Voices in my head are...

What am I thinking? When I look outside the window, I can only see green and blue. These two colors are to blame for the frequent thoughts in my head and frequent pressure on my muscles. Sorry, but I can’t stop thinking and I hate when my intuition works. To my left, is this guy with gray beard, in his late 40’s and too philosophical for me. To my right, is of course the window, outside which I don’t want to think about. Few seats away, are my prospective friends but the train is too crowded to move now. As each rain drop hits the glass, a new thought appears into reality and I hate intuitions more than ever when it rains. Phone is switched off and the charging socket isn’t working… don’t know what hope lies behind that call. I could find answers earlier, but this time, it’s like a wild goose chase, waiting for the question to answer. Baah!!…I’m still thinking with this paper and pen.

Not that I can’t find an alternative source for these questions but it’s too thorny to let go anything which was there for the past two decades. It’s still there but can’t give the answers I need and it’s too precious, so can’t leave it alone. Too attached? Yes, im and someone would be happy reading this. Neither did I change, nor the source…it’s only the questions.


Day after fraaandship..

Happy friendship day slapped happee friendshippppp dayyyy :)….

This was one of the update I saw on orkut yesterday. Worst part was I couldn’t comprehend who greeted whom and who was being slapped. With so many applications knocking in day after day, I find orkut a mess. It no longer has the old charm and transparency. Despite the fact that they tried to craft it more fascinating with the look and appeal, the actual essence is lost. Anyway, this post is not to grumble or find out the loopholes in orkut, but this is to explain how difficult it was for me to identify my own friends.

With million things in mind, I don’t know what hope lies behind my action when I open my browser and type orkut.com . It’s been more than 3 years now and yes, I find this platform a great way to see what my friends and greeps are up to. If you didn’t know, greep is a geeky creep...typically someone who has all the time 'wanting to make the fraaandships' on the internet, but no balls to meet people directly.

Adding to this, the daily updates we get on the home page is a fun to read..here are few classics..

Stop worrying and start living has added 3 photos..

….. #$%&@* wrote a testimonial to Jaane Tu…

Society prepares the crime, criminal commits it updated last name and first name..

Depressed soul updated interests and turn on’s..

And there are few guys whose profile is completely empty. No name, no picture, no scraps, no photos..nothing in ‘about me’. Only the account exists, and when you have 100 odd friends who display their creativity in this ishtyle, it tough to identify who is doing what. This is followed by the depressing group with sad status messages. These guys are actually happy if their status message is sad. I know, we feel like sharing when things go wrong, but you think it’s pleasant to see those sad faces on the home page? Our parents gave us a beautiful name, let’s publicize it or atleast use a name which has got our identity… and keep the sharing stuff with close friends.

Finally, orkut’s name of the day :


If something is so complicated that you can't understand/explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth knowing anyway.

|-|@|)|)Y Fr@@^d$|-|IP D@Y !!!!