Where are they?

So, yes, mmm…and that’s how we got back to work. Even now, it’s thorny to keep up and I’m almost howling to get that one thought. I’m talking about my recent post in Den, and this is not hangover, this is what I or rather we would like to maintain. Snehith’s recent post explains my mind-set in a much better way. He wrote about how our lives changed over the years and how we overlooked our preferred pass-time. So, this took me down the memory lane where we used to pencil in for hours together, lost in our thoughts without food and water.

Paintings, cricket and G.I-Joe’s- This was our life. Sitting in a petite balcony, we used to draw or construct houses using our old books for those little GI-joe’s. Our book shelves were their barracks and we used to power them with torch-lights. We had a collection of around 25+ G.I-joe’s and we made them work, fight and love. It was hard war when it came to love because we had only two girls- Baroness and Zarana. My favorite character was Mainframe who lost his leg in one of our local wars and thereafter was bed-ridden for days. We couldn’t find his replacement and one diwali night, we had to rocket him up to the heavens. Here are a few pics of my beloved action-hero …
Then it was time for cricket. Snehith was the commentator + player and we used to play a lot of test matches. In one of our series, we thought, he who wins the most number of matches is the favorite child of god and that series was a draw. Our conclusion-God treats everyone equally. Lol, mixing spirituality and sports- considering our belief, Australia would have been God’s favorite country by now.


Ramayan 3392 A.D

We all have talked and heard about different versions of the great epic Ramayana but if you look at this version of the same epic…well, you will just keep looking.
Now, they are GODS!