Ac"thing" !!!

I know this mite jingle a bit weird n fanatical to few o them out there but I wanna act....yes!! I really wanna act only in one movie n that too directed by ram gopal verma n no one else. If its produced by rgv, im sorry im not ready. This thot came to me after seeing d movie sarkar, frm then my fancy had no stopping. Though rgv is nt d greatest directors arnd but hes surely among d best. hes famous because hes differnt. i admit he had few flops but wats good to c is that weneva u take his name ppl expect things differently frm him. i like his style of managing the characters coz every character creates an image. i wont mind even if he doesnt give ny dialogues to me coz in his movies xpressions speak a lot. his ideas r emblematic n smtimes bizarre...take d example of darna mana hai, d perception is very creepy but its poles apart. i feel he loves experimenting n doesnt mind few flops. He doesnt stick to d custom. n wen it comes to wit...its also singular, in sarkar u wont get to c ny comedians but theres pleasantry……its amusing imagining myself in that pose wher ppl see me on screen with a bakgrnd music on my entry..;-)…lol…. My frnds wil defnly rag me….but strictly speaking all u guys must carry a sack o papers n flowers n must shriek wen u c me on screen…hehe..;-)…;-o…;-/..:-P….dreams spaced out for now….lemme get into reality. Wish me super luck…n i hope u wont put up these kinda xpressions seein me on screen

N if I get to act…sorry to leave u behind, winners r bound to do that.. :-P ;)

Lose control !!!

normal is boring!!!....n stil we continue doing the same things or following the same routine. people do different things but successful ppl do things differently..
so lets lose control n do things differntly...like

1. wen u get up in d mornin try to brush ur teeth wid the hand ur nt used to.
2. shampoo ur body n soap ur hair.
3. try to read d newspaper upside down.
4. drink water using a straw.
5. face ur bak to the tv n watch d programs by holding a mirror in ur hand.(for more impact watch doordarshan ;))
6. start ur lunch with curd.
7. close ur eyes n walk while goin frm one room to another..(do not try in bathrooms!! u mite end up doin it in a wrong plc).
8. call ur mom as dad n vice versa (mite b risky!!).
9. if u need to write nything write using a pencil only d whole day. (ezy one!)
10. slow down d regulator of ur fan to minimum n count how many times it revolves in a minute.
11. put on ur socks n wear slippers.
12. change d order..have dinner first then lunch n nite mein breakfast !!!
13. give a sarcastic smile to everyone u meet n ask them to find out d reason(im sure they wil blow off their heads once they start thinkin).
14. if u have a music instrument play it for atleast for 15 min continuosly only if u dono how to play .
15. make indoor games outdoor (like play chess on d road).
16. least n last-- try nt to think bout ur best frnd.

ps: follow the above points atleast for a couple o days n if people still accept u in d society , u can contact me for more !!!


BHEL--Build high energy levels.

It all started wen i entered bhel. i went ther for my project work n i knew no one ther...i had to shuttle between the administrative building n the factory area continuosly for 3 days to get my ID card. finally wen i got it i was so relieved n thot that was d end of shuttling....but i was wrong kyonki then started struggle. our project guide was so busy that we dint even see him for 4 days. we jus went ther, sat in d library, had lunch n came bak. finally on d 5th day we saw him n tol him that we wer askd to meet him for our project n he said " just wait!!" n he vanished. we waited for hrs n had no sight of him. we lost our patience n left. we completely lost interest coz we wer travellin so far for nothin but cudnt help coz we have to do our project. our's was a 15 day batch n in that 6 days wer wasted. today is d 7th day n luckily we happened to start our project as we caught hold of a new guide....huh!!


this is to all d freshers planning to do their project work in BHEL--build ur energy levels coz u have to waste a lot for a useful purpose. mind u!! it is not a small factory. u wil die walkin!!! n i rename the Bharat Heavy Electricals limited as Build High Energy Levels..



Recognized by Sir Donald Bradman as his modern incarnation, Tendulkar has a skill – a genius – which only a handful have possessed. It was not a skill that he was simply born with, but one which was developed by his intelligence and an infinite capacity for taking pains.

congratulating him on becoming the highest century maker in test cricket..he once again proved.... impossible is nothing !!!



