Friends of the month

bhaiyon and girls..please welcome with a big square of applause

1. Name: Venkat Akella

Status: Married but single.

He is one of the most senior guys at my workplace who believes in taking help of his current manager to prepare a resume for his next job. A very close friend of mine who frequently steers me through both professional and personal issues, though the latter one has more weight age since we had many points in common. He’s also a store room of all the “supposed to be confidential “things at workplace which is making my life more easier ;)

You might be wondering why I am telling about this guy in my page…well, see the status below his name and continue reading. He has a peculiar style of explaining things, even if it’s a senseless story, his expressions bring a lot of weight into the subject and you won’t realize your stupidity until hes done with the story. In short, a stand up comedian who can make you sit down with his fast reaction.

2. Name: Lincy

Sorry Lincy, could not find your picture so I made it up in paint and I am happy it came out well as you can see most of the features are matching.

Well..well, a very dangerous person who can either make or break my career. She audits one of my important metrics; therefore I need to be very careful. Since I already screwed up her picture half of my score is gone for a toss, rest depends on a barista coffee and a nice talk. A very gentle person who can forget to have lunch but will never forget to wish you, even if you are busy with the keyboard she waits until you give her a good handshake and then starts off her work. A Malayalee who can understand and speak strong words in telugu + strong arm power(examples are not given for your own good). It’s fun when she’s around.

Lincy, is this what you call Delight on Contact?


Main aisa kyon hoon?

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. - William James

Here's one of the most hilarious widgets I came across lately..,upload your picture and customize it the way you want. Once done, play the file to know the real you :D

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Books are Mightier than GI Joe's.

I am not accountable if anything goes off-beam in this post; sushama has tagged me to write about any three books I constantly cherish. I can never forgive and forget sushama on this subject; perhaps even she does not know the reason behind this. Well, here’s a pitiable story on how my book reading habit started.

Long long agoooo, I had a fanatical collection of GI Joe’s and almost bought every new action hero in the market. It was a time when Snehith, Surya and I were seriously increasing our collection day after day. One not so fine day, sushama, pria, dad and I went to the neighboring mart. I forgot to read my daily horoscope that day and directly barged into the toys section and picked up a GI Joe. Sushama went straight into the books section and purchased a couple of books. Everything was fine, we were back home, had dinner and my face beamed with the new toy in hand. I made the GI Joe sit in a model jeep and when the vehicle was just about to enter the fully charged Warfield …. I heard my dad’s voice. He was talking to my mom; appreciating sushama and her interest in books. I was like.. “apun ko kya lena dena hai “ but then the area under discussion bit by bit deviated. You can speculate the rest of the story now…how would a parent react in a scenario where a girl is genuinely reading books while a boy is busy constructing eccentric sounds with his playthings. Kids out there, ensure this doesn’t happen to you and enter the books division first if your parent is around.

Unfortunately, the story didn’t end there. Few weeks later, I met one of my dad’s friends who came down from Delhi. My dad wanted to gift a toy to his friends’ son and subsequently we happened to stopover the same store again to purchase an amazing GI Joe war-tank for his friends’ son. They were quite impressed and were ready to gift me something else in return. My eyes dashed across all the latest toys displayed at the store and I expected something life-size. Minutes later, my dad’s friend walked up to me and gave a four-sided figure which he called a book. Honestly, I was very upset but eventually it brought a new change in me.

That’s how it started…my first non-academic book.

1. Hardy Boys- The Twisted Claw: I think any child capable of reading some of the challenging words in these books will enjoy the series, regardless of how tame most of the action may be. If you’re a hardy boy fan... you’re not one without this book :)
It’s always a special book to me.

2. We the Living by Ayn Rand and Mario Puzo’s Fools Die: Came across many unknown facts in these books and both have great characterization.

3. The Alchemist and The Monk who sold his Ferrari: Two wonderful books again which made me think a lot. Both helped me to grow mentally though I stopped reading the latter one half-way through. I finished two chapters from the monk who sold his Ferrari and couldn’t continue further. For some reason, my mind was not ready to accept the later part of the book. I need to change myself to read it completely.

PS: Would like to tag " Arpz " on this topic now. A fairly new blogger yet very good in expressing stuff :)