From Maruti Suzuki to Mercedes Benz.

For a moment, I wanted to be a news correspondent of the world's top news channel. Though there are movies like Rang De Basanti which created waves among youth, how often do we find people of such kind? Are you ready to be one among them? Can you start leading a group to fight against the govt? Practically thinking..,it's not as easy as taking the weight off your feet and watching a movie.

The denial of a person’s right to education is equally a denial of his right to exist as a free and productive human being. For without education, the individual is condemned to the prison of his own ignorance, tortured over his lack of opportunities, and, more than likely, consigned to a life of poverty, underdevelopment, and oppression In most cases, however, it is not a matter of will but of resources. In the developing world, especially, many governments simply do not have the infrastructure to provide their young people with an adequate education but it is an entirely different matter when a government willfully seeks to deprive its people — or a group of its people — from receiving an education.

Sadly, this is the scenario at the Banjara Hills Government School. When team ~Pankhudi visited this place, what we heard was an awful fact. If you had an option to choose between Maruti and Mercedes which one would you choose? However, these school children have no option. All they have to do is wait…, wait till the government changes. It’s not about cars, it’s about their education. There’s a new school building constructed for these children which is huge and spacious when compared to the present building wherein it accommodates nearly five grades in a single room. Unluckily, these children are not being shifted to the new building just because the people do not want the local politician to inaugurate the school and to change the politician; these pitiable kids have to wait until the govt changes. Development being stopped for the sake of one politican..how fair is this?

These are the pictures of the old and new school buliding. Imagine students from first to fifth standard studying in one single room waiting for their dream building to be inaugurated. Hope these politicians or people someday read this statement of Albert Einstein which said ” I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”


More Coffee!!

Hmm.., one more coffee pls!! I stood up and stretched out my arms thinking “four more hours to go…” Saturation point accomplished. I toddled from the cafeteria with coffee in one hand and a book in other. It was a 30 minutes break and I had trillion things running in my psyche, targets of the new quarter, plans of shifting, NFS blacklist etc, arbitrary thoughts which come and go. The book I was reading alleviated my state of affairs and it was definitely better than my previous book. Yea, definitely better!

One chapter and two cups of coffee…heart wanted more, but I knew it was asking for something more than coffee. It was asking for a break, break from every professional attachment. I am actually happy with the way things are moving but my hunger for more is increasing day after day. Where am I heading? Job, money..blah..blah!! What’s the point? What’s the purpose? What difference am I making? So many questions and trying to find the answers with just one book and some coffee in hand. Im neither apprehensive nor annoyed, im just hungry..,so hungry that I want to make mouths open. I hope you realized the point.

Later, I walked up to my manager and said “ bhai, I’ll be leaving early today”. End result didn’t make much difference, was home 30 minutes early. Few of them say I have it in me..I feel happy when I hear that..,

If you underestimate me: I will kill you silently.
If you acknowledge me for what I am: I will thank you.
If you know everything about me: I will share more.
If you don’t know who I am: I will surprise you.

You know why I am bugging you with all these things? Just becoz I need more coffee. Tried my luck on Valentine’s Day.., asked a girl; “Hey!! I need more coffee.., date??” No wonder why people call me hopeless and unromantic when it comes to love… hmmm..,

Have a nice day…somewhere else!!!