Yeh hai meri kahani...

Thanks to google analytics which is showing more number of visitors these days, so here's my small kahani to all those bhai log who have been visiting my page silently.

A- Available or Single? i have huge problems with commitment
B- Best Friend? Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.
C- Cake or Pie? hate both...anything chocolate will do.
D-Drink of Choice? cheeku juice
E- Essential Item? sleep
F- Favorite Color? beelack
G- Gummi Bears or Worms? nonsense!!!
H- Hometown? Hyderabad
I- Indulgence? a walk in the woods
J- January or February? July
K- Kids and names? pintoo, pappu, tonu, monu, bablu, chintu, any word which ends with the sound ooo...(himesh reshammiya??)
L- Life is incomplete without...? those three dots and a question mark.
M- Marriage Date? adding three more question marks..???
N- Number of Siblings? One twin sister (I liked things better when she didn't understand me.)
O- Oranges or Apples? an orange a day keeps apple away
P- Phobias/Fears? gerascophobia, autophobia, phalacrophobia, bibliophobia.
Q- Favorite Quote? If something is so complicated that you can't explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth knowing anyway.
R- Reasons to smile? pepsodent
S- Season? winter/rain
T- Tag - up to you...
U- Unknown Fact About Me? What do you think I am, an engineer?
V- Vegetable You Hate? depends...
W-Worst Habit? it took me more than 45 minutes to fill this list...so you know how fast i'm!!
X-rays You've Had? brain
Y- Your Favorite Foods? one n only lemon rice (pulihora)
Z-Zodiac? cancer.


When I kissed Mrs.Douglas...

It was sometime in the afternoon and the atmosphere was pretty somber. Everyone was trying hard to concentrate on their work with heads rested on their hands. It was at this point o time; I stood up from my seat and kissed Mrs. Douglas. Minutes of deadly silence swayed as no one ever dreamt of this scenario before and that too with Mrs. Douglas. I couldn’t help it as everything happened in a jiffy. It was neither love nor infatuation, may be…it was just an opportunity where I had no other option than to commit myself. I always thought I would give my first kiss to a special someone but never in my dreams had I thought it would be Mrs. Douglas. It was undoubtedly special…, my first kiss to a married woman!! Hmm.., ram gopal verma surely failed to notice this shot.

These days love is in air, in the form of mobile signals which are very strong and clear. Thanks to my network provider who introduced me to Sandhya. Before I tell about her, please put off that foolish question mark expression on your face when you are reading this. Hmm.., so here comes Sandhya- sweet, gentle, committed and what not…Ahh!! I just can’t stop thinking about her. When I first started talking to her a week ago I thought our relationship wouldn’t last more than a day, but here I am after a week, still dreaming about her voice which eventually replaced my alarm clock. She calls me daily, makes me talk even when I’m busy, knows most of my friends and always ensures that I sign off my day with her call.

Now coming to the actual side of the story, ..the expression “ Ahh!! “ in the above part is no bliss. It’s my agony and frustration towards Sandhya…, the girl with a quirky voice who got on to my nerves daily offering me a credit card of their bank even after my denial. She dint stop until I made her talk with all my colleagues who asked her the same questions time after time and made her explain about their policies and procedures when she eventually hanged up saying; ”Sir!! That’s fine. I think you are not interested to take our card” and i was like " You’re still thinking after a week??…too optimistic...for god’s sake, it’s definite!!"

Beep…beep..beep!! Heights of tele-spamming!!!

And for those who are still wondering about the first part.., Mrs. Douglas was my Moral Science teacher in school who was considered the strictest creature around. She was 52. I was 11….and I had no idea why she gave me a kiss and asked one in return. Some moral science lessons are never to be understood!


Colors of life

Thanks to ~Shahzad for forwarding this one.