kank - 2006

Last Post of the year 2006. Aha..aha!!

Of twists and turns, up's and down's, left and rights, right and wrong's, good and bad, out of the ordinary year was 2006. Successfully celebrating my 22nd year of happiness!!

Gearing up for 2-'007'. HaPpY NeW YeAr To EvErYoNe !!

My Resolution : Learn what the hell "resolution" means.


Same Point Theory.

I must say our generation is very lucky. Four years of graduation teaches you a lot of things…things which we hated at that point of time are turning out be very useful now. I am not talking about the circuit designing, electromagnetism or oops!! I laughed when I heard tht name..oops!! (Object oriented programming something). Anyways, excluding all these subjects ther’s one common subject which we all learned without any training. It’s the same point theory. I know most of us hate theories but then this is one of those theories which we use when our state of affairs are all set to explode. I studied electrical engineering and I am very proud to say that I passed all my examinations using the same point theory. Juniors!!! Pls read this document carefully. My posts are subjected to academic risks, please read the posted documents carefully before implementing.

I am pretty sure that we all have used the same point theory during exams. In fact it’s still being used and will be used until my great grand children turn 75. It’s called impressive crap where both you and the reader don’t know what the subject is but we still try to comprehend, similar to this case. Though I wrote 15 odd lines till now, I am damn sure that most of us still don’t know what same point theory is. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you so easily. I know you guys love to guess and want to use your corroded brains. Please don’t strain yourself. If something is so complicated that you can't explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth knowing anyway. If you belong to those kind of people where the exam time is up and the lecturer starts collecting the papers and you still try to write those 2-3 lines with a half irritated/worried expression on your face pleading “ sir…sir..five more minutes sir..sir…saar..saaaaar..gone with the wind!! , then continue reading. A good compromise leaves everybody mad.

I will give you one more example where I used the same point theory. When the first half of the movie Casino Royale was over, my friend and I came out to take drinks. We were 27 of them in the theater and we had to take colas for everybody. I obliviously ordered 27 drinks and called my frnds to collect ‘em. At this point o time, a dangerous question was put to me- the canteen guy asked “ Saar!! 27x12 kitna??” . How on earth will I/ we be able to answer such a question so quickly?? What does he think I am, an engineer? Huh!! One more nostalgic part of youth goes THBPPTH.!!! Then, I straight away took my cell phone out acting as if I got a call and slowly moved to one corner to calculate the numbers. Finally came back to the same point and paid the money and swore will never take the risk of ordering huge quantities without a calculator in hand. Well, the same point theory is also applicable to all those koochikoo pairs out there. In fact, you can make your crying partner straight faced, complete laugh is not guaranteed though. The motto is simple, can’t convince?? Then confuse!!! Explain your partner that ther’s no world without him/her giving along indirect messages which say “who cares”!! Bring them to the point where they don’t know whether to give you a cold hug or a warm shoulder. It’s like scoring marks on the same point which you cannot explain. Couples!! Keep in mind, never use the same point theory with your partner when you are out to places like boating, hill top views or for that matter even shoe shopping!!! As already said, My posts are subjected to major risks, please read the posted documents carefully before implementing.


Spoon in the Cup!!!

Q: What did the ant say to the elephant on the day of the elephant's wedding?

A: Aap shadi kar rahe he? Mai thumhare bachche ki maa banne walee hoo.

Till date I only heard about ant-elephant jokes, now I got a chance to see them.

After looking at this picture.., the only thing I can say is " Spoon in the Cup !!"