake dikhaade.n
Ham vo hai.n jo do aur do paa.Nch banaa de.n

Areyooo….main super hero ban gaya hoon…apun se panga tho kardoonga nanga..!!!..;-p.

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Did u know..

Hi... For folks who don’t know, I was in delhi for the past 4 days. Im positive many o them don know the reason behind me goin ther…it’s a very big chronicle n im sure ull have many doubts…so I wil tell u in brief. The place I went is called [Dayalbagh] n it’s in agra. Our family follows a faith called the [Radhasoami] faith n the head quarters in in dayalbagh. Our supreme guru stays ther. We ppl who follow this faith are called satsangis. Dayalbagh is a singular world absolutely. It runs entirely on its own n no external funds r tolerable. The basic motto of any satsangi is service. Every satsangi who resides in dayalbagh has to endure a daily schedule which goes like this…

• Wake up in the early hours of cock-crow….around 400hrs
• Fresh up n go for prayer at 530hrs
• After the prayer…v have to do farming….up to 830hrs ( v can clear any kind of doubts v have with the supreme guru directly in the farm)
• Then u can go on with ur own work.
• Evening prayer at 1730hrs.
• Dinner before 2030hrs.

No house in dayalbagh is allowed to have a television. Every thing is economical coz every product is sold on no profit-no loss basis. It has got many industries n educational institutions of its own under its belt. Not everyone is allowed to go everyday. V gotta acquire special permission to go n stay ther which is not effortless to get. So v got a chance to visit now n so v did. So that is it…I tried my best to give u a pic….but thers lot more I dint put in the picture. Anyways if u understood it’s well n good else solpa adjust maadi n plss stop lookin at me strangely..;-p

ps: Links in the post contain partial information n some info in them is not related



Oops!! I’ve been tagged by komal
. For the uninitiated, this is a new-fangled sequence game for bloggers. The rules of this game are..

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

hmm... my target --> female !!

TRAITS are...

1. must be honest n loyal.***
2. caring.
3. independent.
4. hyperactive n witty.
5. creative.
6. expressive eyes n a cute chin.
7. ambivert.
8. insightful.

Now it’s my turn to tag ppl…most of them have been tagged…so my list has got only 4 o them…they are

1. avinash
2. a maoist
3. cognoscente
4. dinesh

so continue the chain "tag"ets...


Here I am...

Yesterday, I had my closing round of interview for my placement in Wipro. We were 11 o them who attended the interview from our institution n at the outset we thot at least 8 o them wud make it. But like every tale, we too had some kinda adversity n latterly only 4 o they could make it. I’m very happy coz one of my cherished chum also got selected n we wer on cloud 9…no I guess on cloud 10... : D…for a moment n the gr8 news was that my pal was the only girl who got selected yesterday…oops!! Forgot to tell ya…even I was among the lucky 4: D…all o us who got selected initially had mixed thots primarily but after hearing from many ppl about Pune n Wipro, we kept the decision open n we are really lookin forward. Well…well… after all it’s our FIRST call letter from a reputed corporation. N yet again, I learnt a new point from d person I told u about in my previous post…n the line for me was...



peek-a-boo !!!

Life is reasonably hectic for me lately. All the things I hunted are gradually looming at the right time and I am becoming twitchy. It’s all happening in my days now and I sense I have to be very precautious and premeditated during this segment as all my ideas and aspirations depend on this phase of my life. Its like, act or give up the ghost situation for me. The crucial thing I gotta contemplate now is my performance. Like everyone, I had both success n failures in my life and I never felt so repentant wen I failed but now if truth be told I experience the pain we sense wen we fall short. I feel success is not winning; it’s rather receiving what u crave for.

Lately ive learnt a fine message from a person whom I admire a lot n also adore a lot, n the message is to never jumble up ur professional life and private life. If u do so, ull unquestionably land in a mess. U guys may already know this thing but jus position ur hand on ur heart n contemplate to know the distance between ur personal n professional life. If it’s poles apart then thers no stopping else u gotta think over.

A different issue I was thinking about is, a good number people don’t converse their heart out by and large n they try to patch up the unknown stuff. Thers nothing wrong in doing so, but my setback is I can unmistakably make out that they r hiding the real stuff, which makes me scratchy to gel with them. I wudnt have bothered if it was an alien but wen it comes to ppl whom I know practically, its really getting on my nerves wen they pretend in front o me. Its not their slipup coz we all do it at some point of time but my question is how do I get along with such kind of ppl??...i mean Im jus incapable to understand that kinda stuff…I don mind if they have a hitch with me but y the hell do they have to act???......any answers pls comment……phew!! Enough for now….bye.


BPO calling !! #%$@&

We were all keyed up as our institution got hold of a campus placement panel from wipro. I was among those aspirants who truly hunted to hack into a company like that…but it was only after they came, we realized that placements were for wipro BPO and not wipro technologies. It was fairly disappointing as not a soul would want to go into a BPO after studying four years of technical education n patch up where there is not a lot job security too...over that this BPO was offering placements only in Mumbai or pune with a starting pay of 10k n u all kno that its zilch if we gotta stay in Mumbai. We can earn the same amount by applyin here in a corporation like GE where u got enhanced incentives than many other BPO’s.

Nevertheless I submitted my resume so that I thot i can as a minimum get acquainted with the selection procedure which would give me a scope to be healthier in future.