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Home is where the heart is… will be the apt line to describe my experience. Finally, the month of June came to an end. Sad, but it’s been one of the most memorable phases of my life. I am tired now but I don’t want to rest. Though most of my programs were pre-planned, final minute judgments were too many. What was irksome few years ago, is now no longer a subject to consider. End result: I got what I wanted with less pain and more comfort.

First, it was Suryalanka Beach followed by the trip to North East. Back to back trips not only strained my back but also the skull. Just about 8 hrs drive from office and we reached the Suryalanka resorts 60 minutes after 0000hrs. The resort is attached to the beach, so we preferred the night on sand instead of the cot. Places like these are very emotional for koochikoo pairs because looking at the beach; one would certainly miss his/her partner. A modest smile, wet legs, half lit faces under the moonlight and a cell phone in hand. It was relatively romantic and dangerous for a guy like me to think more. Bachelor hoon yaar…bhavnao ko samjho. From ghost stories to shaggy dog stories, arguments on who must take photos and videos, who shouldn’t touch the camera and who should shut their mouth, we saw joy in each step.

Soon after a week’s gap, it was time to visit the chinky land of India. Actual plan was to visit Gangtok and Darjeeling but due to some disturbances in that region, we shifted our foot to Shillong and Cherapunjee. Beyond doubt, this is another great place on the planet. The head of the family here is a woman, and the property goes to the youngest daughter in the family. I wondered if boys were allowed to walk streets alone at night ;) The story was different in cherapujee, I couldn’t see the person standing in front of me. Job’s easy for a photographer here because any snap you blindly take, also turns out to be a masterpiece. No words can describe this place because I dint talk at all. I walked around silently capturing and thinking about the so called memories of life.

A couple saw me taking photographs of the sceneries around in different angles and that’s where the sad part of the tour started. They were stronger than the Vodafone network. They not only followed me but also forced me to take their pictures too at every scenic location. I call it sentimental force. First they smile, indicating that help is required and followed by few more signals, they hand over the camera and say... “Please eh…ek photo in this background”. It felt nice taking their pictures when they hugged, kissed each other in various poses but they couldn’t understand my feelings. Again, Bachelor hoon yaar…bhavnao ko samjho!!

Visit >The Den for complete tour pictures.


Pr:Dtam Raj


Last movie seen in a theatre:

Sarkar Raj (Yes, the same guy who directed Aag. )

What book are you reading?

The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

Favorite board game:

Dartboard ;)

Favorite magazine:

coming up (Youthe!).. or readers digest

Favorite smells:

Wet soil, smell of my pillow :P

Favorite sound:

Sound or music? Like the sound of a nail being scratched on a rusty metal.

Worst feeling in the world:

Same as above.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?

Do i have to brush my teeth?

Favorite fast food place:

Any pani-puri outlet

Future child’s name:

my wife would fill this up

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d…”

become a santa claus

Do you drive fast?

Depends on the person sitting next to me :)

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?


Storms - Cool or Scary?


Do you eat the stems on broccoli?


If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?


Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in:


Favorite sports to watch:

Cricket and Tennis

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you:

Goddess of small things. Takes life as it comes, very rational!

What’s under your bed?

ball, speakers, scrap

Would you like to be born as yourself again?

No..this is it. No re-birth please

Morning person or night owl?

night owl. raat baaki...baat baaki

Favorite place to relax:

Beach, in the night

Favorite pie:


Favorite ice cream flavor:

I hate ice creams!

You pass this tag to:

KK, Arps, Azariath, Snet, Surya if he ever comes up with a blog and to those who are still wondering about their next post!!


Kya aap close up karte hain?

Finally, back to the same old template. Those who have been visiting my blog for the past couple of weeks will know what I was trying and doing to get that right template for the blog. Old is boring, new doesn’t work well…so here I am again using the old template. Too late to change the platform now. I wish changing the template was as easy as changing clothes.

Been very busy for weeks now, and I am enjoying it because there are many things apart from work which are keeping me busy. The month of June as expected is going very fast. It’s been close to two years since I enjoyed music. Though there was good music and good melody, I never enjoyed it, nor got attached. The feeling is pretty good now, but I am afraid to relish it. I can’t let it go nor get along. Second time and it’s going the same way. Too tired to think about relations and people. Too tired to think about myself. Too tired about think about friends. May be one of the reasons why I never got close to anyone. The same reason why silence is being misunderstood and music is often understood. The same reason why I can’t express which is accompanied by reasons to give.

This feeling kills me but I am enjoying it. I know, it’s been ages since I felt like this. Unluckily, the world I am living is false and is filled with dreams and perceptions. Not sure why, getting along with people was a piece of cake earlier and now it’s a piece of rock. Doesn’t move unless I force it to. Did I change? If yes, why did I? because I am hating it. Being insightful is one of the worst habits I got and I can’t help it. Luckily, I am good at hiding it but that makes life even more miserable. You know what’s going on and you can’t stop it because no one knows that you know and you can’t say it out because it will be no way related to you and you have no right to question things unless it’s affecting you directly.

I can recollect this funny close up ad which explains my situation...

Kya aap close up karte hain?

Ya duniya se darte hain..

aao penalty bharte hain..

aap close up kyon nahi karte hain...

ulti seedhi chalthe hain..


caaanfidance se jalte hai...

aap close up kyon nahi karte hain...

PS: I am using pepsodent