The Barter system

We know, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. However, I never got a chance to comprehend this statement in a practical way. Credit should go to our social networking websites because they helped me to get lots of best friends, some o' them I hardly know. ;)

On the other end, there are friends who can be very productive. Now, this post is not about friendship but it’s about a friend. I usually don’t write about my friends unless there is something lucrative. Read on to know more about my friend and the WIIFM factor (what’s in it for me?) :p

If you are among one of those ppl who appreciate and encourage good talent, you shouldn’t miss this one. Here’s one of my friend ‘avinash’ who stepped into the film fraternity few months back and is now a booming lyricist. Seeing his upcoming projects, I must say, he’s definitely close to the jackpot.

So, here I take the chance to support is debut album “Swasa“. Lyrics are remarkable and when they are sung by well known artists like “Hema Chandra“, it undeniably sounds great. All the songs are rated 4/5 on "Raaga"..so do i have to explain more? and I think that's more than expected for a starter. The audio disc is available in all leading music stores. This looks like a true commercial…isn’t it? Please check it out. Listen to the songs if you hate me and buy the audio CD if you like me.

Coming to the WIIFM factor… Avinash recently met Ram Gopal Verma and my chances of “Acthing“ are pretty good now ;) wht say avinash?? Im expecting something now…after all it’s give and take :P


Happy New Year 2008 !!