My New World

It’s sometimes pleasant to adjust sudden changes in your lifestyle especially when there are many people involved. When my life was moving at a constant pace and when I was busy searching my lost side on google, then came the week which placed me on the track with a better speed. In fact, the last day I applied breaks was on 16th of December.

The festive season was evident universally and I was longing for my much awaited long break from work. I guess everyone from the corporate world can imagine how it feels when you work for 6 months with an average sleep of 5 hours and without taking a day off excluding the weekends. Sometimes, unfortunately, weekends do count.

Moving ahead, it was 21st of December and this sleep deprived soul had 8 more hours at hand before heading towards Bangalore. I thought the week in b’lore would be a good chance to increase my average sleeping time to 6. Soon after leaving my workplace on Friday, I saw Taare Zameen Par and consequently; almost 3 out of the 8 hours were done in reliving Pr:Dtam throughout the movie. My mom’s question after I reached home (frequency little higher than expected)… “You have only 4 hours to board the train and not even a single bag packed…u think the movie was important at this time? “ Btw why b’lore? Well, it was the third All India meet of ~Pankhudi.

Finally in B’lore and my first ever meet with the entire Pankhudi Parivaar. Little anxious, little excited and little tired. It felt good to be among all those individuals who were there for a good cause. Heated discussions, thundering storms in the brain, clashes of ideas, inevitable gossips and oodles of fun with conked out voices at night. It was an awesome stay with 30 odd guys and girls who carried dreams and influence from North, East, West and South. My only regret is that I was not able to increase my average sleeping time. In effect, I made it even worse by bringing it down to 4.

This trip gave me an opportunity to make new friends, an opportunity to meet old friends and more importantly an opportunity to know where I was standing in this small world with huge networks.

Ambitions, Dreams, Ideas….just continue!!!


Update abhi baaki hai, mere dost !

If your eyes glitter before the introduction scene of shahrukh...hold on!

See it,
feel it,
Use it,

It's about Yahoo messenger for Windows Vista. If you are using XP, don't even bother to check the link below :)


Also, i got a t-shirt few weeks back, the caption read" The more you complain, the longer god lets you live "...

After trying out the preview , i have no comments, only complaints. Let's wait for the full version.