Brain Fever???

it's rainin money for the tamil film industry. movies containin stories about human brain r workin out quite well for them. three tamil movies- aparichitudu, chandramukhi n ghajini gave a gud response here in andhra. for a moment i felt thers was an epidemic outbreak of brain fever in kollywood ;)


in this movie u get to c about multiple personality disorder...gud job by vikram.with this movie his seat in tollywood became pucca. frm now on every movie he acts wil b released parallely in both d states.


Rajinikanth's latest movie, co-starring- jyothika. she plays a normal house wife's role who suffers frm split personality disorder . she scared the hell outta me !!! ;)


it was time for surya to get into action..it's the story about a guy who takes revenge inspite suffering from short term memory loss...again relating to brain..

so..wat say?...is it brain fever or something else???.


The Ne'X't Factor.

'X' is an unknown variable..don worry im not teachin u mathematics...i want to know if my position is similar to 'x'??

now!! wat to write??...ther were many things i did after my exams...was in delhi fora a couple o days for my cousins marriage, came back for their reception here at green park....then saw a couple of movies...n now jus waiting for my project to start. i'm almost done with my b.tech(jus a sem to go) n now the big question ppl keep on askin me..."WHAT'S NEXT?"...i've been getting advices frm many o them but i'm not able to decide wat suits me d best?....wat's goin on???...ther r so many unanswered questions in my mind apart from my career...n the most common n sick advice i get is.."Forget everythin n concentrate on ur career buddy"...i feel so pathetic wen i hear that..jus think how on earth can u suddenly forget al d things which kept bothering from a long period o time???...it's not easy right?..atleast i feel so...i've few close frnds with whom i can share my thots but none o them really know my complete sate to understand my problem. the problem lies in me coz i projectd myself differently before each o them n _______________________________________n the story continues......


My Paintbrush...

These are "nothing" when compared to the great paintings across the globe but these are "something" to every artist who holds the brush.    


I Sit and Think ....

I Sit and Think

I sit beside the fire and think
of all that I have seen,
of meadow-flowers and butterflies
in summers that have been;

Of yellow leaves and gossamer
in autumns that there were,
with morning mist and silver sun
and wind upon my hair.

I sit beside the fire and think
of how the world will be
when winter comes without a spring
that I shall never see.

For still there are so many things
that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring
there is a different green.

I sit beside the fire and think
of people long ago,
and people who will see a world
that I shall never know.

But all the while I sit and think
of times there were before,
I listen for returning feet
and voices at the door.

- JRR Tolkien

for the uninitiated - Tolkein is the one who wrote The
Lord of the Rings ages ago!


High Time...

well...i finished my last lab exam and was free for d whole afternoon. weather was awesome n for a moment i thot i was in a hill station. my frens avinash n naveen came to d college with some work,but cudnt complete for some reason...so v guys were free n thot of trekking....it was raining n we wanted to climb the steepest n tallest mountain around...and thats how we started at 1300 hrs.

no its not porcupine...its my head facing towards the rock which was our first big hurdle..

with the JOSH to reach the summit..we went on slipping n sliding and after about 20 mins we were almost half way thru..n we found a small little cave to relax..

then after takin a few snaps we went futher up..and realised that we were still far frm d center...journey wasnt easy...there were big trees blocking our sight n it was hard to figure out d correct route..my shoes werent holding d grip since it was rainin n i slipped most no.of times wen compared to avinash n naveen..we didnt mind all these things n went on cracking jokes n helpin each other..and wen we reached half the way we were not able to see anything except big trees around us...as we went further up we reached a point where we thot it was d END..

yes...this was d point where we got stuck up for a few mins..then it was naveen who was really mad to go anyhow climbed on my shoulders n climbed the huge rock with gr8 difficulty as we didnt find nything to hold on...then it was my turn..avinash pushed me frm bottom n i caught nav's hand n made it..then avinash made it a bit easy than both of us as he was taller. gosh!! at this point we were dirty with thorns n caterpillars on our clothes with few of then hiding..we thot of taking a snap n luked down.. we cudnt see nything as it was fog all around...

n this is how it luked frm that point..as we went further up we got completely wet n almost reached the top at 1415 hrs..we were on our knees as we realised we were at the top..gud god!! we were happy n proud of our efforts n v enjoyed every bit we struggled..

yo!! we made it atlast n we were completely covered around with fog...so we cudnt take out ny pics around us..we sat for around 10 mins at the top..

our journey down was not as tough as we thot coz we luckily caught hold of a sheperd n got down with less pain yet slippin n sliding...