1. I love animated movies. They're life.
2. I'm super lazy.
3. I find no charm in attending parties.
4. I'm very choosy and non-commital.
5. I gained close to 10 kgs after I started working.
6. I hate routines.
7. People shouldnt expect things from me. I'm a surprise package.
8. I enjoy gossips with cab drivers. Each one has a story to tell.
9. I can be conservative.
10. I hate cell phones. I have to use one though.
11. I rarely reply when ppl scrap questions like " how ru or whts up? "
12. I take pride in giving inventive present to my close ones.
13. Life includes shit and shit happens daily.
14. I believe in something real, which lasts long...really long...ding dong!
15. I like ppl who hate me.
16. I enjoy drawing but I lack patience.
17. According to a friend, I'm moody. I'm still not very sure.
18. I want to write a book.
19. My silence is often misunderstood.
20. I hate ice-creams and sweets (sometimes chocolate is an exception)
21. I'm tired.
22. I'm planning to paint cartoons on my wall.
23. I have to update my blog frequently.
24. I love my sister. Pria can I expect that gift atleast this yr?
25. I'm completely random


Let's move it...

Ahhh!! So here I am once again. Do I have to tell you the reason why I disappeared? Well, I don’t blog when I'm too contented or too busy and that doesn’t mean I'm gloomy now; I’m just free. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year and belated happy festivals and holidays till date. Too many things at once, you know it's boring to think back. I wasn’t really occupied all these months but I've been travelling a lot. I'm not a busy man, my travelling is only within the capital and not around the sphere and many a times when I laid back to write a post, I found my bed more appealing than a non-productive page. After all, our potential depends on the bed we sleep.

If you ask me what I’ve been doing all these days, the answer would be nothing and you might be bored to tears if I explain the details but for my part, I had great time. No outings, No parties, Very few movies, didn’t catch up with associates but I still took pleasure in what I was doing. In plain terms, my social life was more or less zero. Now that I’m back to reality, I’m trying to draw alongside a few things I overlooked these days.

I like to move it - move it!! I like to move it- move it!!